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10 Best Drama Anime

You need some drama in your life because you don't have any? Here are some good animes to watch!

Let's be real, all anime is dramatic. That's probably why we all love it honestly. We're all either closet anime watchers or open anime watchers that need this drama in our lives. So here are some of the best, most dramatic shows anime programs have to offer.

'Angel Beats!'

When a high school kid dies, they go to another high school to kill off their demons with other high school kids. The only thing is that the reason they are all there is because they have regrets in life and haven't been able to pass on. They are in purgatory. So with all the jokes that happen we really see a lot of character development in the characters and understand them on a deeper level than most animes. 


If you are ready to cry, this is the anime you need to watch. It comes in two parts and the second half (Afterlife) is even worse than the first. Just have tissues nearby. A transfer student comes to a new high school and meets a girl. They fall in love and want to start a life together. They just have to wait until they are out of high school. The second part talks about their life as a married couple and tragedy hits. Get ready to feel things. 

'You're lie in April'

Music is a passion for these two souls and that is how they fall in love. But there is one thing. The girl is sick. Can she surpass it and live a life with the man she has fallen in love with? Find out. This is another show where a box of tissues is needed. 

'Fullmetal Alchemist'

This show has it all, but in all reality it is a very dramatic show. It has death, murder, genocide, cannibalism, resurrection of the dead, etc. This show has some laughs and crying moments, but we really see the development of characters who used to be young children to adults. The show is about two children who complete the ultimate sin in alchemy, trying to bring a person back to life. They have to figure out how to get their bodies back, but it's at a price. 

'Kill La Kill'

This is about how high schoolers rule the world. Just kidding. But it's pretty close. The girl in the picture is searching for her father's murderer and comes across this high school ruled by the president and her 3 counterparts called The Elite Four. The all have special uniforms called Goku Uniforms. They give them special powers. When the girl comes to the high school she challenges The Elite Four to try and find the truth about her father. 


Now this anime confused the crap out of me. It starts off in 1711 with individuals who have drank an elixir that creates ever lasting life. Now they all just have to kill one another. After trying, they all banded together to get rid of the elixir so no one has to go through what they have gone through. Except for one. He wants to kill them all. They all go there separate ways to stay alive. Fast forward to 1930, a new elixir has been made by the one who wants to kill the other immortals. Now this new elixir has accidentally created a new batch of immortals. Watch as they try and understand what has happened and what they are going to do about it. 


This series is a little confusing. It's about these kids pictured who have sent letters to their past selves to help save the life of their friend who dies to soon. It's also a romantic type, but there it discusses the lives of these characters and how they will do all they can to help a friend in need. It made me cry, but it also made me frustrated because of reasons if you haven't seen the show you'll find out why. 

'Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash'

Kids find themselves caught up in an RPG type world and have no memory of what happened to them. They have to figure out how to stay alive and figure out how to get their memories back. This anime follows a group of kids trying to understand what has happened to them. There is action and a bit of comedic relief, but it delves deep into the lives of the characters and how they struggle to find themselves. 

'Plastic Memories'

After failing college entrance exams (same, jk I'm a college graduate), Mizugaki is offered a job at the renowned company SAI due to his father's connections. Starts working as spotter. This spotter helps expiring Giftias. Giftias are human life robots. But they have an expiration date of about 9 years. Mizugaki works with the expiring ones with the help of a Giftia. He slowly begins to fall in love with this Giftia, but with her impending expiration date, all they can do is wait. This anime explores a lot about loss and letting go. Could help someone learning about this or make them more depressed. Not sure?

'Anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day'

Six friends are inseparable in the sixth-grade. But when a friend dies, they all go their separate ways. Years later one boy sees a ghost of his dead friend that looks a little older. She tells him that she had a wish before she died and that she can't remember it and in doing so can't go to the afterlife. This boy does what she says but thinks he is hallucinating. He ends up gathering the gang back together and they are reluctant to help because they can't see their dead friend, but do so anyway. A lot of feelings are shared and many feelings rekindled. Watch as they try to understand each other and move on from their friends death while helping her to move on. 

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10 Best Drama Anime
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