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'13 Reasons' Recap Part 2

Some More Goodness

Zach is questioning his friendship with Bryce and is talking to Clay about it. Zach has also been helping Alex with his recovery but Alex went off on him about pushing him too hard. Zach is getting pushback from his jock friends for hanging out and helping with Alex. Bryce tries to convince Zach to cheat on a test for school. Zach finds blood in his bag as a message, I guess. He is the one of the of the only guys not cheating on drug test. He is the sixth person we see testify and actually tells the truth about rumors. In his flashback we see he was actually nice to Hannah and apologizes to her for his hand in the harassment. Hannah and Zach had a sweet little friendship, but he kept it a secret from his teammates. Then when he does tell them or one of them that he's interested in someone, he lies about it being Hannah. In an adorable moment, we see Zach stammer in trying to be Hannah's first, she was his first too. It also looks like it may have been more than just friendship and sex. Zach admits that he made Hannah feel ashamed.

Someone put a blow up doll with slut across the boobs on Jessica's porch, then the next day put a note in her locker asking her to keep her mouth shut. Mr. Porter even offers her help, but a new girl, Nina, interrupts and pretty much chases him away. Nina then tells Jessica that she should keep her mouth shut around Mr. Porter. Alex, Courtney, and Clay try to tell Jessica to testify about Bryce. Jess is on the cheerleading squad with Bryce's new girlfriend, Chloe, who reveals that the popular belief is that Jess cheated on Justin with Bryce and just called it rape. Jess is the third person we see testify. She is also sleeping on her parents' floor. I think she is just the most honest representation of a sexual assault/rape survivor I've seen yet. Mr. Porter actually tries to help Jess and her parents. There were pictures of Jessica on a dry erase board with the message "no one trusts a drunk slut" on them. She was able to show two of them in court. Jess goes to a support group where we meet the girl who warned her about Mr. Porter. After the support group, Jess decides to sleep in her own bed. We learn that she did spend the whole night in her own bed and is sharing her progress with her friend from support group. Jess finally opens up in support group.

I think we will see more of Mr. Porter this season. We see him possibly interviewing for a new job. We also see him checking in with a female student and she ended the check in by saying the only reason she would come back to him is if she was raped. Then we see the baseball coach come to Mr. Porter talking about how he needs to back off the baseball players. He is making house calls and gets called out on it. What looked like an interview may have been a house call. Mr. Porter's back window was smashed with a brick that says "know your place." He went to Justin's house to talk to his mom and ends up getting arrested after he gets into a fight with the mother's boyfriend. He had taken over a class.

Courtney was the second person we see testifying. The lawyers were trying to twist her words to make Hannah look like a liar and a bully. It led to Courtney coming out. Courtney also talked about rumors and how it can lead to people turning on each other.

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'13 Reasons' Recap Part 2
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