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Best Superhero Vehicles

Collect the best superhero vehicles from your favorite franchise.

Solving crimes and beating up the bad guys requires a bad ass vehicle. Superhero vehicles are a favorite for fans and collectors alike. From motorcycles to planes, superheroes need a little bit of style and utility when saving the world. Straight from the pages of comics and directly from the big screen, collect the best superhero vehicles from your favorite franchise.

Batman's Batpod

Batman definitely know hows to ride in style and that includes his modified motorcycle, the Batpod. As far as superhero vehicles go, there is no motorcycle in the Batpod's league. This bike has 20” front and rear tires and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The Batpod is steered by using your shoulders, instead of your hands. Batman’s arms are protected by the shields. The two-foot pegs are 3.5 feet apart on either side of the tank, which Batman lies on, belly down. The Batpod actually ejects from Batman’s other vehicle, the Tumbler. It also contains grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns. It makes an appearance in both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. 

Woner Woman's Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman wasn’t always able to fly. Hermes, the messenger of god of speed, granted Wonder Woman that ability. But before she got that power, there was Wonder Woman's invisble jet. This superhero vehicle should weigh tons, but Wonder Woman can lift it with ease. She can control it with mental commands via her Tiara and fly at speeds up to 3000 miles per hour. It was created by William Moulton Marston and represented the “invisible” feminine compliance that women of the Depression Era had to rely on in order to survive in the hostile male dominated work place. It can go into outer space and can shape projectile weapons. There has been a lot of jokes made about her jet, since you can see her flying in it. The artists drew it that way so you can see her flying the plane and it wouldn’t just be a blank page/screen. Wonder Woman is actually invisible as well in her jet.

Punisher's Battle Van

Punisher’s Battle Van may just look like a normal van on the outside but on the inside, it definitely packs a punch. The Punisher’s Battle Van helps aid him in his fight against crime. The Battle Van has electric four barrel mini-gun with 20,000 rounds of .223 caliber ammo, 40 mm grenade launcher with a 100 shell ammo box, four compressed air drive machine guns (each with 400 rounds of .25 caliber rubber bullets), bi-modal delivery system in stream of gas, tear gas, and white fog, and a robotic arm located in the back, with a reach of approximately 11 feet. It made its first appearance in Giant-Size Spider-Man #4. and it’s reported to have great air conditioning. The Punisher sweats.

Green Hornet's Black Beauty

Green Hornet knows how to fight crime in style. His Black Beauty is a 1966 Imperial Crown sedan. The Black Beauty is the standard for retro superhero vehicles. It has two cartridge-fed, hood-mounted retractable .30 caliber machine guns, front bumper loaded FIM-92 Stinger missiles, grill-mounted M2 flamethrower, M2 20-gauge shotgun, four AIM-92A Stinger missiles, and trunk-mounted .30 Caliber Browning machine guns on tripod mount. It also has two retractable front wheel anti-riot spikes, six AR-15 Carbines, and 12-gauge modified door guns, inset three per front suicide door. The car is all black with green headlights. The car is driven by Kato, Green Hornet’s masked partner and confidant.

The Fantastic Four's Fantasticar

The superhero group Fantastic Four has had a variety of looks over the decades,  but I will focus on the one that was in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The Fantasticar is a sleek version of the original design. It can travel from New York to Siberia in just a few minutes. It can also be split into multiple sections. The car is driven by Mr. Fantastic, the leader of the group. Like its creator this is in the top of intelligent superhero vehicles. 

X-Men's Blackbird

X-Men’s Blackbird, a sleek black aircraft, has also had some makeovers over the years. It has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. The later version superhero vehicle includes various weapons, holographic active camouflage, and engines that can reach hypersonic speed. Cyclops and Storm are usually the main pilots. Professor Xavier also installed Cerebro, which he uses to find mutants. It is 88’4” long, 62’6” wingspan, and 19’ 2” in height, so it’s a big jet. Blackbird has been featured in various films, television shows, and comics about X-Men. Although some of the X-Men can fly, it’s easier sometimes to travel together in one giant jet and hang out with your friends. 

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is a unique case to this list. He’s a superhero and he is a superhero vehicle. This unique twist is why he made the list. You can’t have a cooler vehicle than the one you can transform into. There can be some debate if he is considered a superhero. He is super, since he can transform and he’s a hero because he saves mankind. So, as long as you save people with super powers, I consider you a superhero. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, who are in a civil war against Decepticons. In the films, Optimus Prime transforms into a Peterbilt 379. His truck version is blue and red with flames. He has been a hero to truckers for as long as there has been CB radio (citizens band radio).

Batman's Tumbler

Batman is on the list again, for his amazingly Tumbler. The Tumbler, perhaps the best superhero vehicle, combines Lamborghini, Hummer, and overall style into one cool car. The filmmakers wanted to avoid using CGI as much as possible. The armor on the Tumbler can break through concrete barriers. It has rocket launcher, landing hook,fire extinguisher, jet engine, and caltrops. The Tumbler also contains the Batpod, but once the Batpod is taken out, the rest of the car self-destructs. Stealth mode, which turns off the car’s lights and cuts the main engine at Batman's command. His Tumbler is then powered by an electric motor that makes it hard to find at night. Of course, it is only logical that the wealthiest DC superhero has the coolest superhero vehicle.

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