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Avatar: The Legend of Korra (A Review)

Involves a lot of spoilers, because after all, this is a review. And if you are planning to watch Avatar: The Legend of Korra right after you finished binge watching Avatar: The Legend of Aang, prepare yourself a lot of tissue in hand. It might come in handy.

So, I finished the series last night at around 1 AM (instead of studying? I know.) And I noticed some bits that I wanted to share and also maybe give my thoughts out so that someone might discuss it as well. 

First, some of the character's names. General Iroh was named after Iroh, probably. And Bumi, was he named after King Bumi? And have you found out that Iroh's (the uncle) voice actor was Mako, which was also the name for one of the member of the new Team Avatar? Also the Beifongs, the Satos, and Verrick are the only ones having last names, guys. (I guess being rich makes you do important stuff, such as picking up another name other than your first name).

And, there are the places. What do you mean Zuko and Aang stole a portion of The Earth Kingdom to build Republic City? (There was still a king. I'm sure they made some agreement. Besides, didn't they saved the whole world from Fire Lord (or Phoenix King) Ozai?) Another one I'd like to point out, remember the Northern Air Temple? The one that the new airbenders trained in? Well, it was lavabended by some dude from the Red Lotus. Also we never saw the Southern Air Temple, have we? Or maybe it was just mostly made out of rubble that even Tenzin went "screw it". Another one is that, do you guys remember the sliding thing in Ba Sing Sei? The one where Bumi took Aang out to slide from and basically ruining other people's roof? It wasn't there anymore in Ba Sing Sei! I know it's old and it's been 70 years, but it was fun! Why didn't they made it an official game? And, of all the nation, we have never seen the Fire Nation. And we've only seen Fire Lord Izumi once. (And, is General Iroh going to be the next Fire Lord? Or is it because he'd working with The General of United Forces that he can't be a Fire Lord?)

Now, the animals. Appa was the last flying bison around. (From avatar.wikia) I found out Appa's a male. (Thanks, internet!) So, how did more bisons were born? And wasn't Momo the last lemurs around, too? And how cool is it that Zuko got a dragon?! Also, we never knew how Bolin and Pabu met. A background story would've been great.

And then the voice actors. When I first heard General Iroh spoke, I was going mental. Zuko was back! Well, his voice actor, at least. (However, Zuko did make a few appearances in the later books.) And, how cool is it that JK Simmons voiced Tenzin! (Could've had some of those Whiplash references, couldn't we?) 

About the spirit world... There's only one thing I wanted to point out. When Iroh deemed his business in the mortal world finished, he chose to leave his body behind and travel to the Spirit World, where he continued serving tea to various spirits. What happened to his physical body? And has Zuko ever go to the spirit world and meets him? And when the third portal was opened in Republic City, was it near The Tree of Time?

Now, the cycle. When Raava was ripped out from Korra and was destroyed, Korra lost connection the the past avatars. So, does that mean she's the first avatar from the new cycle? And then Raava was not around and Korra thought that it was over, for good. Vaatu also pointed out that at that point, he had destroyed Raava. But Raava did say to Avatar Wan that Light cannot exist without Dark, therefor Raava cannot exist without Vaatu, and vice versa. So, why did Raava disappeared? And how did Raava appeared inside Vaatu? Also, why did when Raava bonded with Korra, it was Korra but with a powerful spirit inside. While, when Vaatu and Unalaq bonded, it was Unalaq with the size and color of Vaatu...without clothes...and with strings. And why did Giant Korra Spirit still had her bending when she was fighting Unavaatu? Another occasion I'd like to point out, Zaheer believed that after the poison was inside Korra, she's going to be in the avatar state, and when she's killed, (or "destroyed" as a lot of people would like to say it), there won't be another avatar. But, the one who was hurting was Korra herself, not Raava. So, why did he think it could destroy the avatar cycle?

As for the conclusion, I should probably read the comics to get the better understanding (because 3 books aren't enough!). Also, I love the endings, how Aang and Katara kissed, while Korra and Asami walked into the spirit world holding hands and you just know that they're perfect for each other! And we kinda need the next avatar series, Nickelodeon. Pretty please?

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Avatar: The Legend of Korra (A Review)
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