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A Deadwood Movie Is Potentially in the Works

Creator of the show, David Milch, has a script ready to go.

Deadwood was one of the most popular shows on HBO and with good reason, it was one of the most compelling shows on TV at the time. The lives of the people who chose to live in the lawless South Dakota settlement of Deadwood were just damn interesting to watch and even the villains gained sympathy over time from the rabid fan-base, thanks, both to excellent writing and brilliant performances from the cast. So it's little wonder that when the show was canceled after just three seasons back in 2006 the fans were very vocal about their disappointment, especially as the show had left so many loose ends untied.

Fast forward to 2017 and it seems there is still hope we will get a conclusion to the story that started in Deadwood so many years ago.

Cynthia Littleton of has reported that HBO Original Programming Chief Casey Bloys has received a script from David Milch, who was the creator of Deadwood, and Bloys appears to be very happy about it and it seems that all that remains to be done is set a budget and get the original cast back together for one last go around.

Although none of this is set in stone and of course this doesn't count as any kind of official announcement but it certainly is positive news.

Fans had long been dissatisfied with the way Deadwood ended with tensions still high between the main protagonists of the show it seemed like there was more story to tell and we needed at least one more season to tell it.

After the show ended Milch had promised two feature length episodes that would finally serve as the last chapter but these never got off the ground and as the years passed it appeared to be less and less likely that this would happen, especially as such as Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane were stating in interviews that they were happy to move on and had no interest in coming back. If HBO and Milch can succeed in getting the original cast back together, however, we will, at last, get that conclusion we have been salivating for all these years.

For those that don't know the TV show, Deadwood is set in an illegal gold mining settlement in South Dakota during the late 1800s. The town is run with an iron fist by Saloon/Brothel owner Al Swearengen, played excellently by Ian McShane, who you would suppose serves as the main antagonist of the whole show, but in true HBO fashion, of course, he is a villain you begin to grow fond of as the show progresses as he sees himself as a business man just trying to protect his little corner of the world. Timothy Olyphant plays Seth Bulloch a former lawman who has come to Deadwood to seek his fortune and takes on an adversarial role to Swearengen, but as the show progresses and moral lines begin to blur Bulloch must occasionally ally himself with Al as the future of the town is put in jeopardy by outside forces. I would highly recommend watching this to anybody who hasn't seen it, especially if you are a fan of other HBO shows such as The Sopranos or Game of Thrones.

Ultimately the show was cancelled due to high production costs which is the reason that HBO stated, however, there are other theories out there as to why this happened, But whatever the real reason its fan base is still out there waiting for a comeback so hopefully this news leads to something a little more solid and we will get the comeback that this brilliant show deserves.

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A Deadwood Movie Is Potentially in the Works
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