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Best Netflix Originals

There are quite a few and more to be added! But how do you know which ones to not waste your time on?

Alright, time for a heavy comforter, a hot beverage, and to throw on some Netflix. You click on the red button, sign in, and there it is. It looks interesting, but is it really? The music and short preview makes it seem worth your "chill time." Though, there has been one too many that you've wasted your time on. You need to know! To watch or not to watch?

I'm on it. Here's the Top 5 Netflix Originals worth your time.

1. 'Sense8'

Looking for something unique? You've found it. Filled with action, drama, romance, and some scenes not suitable for young eyes. Join 8 people in their journey of being connected to one another. Literally connected, like connected to each other's minds. The coolest thing about this show is that these people are from different parts of the world. People from Korea, Spain, Africa, Germany, UK, India, and two from the US. It's a really binge-worthy concept for a show and I've seen nothing similar. It is one of those "start off slow then gets better" shows, and it is really worth the watch.

2. '13 Reasons Why'

Of course I'm putting this on the list. There was a large controversy over this one, but in my opinion it's a good show. It touches on real world issues that many just don't want to address. It can be a disturbing show, so I wouldn't suggest letting your younger child watch it alone, or at least not without open discussion. Putting it bluntly, this is a show about a girl's 13 reasons of why she killed herself. The 13 reasons were recorded on cassette tapes and passed around to all the "reasons." As long as you can handle some graphic scenes and brutal real-world situations, it is worth the watch. Each episode leaves you with more questions and pulls you into the story.

3. 'To The Bone'

This one is a Netflix original movie, one I've watched three times now. It's an engaging story about a girl with an eating disorder. Again, this is more of a real world story. Be advised with younger viewers. It has a few light-hearted comedy scenes but is mainly a drama. You follow along on this girl's journey of self-discovery while in a group home, full of people with a similar disorder to hers. This is a movie I recommend often.

4. 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life'

Oh yes, this is on my list. You can enjoy this even if you never watched the original show, although if you haven't I highly recommend it. I's on Netflix as well. Just saying. Watch it.

You hop back into your favorite coffee-loving girls' story but more into the future than last time we saw them. Opening with the best line ever, "I smell snow." It has a mix of drama and comedy. This is another one I always recommend, of course I'm a Gilmore Girl-loving bias. Though, I'm very sure you will love it too!

OK, before I get to number five and hear "Um...why didn't you put Stranger Things on here?" It's in this category of worthy mentions. Everyone knows they need to watch Stranger Things.

Worthy Mentions

Stranger Things, Fuller House, and Between

5. 'Black Mirror'

While this had a couple slow episodes, I loved every single one. It's nothing like any other show I've seen and you need to watch it. Without giving any spoilers, the best way to describe it is "technology takeover." Each episode is different and it is an extremely binge-worthy show. I don't want to even say too much for fear of spoilers. Trust me on this one.

There ya go! Hopefully this helps make your Netflix game a bit shorter. Go grab a snack, a warm blanket, and binge watch some Netflix!