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10 Awesome Gifts for Black Widow Fans

From Russia, with love—these cool gifts for Black Widow fans are awesome enough to be status symbols.

Natalia "Natasha" Romanoff is the Russian spy that every true American loves; and really, who can blame us? She's got fiery red hair, amazing fighting skills, fox-like cunning, and positions herself well among fellow Avengers heroes. For a girl who has no superpowers of her own, she holds much more than her own.

Whether you fell for her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or have been reading about her on her comic adventures, you already know that she's a badass babe.

With all the hubbub about upcoming Marvel movies, it's not surprising that there's now a ton of Black Widow merchandise to enjoy. Do you have a friend who loves Romanoff? These gifts for Black Widow fans will definitely make their day.

Black Widow Long Sleeve Dress by ThinkGeek

Sure, wearing a black catsuit with a belt probably isn't going to be acceptable everywhere, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a Widow-inspired ensemble in your day to day life.

This long sleeve dress is done in Romanoff's colors, complete with a little added "civilian flair." Even if it's not battle-ready, the lady geek in your life will adore feeling like a super-spy. If you ever go to conventions, this is a great casual cosplay outfit.

Black Widow Red Logo Stainless Steel Bracelet by Marvel

You can be a fan of Marvel comics and flaunt it without having a dorky lunch box like you used to back in middle school. This stainless steel Black Widow logo charm on a leather cord is both comfortable, simple, and classy. It can be paired with pretty much any outfit that needs a little nerdy swag.

The best part of this leather cord bracelet is that Marvel fans will immediately see it and recognize the symbol. However, if you want to be subtle about your undying love for the MCU, people who aren't in the know will just see a neat looking bracelet with a fierce color scheme.

'Avengers' Legends Six Inch Black Widow Action Figure by Marvel

Most of us remember Natasha Romanoff as a killer spy with long red hair, but she's been given a pretty neat makeover. In Avengers: Infinity War, she appears with a new platinum blonde coiffure. It looks good. Really good. 

More "traditional" comic book geeks will be happy to know that you can get a six inch action figure from the Infinity War times. It's a great way to make your figurine collection complete.

This looks just like Scarlett Johannson, so fans of her as Black Widow are sure to like this figure. However, speaking of Scarlett Johannson, I'll bet you didn't know this about Black Widow—Emily Blunt was almost cast for the role instead.

Retro Collection Black Widow Figurine by Marvel

For many old school comic book aficionados, nothing is quite as awesome as seeing the Natasha that we remember back in the 80s. Finding retro action figures can be tough, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Marvel actually created a new "retro style" Black Widow specifically for fans who love the old school look of her outfit. You're never too old to have an action figure on your desk, right?

Marvel's 'The Black Widow: Creating the Avenging Super-Spy' by Michael Mallory

Did you ever wonder what your favorite super-spy's childhood was like, or how creators came up with her story? Superfan Michael Mallory did, and did the research to discover all there was to know about Natalia Romanoff.

Creating the Avenging Super-Spy is a book that looks at her full history in the Marvel Comics Universe—including details about how she ended up in the Avengers in the first place. Great artwork and storylines dating back to her first year in 1964 make this a must-read for any Avengers lover.

"I Can Take Care of Myself" Mug by Marvel

Though some might think otherwise, it's very possible to find gifts for Black Widow fans that don't look overly kitschy or comic book-y. Marvel's been slowly making an effort to show the more elegant side of comic book fandom.

This mug, for example, takes a more Roy Lichtenstein pop art twist on the Widow's behavior. It's elegant enough to pass as pop art, yet a clear nod to the Avengers. Morning coffee never looked as action-packed. Plus, the dotted background really gives you that classic Marvel comics feeling with every sip.

Infinity War Widow Symbol Shirt by Marvel

Avengers: Infinity War kicked off a serious overhaul of many major Avenger comic styles—and Ms. Natasha Romanoff is no exception. Along with getting platinum hair, the super-spy got a little bit of a subtle upgrade to her logo.

This shirt has her new logo, and it's super stylish. If you're the type of person who doesn't want to have a superhero's face plastered on their shirt, this is a great way to keep things a little more subtle.

After all, the MCU is for everyone; there's Black Widow, Jessica Jones, and Peggy Carter. There could certainly be more prominent female characters, but Marvel's been pushing to have a stronger female presence in their more recent movies.

Black Widow PopSocket by Marvel

PopSockets are probably the biggest breakout item of the late 2010s. They are incredibly useful, and go way beyond just being a phone or a tablet stand. They also come in pretty much every design imaginable. They're even sticking around better than fidget spinners.

Want to add a little flair to your phone stand? You can get a Marvel-licensed PopSocket gripper with the classic Black Widow logo to prop your stuff up. Out of all the gifts for Black Widow fans out there, this is one of the most practical.

Black Widow Handbag by ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek has really become a great place to pick up items that are "geek chic," and this handbag is proof of concept. It's licensed by Marvel, made of fine leather, and has the deadly spider's emblem as the focal point of its design.

Honestly, this is pretty enough to take to work; again, it's subtle, so you can show your nerdy spirit without being tacky. This is particularly great for older fans of Black Widow who want to show their love without doing it with something like an action finger.

Widow Emblem Slip-Ons by Vans X Marvel

Vans has always been the kind of shoe brand that loved to celebrate geekery and subculture pride. When they teamed up with Marvel to create Avengers-themed sneakers, it was really a match made in heaven. 

These ultra-cool Vans unisex slip-ons show an embossed Widow emblem right on the tops of the shoes. They're all black, go with everything, and have the lovely geekery that Vans always have. As far as gifts for Black Widow fans go, these are so on point, I bought a pair for myself and one for my best movie-going friends.

There's a lot of hope that we will get a Black Widow Netflix series, or a series on the new Disney platform, but we'll see what happens. For now, I'll keep my fingers crossed and show off some of my Black Widow swag!

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10 Awesome Gifts for Black Widow Fans
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