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Big Hero 6's Baymax Makes Some Disney Princess Friends!

It's Baymax, from the new movie Big Hero 6, crossing over with some other familiar and beloved characters.

Baymax makes new friends

It's Baymax, from the new movie [Big Hero 6], crossing over with some other familiar and beloved characters. This comes to us from Scotland-based artist Demetria Sky Logan, aka DeeeSkye on deviantART, and I hope you find this collection of cute as aww-inspiringly adorable as I did.

What would his dwarf name be? Puffy? Squishy?

As an artist, I'm always super happy to see lovely art - especially traditional art. And as we can see, these pieces come directly from the artist's sketchbook! I have tons of respect for digital artists (heck, I am one), but there's just something really neat about seeing art done with real paper and pencils. Maybe it's because it's a physical object you can touch. And it's neat seeing the princesses who were originally traditionally animated drawn on paper again. I don't know the best way to put it, it's just really neat!

I didn't even notice the white numbers and sparkles at first, but they add a lot.

Love the clam shell bra

You can check out a lot more cute art at DeeeSkye's gallery - seriously, I had trouble picking from all the Baymax cute, but wanted to keep in the Disney princess theme. But I hope you have fun seeing it all! And as always, if you can, show the artist some love!

May he have this dance?

Slimy baby... slimy baby...

Color-changing baby... color-changing baby...

Thanks for not popping him, Merida!

Not quite a snowman, but still cute!

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Big Hero 6's Baymax Makes Some Disney Princess Friends!
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