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90s TV Shows

Shows I Adored as a Kid

My Favorite Shows

I have to admit, the 90s was my favorite time as a kid. All the cool toys, music, movies, TV shows, and so on. But I am here to talk about some of my favorite kid TV shows as a little girl. A lot of my favorite TV shows were mostly from the 90s. Here are some of my favorite TV shows I watched and still watch now.

Zoboomafoo was about this lemur who hangs out with these two brothers named Chris and Martin Kratt. Every time an animal comes to Animal Junction, Chris and Martin teach us about them. And they make up songs about the animals. I loved how Jackie and Amy would write letters about animals. They also told us about some facts about animals that kinda blew our minds. They also give the animals names like Fling the monkey, Chris and Martin the baby grizzly bears, Sticky feet the Peregrine falcon,  and Moonface the Barn owl. We all loved how Zoboomafoo would tell the most funny jokes about the animals. I'm not going to lie, I thought Chris Kratt was really cute. But I loved this show, cause I learned a lot of things about animals.

Reading Rainbow had me reading books like crazy. My mom would hate it when Reading Rainbow came on TV because I would want to either buy a lot of books or bring all of my books that I had to her so she could read to me. I started reading while I watched the show, cause I wanted to be a teacher and read to my students. Also I learned about a lot of different books in the world. My favorite thing about Reading Rainbow was how the show would have mostly kids and teens read books out loud. I love to read books! I will definitely have my children watch this because I want my kids to learn about reading different types of books.

Blue's Clues was one of my favorites when I was young. I would love to go searching around my grandma's house to try and find clues. When I found something, I would draw the clues in my notepad. I wasn't a really good artist like Steve was. The things I liked about Steve was that he loved the color green (like me), he could sing, and he always stopped and helped his friends who need him. I ain't going to lie, am I the only one that always thought Blue was a boy? But I found out that Blue was a girl. I was kinda mad when Steve left the show. Joe is an amazing actor. But I just really miss Steve a lot.

Sister Sister was the bomb. Tia and Tamera are the funniest and most fashionable twins I have ever seen. I always wanted a twin sister. But then I thought about, my twin would not like me at all. My most favorite thing about Sister Sister was when every time Rodger would be around. We all would yell at the top of our lungs, "GO HOME RODGER!!" Still one of my favorite lines. Some people can't tell which twin is which. I can tell which is which. Tamera has a beauty mark by her nose and her face a little longer than Tia. Tia's voice is a little bit more raspy than Tamera's voice.

These TV shows were a blast from the past. I have a lot of favorite TV shows, but I just wanted to name a few of them. 90s will always be where my love and heart is for everything. 90s kid for life!