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10 of the Best Megazords from 'Power Rangers'

Previously we have looked at the best male and female Rangers. Now, we will look at 10 of the best mighty Zords piloted by the Rangers and the Megazords they form.

The Megazords have evolved and changed over the 25 years of 'Power Rangers'

One thing every Ranger fan expects to see is the colossal assault vehicles piloted by the Power Rangers, the Zords. These Zords reflect the pilots theme, holds an arrangement of weapons and abilities at its disposal. These powerful Zords can come together with the other Rangers Zords to create an all-mighty Megazord. Over the last 25 years, dozens of Megazords have sliced and diced their way through the forces of evil. With us having looked at 10 of the best male and female Rangers, it is now time to look at ten of the best Megazords.

10. The Legendary Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Components: Super Mega Skyship Zord, Super Mega Jet Zord, Super Mega Wheeler Zord, Super Mega Racer Zord & Super Mega Sub Zord

The Legendary Megazord was the Megazord used by the 20th anniversary series of Rangers. This Megazord is literally littered with cannons all over its body, with a mighty cannon to call on within its chest for a finishing shot. It also had access to two giant cutlas and maneuvering rockets. It was also one of the few Megazords to be shown in space. This made for some stellar battles by this legendary Megazord.

You wonder how this Megazord could get even more powerful, but by using the Legendary Keys of past teams, the Rangers unlock new formations for this Megazord, by channelling the powers of past teams. Each new form grants the Megazord new abilities and powers, from flight to speed to more weapons, it never failed in taking down the Rangers foes. 

Alternate Modes: Legendary S.P.D. Megazord, Legendary Mystic Megazord, Legendary Wild Force Megazord, Legendary Samurai Megazord, Legendary Q-Rex Megazord, Legendary Ninja Megazord, Legendary RPM Megazord and Ultimate Legendary Megazord 

09. Plesio Charge Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Components: Plesio Zord

The Plesio Charge Megazord was an all terrain Zord. Holding an aquatic mode, space mode and Megazord mode, it was dynamic and could handle anything. In the Megazord mode it wields a gigantic missile ready to fire and thrusters for fast maneuvers. It can also combine with the Red Ranger's T-Rex Zord and Graphite Rangers Pachy Zord. In this formation the Megazord is granted an additional club on one arm and mega blaster in the chest of the Megazord. 

It did on the odd occasion join with other Rangers Zords to give it additional power, but these were all one off combinations. The Plesio Charge Megazord is the only Megazord, to date, to be piloted by a female Ranger. The Purple Dino Charge Ranger calls the Plesio Zord her own personal Zord and makes her and her Zord special in Power Rangers history.

Alternate Modes: Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Rex Formation, Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy Formation, Plesio Charge Megazord: Para Formation, Plesio Charge Megazord: Raptor Formation and Plesio Charge Megazord: Ankylo Formation

08. The Zeo Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Zeo

Components: Zeozord I, Zeozord II, Zeozord III, Zeozord IV, Zeozord V

When the Rangers took on new they received the new Zeo Zords. These Zords were like nothing ever seen before, with two Zords being purely designed to dish out fire power. But, what makes this a truly unique Megazord was the head. This may sound nuts, as it is just a head, but the Megazord could alter battle helmets which would grant new abilities. 

Each Ranger had a battle helmet they could summon for the Megazord and would see that Ranger take the Megazord's front seat. The Red Battle Helmet engaged Warrior Mode, which was the default helmet for the Megazord. The Green activated a Gravity Mode, Blue a Pyramid Mode, Yellow Rocket Mode and Pink Cannon Mode. With the option to switch Helmets it gave this series Megazord fights you looked forward to seeing, as you never knew which power the Rangers would be calling on. 

Alternate Modes: Zeo IV Battle Helmet: Gravity Mode, Zeo III Battle Helmet: Pyramid Mode, Zeo II Battle Helmet: Rocket Mode and Zeo I Battle Helmet: Cannon Mode

07. The Time Force Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Time Force

Components: Time Flyer 1, Time Flyer 2, Time Flyer 3, Time Flyer 4 and Time Flyer 5

This futuristic Megazord came from the future to stop time being changed. While it seemed like your standard Megazord, with five Zords combining to create one Megazord, it had a trick up its advanced sleeve. These five Zords had two Megazord modes, Mode Red and Mode Blue, and a combined Jet Mode. In Jet Mode the Zords could achieve super speeds to get the Rangers to a destination fast. 

In Mode Blue the Blue and Green Zord took the position of the arms, with Yellow and Pink becoming the legs. This formation is designed for more long-ranged combat and used fire arms in battle. In mode Red, the Pink and Yellow Zords swap positions with the Blue and Green, with the main body of the Pink and Yellow Zords creating a massive shield. This formation is made for close combat and uses a sword in battle. The Megazord retained these two alternate modes even when it combined with the Time Shadow Megazord. For five small Zords, these futuristic fighter jets know how to mix it up like no other Zords in Power Rangers past. 

Alternate Modes: Time Force Megazord Jet Mode, Time Force Megazord Mode Red, Time Force Megazord Mode Blue, Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue and Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red

06. The Storm Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Components: Hawkzord, Lionzord & Dolphinzord

The first Ranger team in Power Rangers to start with only three members piloted the first three Zord Megazord in the franchise. This brought together the powers of air, earth and water to create the Storm Megazord. This feature alone made the Megazord cool, as all teams prior to this team used at least five Zords to form their first Megazord. When the team needed an extra edge, they could trigger a "lightning mode," which would convert the Megazord into a more flexible and agile form. But this mode could only be used for 60 seconds, or the Megazord components would burn out. 

But what took this Megazord over the edge was the team had more weapons than any other team for a Megazord. Using power spheres, the team could call on the new weapons including a sword, hammer, laser and mace. Some of these weapons could even combine to create new more powerful weapons for the Megazord. It is often expected for the Ranger's weapons to join together, but this team combined the Megazord weapons and powers for some truly explosive battles. 

Power Spheres: 01: Serpent Sword, 02: Ram Hammer, 03: Turtle Mace, 05: Lion Laser, 06: Squid Drill, 07: Minizord (Head), 09: Ninja Scarf, 13: Super Stamp, 14: Star Blazer and 16: Ninja Firebird (Helmet)

Alternate Modes: Storm Megazord Lightning Mode

05. The Thundersaurus Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Components: Tyrannozord, Triceazord & Pterzord

Another team of three Rangers used the powers of the dinosaurs and commanded the Biozords to form the Thundersaurus Megazord. When in battle, this prehistoric titan had a mighty Tyrannodrill, Pterarang and Tricerafist to smash the monsters sent by Mesogog. On one occasion the Red and Blue Rangers were forced to form an incomplete Megazord, which fought at half strength until the Yellow Ranger could join them. This was a first for a Megazord to be formed without all of its components in all of 'Power Rangers.' 

But it could also add additional Biozords to gain new weapons for the Megazord. Adding the Cephalazord, Dimetrozord, Stegozord, Parasaurzord and Ankylozord to summon, this team of Rangers did not need more Rangers in the Megazord cockpit. One interesting aspect about these Zords, is while they were created they are kind of alive. The Rangers must form psychic links with the Biozords to earn the Zord's trust before piloting it. This is something rarely seen in the franchise and makes these dinosaurs ones you wish you could take home, if you had a home big enough. 

Alternate Modes: Thundersaurus Incomplete, Thundersaurus Cephala Power Punch, Thundersaurus Dimetro Saw Blade, Thundersaurus Stega Surfboard, Thundersaurus Parasaur Final Cut, Thundersaurus Ankylo Drill and Thundersaurus Ankylo Drill/Parasaur Final Cut.

04. The Rescue Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Turbo

Components: Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord, Siren Blaster Rescuezord, Thunder Loader Rescuezord, Star Racer Rescuezord and Wind Rescue Rescuezord

The second set of Zords piloted by the Turbo Rangers was a set of Zords themed after rescue vehicle, but they brought something new to Power Rangers. While appearing to be simple giant vehicles, these Zords were more than meets the eye. They each could turn into their own robot fighting Zord, for the Rangers to pilot. This meant five small humanoid Zords could all surround a monster and tag-team the giant, much like the Rangers would on the ground. 

When times really called for it, the Rangers could still bring these five Zords together to form the gigantic Rescue Megazord, which used giant blasters for its final attack. After some time the Rangers also discovered they could take components from this Megazord and the original Turbo Megazord to create a new formation to fight evil. For them being, to date, the only Zords the Rangers can transform into their own attack fighters makes this a Megazord to never be forgotten. 

Alternate Modes: Rescue Turbo Megazord

03. The Ninja Megazord

Series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season III

Components: Red Ape Ninjazord, Blue Wolf Ninjazord, Black Frog Ninjazord, Yellow Bear Ninjazord, Pink Crane Ninjazord and White Ninja Falconzord

When the Power Rangers need new powers they embarked on a quest to find Ninjor, who created the original power coins. This granted them new animal based Zords linking them to ninja powers, thanks to new Power Coins from the great Ninjor. These Zords were more powerful and agile than their previous Dinozords or Thunderzords, giving the Rangers a new speed and edge in a battle. 

It wass the first Megazord to appear in Power Rangers that could be formed from six Zords. While only Red, Blue, Pink, Black and Yellow are required for the standard Megazord, they could combine with the White Ranger's Zord to create the a Megazord that could fly. This made it the first Megazord to be able to take to the skies and offered fans their first high-flying Megazord fights in Power Rangers.

Alternate Modes: Ninja Mega Falconzord and Ninja Ultrazord

02. The Wildforce Megazord

Series: Power Rangers Wild Force

Components: Red Lion Wildzord, Yellow Eagle Wildzord, Blue Shark Wildzord, Black Bison Wildzord and White Tiger Wildzord

Among the few "living" Zords in Power Rangers, the Wild Zords are a force of nature when it comes to Zords. Creating the King of the Jungle, the Zords combine and fight the evil Orgs. With a mighty punch and a sword it can summon it chomps through evil with ease, but this caused more powerful Orgs to be summoned. This pushed this formation to its limits and the Rangers needed help.

The Rangers discovered other Wild Zords existed and these Zords could combine with the Wildforce Megazord. The Yellow Ranger gained a Black Bear Wildzord and Polar Bear Wildzord which formed arms which could shoot fire and ice. The Black Ranger received the Rhino Wildzord and Armadillo Wildzord which created new legs and allowed for a soccer striking finisher. The White Ranger received an Elephant Wildzord that created a sword and shield and she also got the Deer Wildzord for a grappling arm. The Blue Ranger earned the Giraffe Wildzord which created a spear for the Megazord. These Zords could be arranged in a multitude of ways making for one of the most diverse Megazords in all of Power Rangers

Alternate Modes: Wildforce Megazord Sword and Shield Mode, Wildforce Megazord Spear Mode, Wildforce Megazord Double Knuckle Mode, Wildforce Megazord Striker Mode, Wildforce Megazord Predator Mode, Wildforce Megazord Predator Spear Mode, Wildforce Megazord Clutcher Mode, Wildforce Megazord Spear and Shield Mode and Wildforce Megazord Spear and Knuckle Mode, 

01. The Original Ultrazord

Series: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Components: Dragonzord, Mastodon Dinozord, Pterodactyl Dinozord, Triceratops Dinozord, Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord, Tyrannosaurus Dinozord & Titanus

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had a firepower that is pretty unrivalled in Power Rangers history. Their mighty Zords took any hit the Rangers needed them to, and when the five combined they created the first Megazord. This could be strengthened further by the Dragonzord forming a new Megazord with the Tricertops Dinozord, Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord and Mastodon Dinozord. Then if that was not enough firepower, the six Zords could come together to from the Mega Dragonzord.

However, the ultimate firepower came when Titanus, the Carrier Zord, would arrive and join them. With all seven Zords combined they created the Ultrazord, which destroyed anything the Rangers targeted. This amount of firepower has never been replicated in Power Rangers and keeps this formation a icon among Ranger fans. 

Do you agree with our list? Which Megazord was your favourite? 

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10 of the Best Megazords from 'Power Rangers'
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