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Captain America Was Always Worthy?

He could always lift Mjolnir?

Avengers Endgame came out on April 25th and it was everything we MCU fans hoped for and more. With plenty of shocking moments to choose from I have decided to discuss probably the best moment of all. Captain America wielding Mjolnir.

Captain America wielding Mjolnir.

I went to watch this at the midnight premiere where I lived so I was able to avoid spoilers at all costs. And when this moment happened for the first time, the entire cinema freaked out. It was incredible to see! It was just as incredible seeing it the third time I went to see the movie, which may seem a bit excessive but oh well, I enjoyed every second every time I went to see it. And seeing him wield Mjolnir finally for the first time on the big screen was definitely a dream come true for comic fans. 

People seemed confused as to why he was able to summon and use lightning whilst holding the hammer but as comic book history and the first Thor movie says, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." And this is what happens, so for all the people confused why he could do this, this is why.

But back on topic. Captain America wielding Mjolnir will always be a piece of cinema history and it will forever live on in the memories of us superhero fans. It turns out that a very popular fan theory has just been confirmed by the Russo Brothers and we are very happy about it.

Captain America "Almost" Lifts Mjonlir.

Most fans already knew this theory to be the case but with the Russo Brothers confirming this, it makes a lot of us fans happy. Ever since the release of Age of Ultron a lot of people were debating whether he couldn't lift it or if he just chose not to. The two theories are as follows.

The first theory was that he couldn't lift it. The reason why he couldn't lift it was because Cap was hiding the fact that Bucky killed Tony's parents. People were thinking that this was why he only barely moved the hammer rather than lift it completely. But here's why this theory doesn't work out. For Steve to only be able to move it slightly would mean that he is only slightly worthy, which is not how the hammer works. You are either worthy or you aren't—there isn't an in between. If you are worthy, then you can lift the hammer. If you aren't, then you can't lift it.

The second, and confirmed, theory is that Captain America chose not to lift it in front of Thor to save him the embarrassment in front of the other Avengers. I'm really glad that this was confirmed by the Russo Brothers and it makes perfect sense for it to play out this way because of the type of character Cap is. Of course he was always worthy. He's Captain America, always doing what is right and never backing down from a challenge. Even when he was the last man standing against Thanos and his entire army in Endgame, he still stood opposite him ready for battle. Even though he knew he didn't stand a chance he wouldn't back down, he never has. That's who Steve Rogers is and always has been throughout not only the MCU, but throughout comics. And I am extremely glad that this is how his story ends in the MCU. It is the perfect character arc for the perfect soldier.

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Captain America Was Always Worthy?
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