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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Pink Precure!

'Precure' or 'Pretty Cure' has been running for 15 years and had 13 teams of heroines fight the forces of evil. This article will look at the top 5 leader Precures, the Pink Cures, as voted for by the fans.

All 13 Pink Precures

Way back in 2004, Futari Wa Precure first aired and introduced the first Pretty Cure to the world with the original heroines Cure Black and Cure White. Since then over a dozen teams have formed and each team has been led by the Pink Cures. Through a poll, at the Precure.Livejournal, fans have been voting for their favourite Pink Cure and here are their top five!

5. Yumehara Nozomi—Cure Dream

Nozomi first appeared in Yes! Precure 5 (2007-2007) and was the first to bond with her pink butterfly turning her into Cure Dream. Ever ready to pull out a bright smile to encourage those around her, her is a determined fighter who never backs down. Her first attack was 'Dream Attack' where a pink butterfly would fly from her Pinky Catch and strike the mask of the Kowaina defeating it. Her fighting style matched her attack and she would enter a fight head-on.

She had a close friendship with her teammate, Cure Rouge, with the pair being childhood friends. She also had a close bond with Coco, one of the fairy mascots from the show. But, her relationship with Coco was beyond simple friendship as in his human form she began to develop feelings of love for him. So much so, that she was inspired by him to become a teacher in the future, much like him. 

When Nightmare started sending stronger foes, Cure Dream pushed her team forward and aided them in unlocking their new attack items, the Symphony Set, with Cure Dream receiving the Dream Torch. This granted the team a new attack power and their first group attack in 'Five Explosion.'

Her now increased power allowed her to fire a blizzard of crystal shards towards her target through her new attack 'Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot.' With this increased strength Nozomi led her team in defeating the evil forces of Nightmare and save the world. But this led to the girl tearful goodbye with their fairy partners, Coco, Nuts and Milk, who had to return to Palmer Kingdom and begin rebuilding. 

During their first series, they had a side adventure in their first movie, Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken! (2007), and marked the first time a team of Precure met their evil counterparts. Unlike her comrades who simply defeated their evil selves, Nozomi befriended hers instead and showed that even those born in darkness can find their way to the light. 

But their time as heroes was not over after Yes! Precure 5 as they were only one of two installments of the franchise to receive a sequel series, Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! (2008-2009) is their second season with their powers coming from a combination of their butterflies and the power of the red rose.

Now charged with two sets of powers, Nozomi was ready to lead her past team into battle to save the world for a second time, this time facing the evil organisation Eternal. Ready to take the fight straight on, Nozomi quickly gained access to her new attack for a devastating direct attack.

'Precure Shooting Star' allowed Cure Dream to takes out Hoshina with ease and put a wedge in the plans of Eternal. With their powers returned meant the girls were reunited with Coco and Nuts. While the reunion between Nozomi and Coco wasn't easy to begin with, the pair soon rekindled their feelings they had buried after their initial separation. 

She was also the first to be ready to welcome their newest ally, Milky Rose, who was powered by the blue rose. But in true form Nozomi style, she was the last to make the connection of who Milky Rose was, their past fairy ally Milk who now had a human form like Coco and Nuts. Now with destiny behind them, the team of six aimed to unlock their true potential as it was prophesied that nothing would stand against the power of both roses combined. 

Never allowing her team to back down, they unlocked the legendary Fluers, with Cure Dream gaining the Crystal Fluer. With their new attack power, 'Rainbow Rose Explosion,' Cure Dream led her team to victory and proved for a second time around why she leads her team. But during the teams second movie, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday! (2008) Nozomi made Precure history and had the first onscreen kiss with Coco to break him free from an evil spell. It was also during this movie she also gained a new power and form as Shining Dream.

Being the first leader Cure to receive a solo power-up marked her as the first in a tradition that would be seen in the movies for many Precure teams after Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! and with her beautiful wings and new attack, 'Starlight Solution,' she defeated the villainous Mushiban. 

Nozomi is a stereotype when it comes to Pink Cures. She is always perky, always optimistic, pushes her friends to succeed and is often wearing a big smile across her face. But with all her victories, powers and abilities it is clear why fans voted her in fifth place. She may be what you expect from a Pink Cure, but you can not help but love her for her never-wavering faith in good prevailing over evil.

Stand Out Episodes: 

Yes! Precure 5 Episodes:

  1. Episode 1 - "The Precure of Hope is Born!"
  2. Episode 15 - "Hustling Nozomi's Assistance!"
  3. Episode 29 - "Nozomi's Manager-For-A-Day"
  4. Episode 31 - "Nozomi and Coco's Love Letter Mystery!"
  5. Episode 45 - "Nozomi and Coco's Christmas Vow"

Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! Episodes:

  1. Episode 2 - "Nozomi and Coco: A Distressing Reunion"
  2. Episode 21 - "Full of Friendship, Making Lunch Together!"
  3. Episode 22 - "Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!"
  4. Episode 35 - "Bunbee's Shocking Proposal!"
  5. Episode 43 - "Horrifying! Eternal's Boss!"

4. Nono Hana—Cure Yell

The latest lead Precure, Cure Yell debuted in Hugtto! Pretty Cure (2018-2019). Hana is a girl eager to be taken seriously as a mature adult and at the beginning of the series failed in giving herself a fashionable new bang, lesson to be had, never try and cut your own hair. With her attempt to become a mature sophisticated woman snipped into pieces, she meets Harry and Hugtan and unleashes the power of the Pink Mirai Crystal. As the hero Cure Yell she aims to cheer on her friends and loved one while fighting evil as a cheerleader Precure. 

Now as part of a team she holds close friendships with her fellow Cures, Cure Ange and Cure Étoile, and becomes a mother figure for Hugtan. She has admiration for many of her family member, including her father who works tirelessly for a mega department store as the manager, her mother who is a reporter with Hana and the team aiding in her researching articles and her grandmother who still runs a classic Japanese sweet store. With idols like these, Hana sees the goodness in everyone, but some find her perky nature to be off-putting. This included Henri who saw her as a barrier for Homare, Cure Étoile's, who he considered having a destiny as a figure skater. This does stir some doubts in Hana, but she soon sees her power is the be a true cheerleader and cheer on all the people that she can.

As Cure Yell she uses the attack 'Heart For You' and dons pompoms, enhancing her cheerleader appearance, to purify the Oshimaida. As the leader of her team, she constantly supports her comrades and often boosts their Mirai powers, even to the point where the original three gained access to their new weapons. With her new weapon, the Yell Tact, Cure Yell unleashes her new personal attack 'Flower Shoot' with precision and accuracy.

Her strong feelings towards protecting others has allowed for many miracles to occur and for her to disrupt the plans of the Criasu Corporation more than once. This includes shocking the leader of Craisu by being able to free herself when he froze all of time and fight back to restore the natural order of the passage of time. But, Hana can be easily unnerved at the thought of people discovering her secret of being a Precure. This was shown when her younger sister, Kotori, suspected Hana was causing trouble for the Precure. Hana unaware of this, thought her sister suspected she was a Precure and nearly gave her secret away more than once in the panic.

She and her team have also met every single past Precure, thanks to Hugtan. The first past Cures they met were the original duo Cure Black and Cure White, who were pulled into Hugtto thanks to Hugtan teleporting them in for an of episode. Later the series the team were joined by the Maho Girls PreCure! (2016–2017) and Kirakira PreCure a la Mode (2017–2018). In this special two-part episode, the three teams divide and search out other Precure from the past to stop Criasu from stopping time.

Meeting Cure Dream and Cure Peach they attempt to stop Criasu but fail and time is stopped, affected every other Precure team except for Cure Black, Cure White, and Shiny Luminous. Now having to take the fight to Criasu, the united Precure headed into battle and were reunited with all 55 of the past Precure. This resulted in one of the biggest Precure battles to date. During this, Hana joined the other 12 Pink Cures in a battle making the most explosive Pink Precure fight in the franchise.

But her journey is not over yet and more surprises are likely on the way before the conclusion of Hugtto! Pretty Cure next year. She has many attributes in common with many Pink Cures, but she does have a vulnerability that is not often exposed in the lead Precure. Adding to that, she has fought alongside the legendary Precures of the past and is already changing the future, it is easy to see why fans voted her at number four.

Stand Out Episodes:

  1. Episode 1 - "Hooray Hooray, Everyone! The Precure of Spirir, Cure Yell is Born!"
  2. Episode 10 - "No Way! Being a Waitress is Hard Work!"
  3. Episode 21 - "The Precure I Want To Become! Resonate! Melody Sword!"
  4. Episode 29 - "Settle it Right Here! The Recipe to Grandma's Fighting Spirit!"
  5. Episode 34 - "Great Detective Kotori! I'll Investigate My Big Sister!"

3. Misumi Nagisa—Cure Black

The original lead Precure, Cure Black fought evil with her partner Cure White in Futari Wa Pretty Cure (2004-2005). The pair did everything together in the field, from transforming to attacking. But, the pair had very different personalities. Nagisa is highly athletic and a star member of the school lacrosse team, compared to Honoka's intellectually fueled personality. In combat, they also had different styles, with Cure Black going for power and close combat while Cure White opted for agility and speed. But their true power came when they joined hands.

Their attack, 'Marble Screw,' was a power that few could stand against and with their fairy partners Mepple and Mipple they fought to defeat the Evil King and save the Garden of Light. With their combined power they tore through the first four generals from the Dark Zone and started to form a bond that would result in a friendship that they both wouldn't be without. 

During these early fights, Nagisa revealed her passion for sports and willingness to work hard with her teammates, especially Rina and Shiho. But while not a typical girly-girl lead Cure, Nagisa does show her femininity and more insecure side when she notices her attraction Fujimura Shougo, or Fujipi. A childhood friend of Honoka, it would often put a strain on the duos' friendship when Honoka would indicate to Fujipi how Nagisa felt about him. 

But, the duo is truly tested when they encountered the fifth general sent by the Dark Zone. More powerful than his predecessors he triggered a new power to awaken within the pair. Packing more of a punch than their first attack, 'Rainbow Storm' saw them battle on through the Evil King's forces until their final battle. But before their final battle, their dependency on each other was shown to the fans.

The Evil King captured Cure White and came close to wiping her out. She was only saved when Nagisa fought the Dark Zone alone, mercilessly fighting until she reached her best friend. Now with an unbreakable bond, the pair went into the final showdown with the Evil King. Winning and saving the Earth for the first time from the forces of darkness, Cure Black and White stood victorious. However, their victory was bittersweet as it meant saying goodbye to their partner Mepple and Mipple, who returned to their slumber until needed again. Thankfully the duo was needed again as Futari Wa Precure was the other series to receive a sequel series in Futari Wa Precure Max Heart (2005-2006).

With a new transformation sequence and style, the pair was back and this time was out to stop the Evil King from being revived and to aid in resurrecting the Queen of the Garden of Light. Along with their upgraded outfits came the upgraded attack, 'Marble Screw Max.' Now with boosted power, the attack pushed Cure Black and White back from the sheer force. 

But with a new season comes new allies and the duo formed a trio with Shiny Luminous. Using the fairy Porun to transform, young Hikari soon found her life mixed with Nagisa and Honoka's, even working at the dumpling stall the pair have always visited. But mystery lay behind Hikari, who was she? Where did she come from? And why she became Shiny Luminous? Were all questions to be answered. But as Shiny Luminous she added a defence behind Cure Black and White's absolute power. This gave the trio a new combined attack in the fight to save the Queen.

Supercharging Cure Black and White, Shiny Luminous channels her energy into the original duo. With the attack 'Extreme Luminario' they purified Zakenna with easilye and constantly halted the Dark Zone's attempts to bring back the Evil King. This forced them to increase the force used in their attacks and Cure Black and White gained access to the Sparkle Bracelets. These bracelets did the unimaginable and increased the power of 'Marble Screw Max' to a new level of power. 

With their new attack, 'Marble Screw Max Spark,' they managed to push back the forces of the Dark Zone, but the truth behind Shiny Luminous and a mysterious young boy were revealed. The pair were reincarnated versions of the Queen and the Evil King. In a final showdown, the trio combined their powers for a final powerful attack to finally end the evil of the Dark Zone and save the Garden of Light and Earth.

With the battle won the duo believed they had to say goodbye to their partners once again and their new friend Shiny Luminous. But the Queen creating the first Precure miracle with the pair find Hikari and the young boy had both been saved and their fairy partners would remain awake and with them. During one of their movies, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie 2: Friends of the Snow-Laden Sky (2005), the pair gained the powers of the phoenix granting them new powers and look.

With their place solidified as the original Precure, Cure Black is one of the few lead Cures that literally does everything with her partner. This makes her unique compared to many Pink Precures and one of the standouts from the current roster. While their animation styles are more simplistic when it comes to their transformation and attacks, they continue to win and stand above the majority of Precures. It is no surprise to any Precure fan that Cure Black has made any "top" list as she still holds a massive fan following, along with her partner Cure White.

Stand Out Episodes:

Futari Wa Precure Episodes:

  1. Episode 7 - "Lacrossed Wires / A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden's Heart is So Delicate"
  2. Episode 9 - "Get Him Back! Operation Rescue! / Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Operation!"
  3. Episode 34 - "Running On Empty / Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing 'Gachinko' Relay"
  4. Episode 41 - "Losing Isn't an Option / We Won't Lose! Blow the Power of Darkness Away"
  5. Episode 42 - "Together, We Are One! / We are One! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond"

2. Hanasaki Tsubomi—Cure Blossom

Breaking away from the traditional perky and upbeat Pink Precure, Tsubomi was more timid and shy. But greatness runs in her veins as her grandmother was the mighty Cure Flower and forced the evil Dune to retreat back into space. With many decades passing Dune is returning and his forces are aiming to conquer Earth once again in Heartcatch Precure! (2010-2011). Tsubomi quickly became Cure Blossom after having dreams of seeing Cure Moonlight fall in battle. As Cure Blossom she was dubbed the "weakest Precure in history" by the enemy. 

Having recently moved to the town, Kibougahana, and she aimed to not be the shy and reserved girl she was. Her plan was abruptly halted when the loud and outspoken Erica aimed to make friend with Tsubomi, and much to Tsubomi's horror Erica lived next door. Being forced into joining Erica's fashion club and Erica joining Tsubomi's gardening club they did soon form a strong friendship, which was only enhanced as battle together as Cure Blossom and Cure Marine.

Using her Flower Tact, Cure Blossom calls forth the 'Pink Forte Wave' attack and fights Dunes forces. However, things get tough for the pair when the evil Dark Precure appears and nearly defeats the pair. Dark Precure was only stopped when she noticed a depowered Cure Moonlight who had somehow survived their last battle. 

With Dune's forces stepping up their attacks it triggered the Great Heart Tree to give birth to a new fairy allowing new Precure to be born, Cure Sunshine. Now fighting stronger within a team, Cure Blossom began to forge her own name in Precure history and as leader of her team pushed herself to always do better. But victory was out of their grasp until Cure Blossom led her team in obtaining the Precure Mirage.

With many attacks including 'Blossom Shower' Cure Blossom led the Heartcatch Precure against Dunes forces and were succeeding in keeping the Great Heart Tree safe, but Dark Precure was still beyond their power level, until the team was completed with the return of the fallen Cure Moonlight. 

Holding much admiration for Cure Moonlight, Tsubomi began to feel inferior and unsure of her own strength. When the team took a trial to obtain an upgraded form, the Super Silhouettes, by facing the darkest parts of themselves. Tsubomi struggled to pass her trial. With her natural ability to doubt herself she began to question if her dark self was correct and that she was worthless. However, Tsubomi soon started to see how she had become stronger due to the support she received from her team despite being the "weakest Precure in history."

Now with their now powers and attack they became a force for Dune to fear. This forced Dark Precure to be upgraded in power and level the playing field once again. However, the world literally turned to a desert when Dune arrived to Earth resulting in the Great Heart Tree being destroyed and he kidnapped Tsbuomi's grandmother as punishment for defeating him decades ago. Feeling defeated the Cures were ready to give up until they realised all the people they had saved from previous battles had been unaffected by Dune's actions. 

With their new powers, strengthening team bonds and drive to save their planet, the team where the first Precures to head into space for their final battle against Dune. During the final battle Cure Moonlight nearly succumbed to rage when her father was killed. If it wasn't for Cure Blossom she would have fallen from grace a second time, but Cure Blossom reminded her that Precure fight with the power of love and not rage. With Cure Blossom holding her team on the right path she led them in their final battle and became a unified force as the Infinity Silhouette.

During their movie, HeartCatch PreCure The Movie: Fashion Show in the Flower Capital...Really?! (2010), Tsubomi and her team are, to date, the only team to visit a real place by going to Paris the land of fashion. In this adventure, Tsubomi never received the tradition Pink Cure power-up, but did break a curse on a young boy. The boy was cursed as a werewolf and would turn feral under the light of the moon. Tsubomi was able to make a connection to him and free him from his curse forever. 

While she started as the "weakest" she has easily proven herself and is now one of the all time fan favourites. While some consider attributes such as shy and timid as shortfalls, Tsubomi proves how they can work to your advantage. It is easy to see, thanks to her, that being different from the rest aids in winning the love of others.

Standout Episodes:

  1. Episode 2 - "Don't tell me I'm History's Weakest PreCure??"
  2. Episode 11 - "Acho!! Let's Power Up with Kung Fu!!"
  3. Episode 29 - "Summer's Last Legs! My Dress is Finished!!"
  4. Episode 38 - "PreCure transforms into Super Silhouette!!"
  5. Episode 43 - "New Family! I've Become an Older Sister!!"

1. Haruno Haruka—Cure Flora

Sitting at the top of the pack is the leader of the Go! Princess Pretty Cure (2015-2016), Cure Flora the Princess of Flowers. Haruka has loved princesses ever since she was young and enrolled in the Nobel Academy to become a true princess. Being roomed with Yui, Haruka opened up quickly and soon found a friend at her new home. She also met Minami, the student council president and accomplished ballerina and Kirara an aspiring model aiming to follow her mother's footsteps, quite literally.  

Soon after arriving she discovered Yui unconscious and trapped in a cage. Her future dream locked away, and the fairy partners Amour and Puff were under attack from a monster. Wanting to save them all caused a charm Haruka was given as a child to glow and was revealed to be a Dress Up Key. By linking it with the Princess Perfume Haruka was able to become Cure Flora. Being joined by her fellow students Minami and Kirara, as Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle, they formed the Go! Princess Precure. Their mission was to free Hope Kingdom and all its people from Dyspear's control by completing their training and becoming the Grande Princess Precure.

Through their elegant mode, the Cures gained an extended dress with their Princess Perfume and Dress Up Key. This granted Cure Flora her attack 'Floral Tourbillion' which enabled her to purify Zetsuborg sent by Dyspear. Each starting with one Dress Up Key, they slowly gain more granting them new forms and attacks. Her second attack came through her Rose Dress Up Key and her Princess Rod, called 'Rose Tourbillion'. This allowed her to push enemies off balance when the time called. But the team was tested when Dyspears daughter Twilight entered to face them. This caused their third Dress Up Keys to appear granting them another form and a new attack. 

With her third attack, 'Lys Toubillion,' Cure Flora became even stronger and led her team to discover Twilight's true identity. Twilight was actually the kidnapped Princess of Hope Kingdom, Towa, who went missing as a child. Determined in true Pink Cure style, Cure Flora never gave up on breaking Dyspear's hold over Towa and gained the team a new team member in Cure Scarlet. This caused the past Princess Precure to call the team into a dream world and reveal parts of their powers past and give them their final Dress Up Keys. 

With their attention and dedication, the girls completed their Princess Training, but the power of Grande Princess remained out of their reach. With the power of the Music Princess Palace and their final Dress Up Keys, the Go Princess Precure pushed Dyspear back by unlocking the power of the elemental castles. Cure Flora was the final one to release the power of her Flower Castle and with her Sakura Dress Up Key gained access to her final and most devastating attack.

With her attack 'Precure Sakura Turbulence,' Cure Flora and her fellow Cures finally released the citizens of Hope Kingdom from Dyspear's power, saving the kingdom. With Dyspear forced out of Hope Kingdom, she set her sights on the Precure's world and invaded the Nobel Academy. 

Without hesitation, Haruka did what few had done before, she led her team in a final transformation revealing their identities to all their classmates, friends and faculty. With this new knowledge of who they were, the Precure were cheered on and finally managed to unlock their Grand Princess forms and banish Dyspear once again. But before they celebrated their victory, Cure Flora had one final showdown with Dyspear's general, Close.

With their battle over, the Princess Precure realised they had not defeated Dyspear and her forces as despair will always exist in the hearts of people. But for now, both their world and Hope Kingdom was safe. The girls also had a few adventures in their movie, Go! Princess Precure the Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!! (2015), with one adventure landing them in the Pumpkin Kingdom. While saving this kingdom from another force of evil, the Precure gained the Halloween Dress Up Key giving them a new appearance and attack.

While Cure Flora does not break any rules when it comes to how a Pink Precure behaves, she made more of an impact than any other. She goes through some real progression in the series and does struggle at times to keep her self-belief strong. She even saved multiple kingdoms while leading her team and brought peace for a time from despair. But this may be why she stands out from the rest. Yes, she encourages her friends to fight as hard as they can, but they in turn support her just as strong. When you look at everything she did and accomplished, you can see why fans voted her as their favourite Pink Cure. 

Standout Episode:

  1. Episode 1 - "I'm a Princess? Cure Flora is Born!"
  2. Episode 7 - "Reunited by Tennis! The Bully Boy!?"
  3. Episode 18 - "The Picture Book's Secret! What is a Princess?"
  4. Episode 37 - "Haruka is the Star!? A Nonsensical Romantic Play!"
  5. Episode 47 - "Like a Flower...! Strong, Kind, and Beautiful!"

A thank you to all that took part and voted in the poll at the Precure.Livejournal, and look forward to the next top five Precure coverage, next time looking at the Blue Cures.

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As Voted by the Fans, the Top 5 Pink Precure!
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