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Blink And You'll Miss It: Cosplayer Creates The Perfect Blinking Spider-Man Costume

Cosplayers have managed to create their own Spider-Man shutter eyes just in time for Spider-Man Homecoming.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Disney]

We all know that spiders have eight eyes, but a question everyone has been asking since 2016 Captain America: Civil War is, "Can spiders blink?" Well, apparently not, but if you are part of the #MCU, it looks like they can. #TomHolland's entry into the world of the Avengers came with an updated costume and yep, you remember it, a blinking-eyed #SpiderMan.

Sure, you may not be able to grab Holland's limber physique or #RobertDowneyJr's rippling muscles, but at least now you can look (a bit) more like Spider-Man. Cosplayers have managed to create their own Spider-Man shutter eyes just in time for #SpiderManHomecoming.

Along came an Eyeder.

We could've saved #Disney a couple of hundred thousand in CGI here, as cosplayer Lenses Factory HK has perfected their very own spidey mask. Over a series of months, the cosplayer has created a mask that can squint/blink when operated using the wearer's jaw — but only when you want it to. As Lenses Factory HK says in the video:

“You can see, even if I’m singing, the lenses won’t move except [if] I trigger the mechanism behind the face-shell with my jaw,”

It really is as simple as opening and closing your mouth.

While the shutter eyes have become a staple of Spider-Man animation over the years, and gave Peter Parker the ability to show expression under his mask, it has rarely been used in live-action. The Raimiverse saw Tobey Maguire blankly swing through the NYC skyline, while the audience wasn't sure if he was happy for passing class, crying over Mary Jane's death, or just needed the toilet. When Holland took to the role in Civil War, we got a modernized blinking Spider-Man. The trailer shows that John Watts is following in the footsteps of the Russo brothers and it looks like blinkey Spidey will be back for the hotly anticipated Homecoming.

The man behind the mask.

Lenses Factory HK clearly has some Spidey-talent, having previously created an authentic looking six-piece costume that Holland wouldn't be adverse to putting on. However, if making your own mask seems like too much hassle, luckily Lenses Factory HK will be releasing a "very" limited run at the start of April. It is so limited in fact, there are only five of the lense/mask combos available, and with a price-per-enquiry deal, expect to get caught in a sticky web of bidding.

Whether you make your own or part with some cash, a Homecoming spider mask is perfect for glaring down a goblin or vexing a vulture, ogling an octopus, or riling-up a rhino. Get yours before they're gone.

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Blink And You'll Miss It: Cosplayer Creates The Perfect Blinking Spider-Man Costume
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