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5 Underrated Shows That You Should Be Watching Right Now

A List of My Favourite TV Shows

Are you looking for TV shows to watch? Do you enjoy romance, drama, or comedy? Well, this post will cover a range of those genres. Many of the TV shows that I have listed below have been released very recently and haven't lost that "good" I got when I watched season 1 to the current season that they are on. Each of these shows holds a special place in my heart and I hope that you can appreciate them as much as I do.

1. 'The Good Doctor'

Shaun Murphy—Freddie Highmore—An autistic doctor with savant syndrome beats the odds when he gets hired at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. The show explores his rough past and the challenges he faces every day as a doctor with a mental disorder. The show includes a variety of elements like drama, comedy, and romance, a recipe for the perfect show. The show premiered in fall of 2017 and season 2 has just begun in January.

2. 'The Good Place'

Eleanor Shellstrop—Kristen Bell—died due to an embarrassing shopping cart accident and is now in the "good place," a "heaven"-like place with lots of frozen yogurt. She is greeted by Michael, the person who designed the neighbourhood she is placed in. Once Eleanor gets settled in her home catered specifically to her, she finds out she doesn't belong in the "good place." After figuring out that there's been a mistake, bad things begin to occur and she comes to the conclusion that it's happening because of her. So with the help of her soul mate—yes, they exist in the "good place"—who is a major in ethics, she tries to be good in order to keep her place. The show has been running for 1 season—currently on season 2—and is still continuing to release episodes as of February 2018. 

3. 'The Mick'

Micky—Kaitlin Olsen—decides to visit her distant sister and rich brother-in-law for the sole purpose of getting money from them. However, shortly after visiting them, her sister and brother-in-law are greeted by the police, so they decided to flee the country and gave Micky the responsibility to take of her house and children. This comedy show takes the viewer through the life of Micky, a girl that doesn’t know what she’s doing and probably hasn't had to take care of anyone but herself for her entire life. The show has released 2 seasons and is currently on season 2 as of February of 2018.

4. 'The Mindy Project'

Mindy Lahiri—Mindy Kaling—is a confident, cocky doctor and a hopeless romantic that has enjoyed romantic comedies for practically her whole life. The show revolves around Mindy, a woman dealing with her job and romantic life. Mindy's trying to find love—no matter how long or how many guys it takes—and live a real fairytale. The show has released 6 seasons and finished its final season in November, however, you can watch the show on Hulu and Netflix. 

5. 'The Orville'

The show begins with Planetary Union officer Ed Mercer—Seth Macfarlane—finding his wife cheating on him, after getting a divorce he receives word that he'll be able to direct his own ship, the USS Orville. However, once he assembled his crew, he finds himself in a sticky situation after he finds out his ex-wife is recruited into his crew as the commander. The crew consists of Gordan (Mercer's best friend), Dr. Claire (a smart Doctor), Bortus (an alien), Isaac (a robot), John Lamarr (Human Lieutenant Commander), Alara Kitan (Xelayan) (powers are intensified), and Yaphit (a talking blob). The show is a comedy primarily about the adventures the crew goes through to save inter-galactic species/planets. The show has released and finished 1 season. Season 2 is currently being written as of February 2018 and will probably not be released until fall of 2018. 

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5 Underrated Shows That You Should Be Watching Right Now
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