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Cosplayer Spotlight: Nathan Mobley

Get to Know Nathan and All About Him

What are some things you can tell me about yourself? 

Well, I love good food and long romantic boat rides! Just kidding! (Actually go ahead and add that!). I'm a huge nerd and an avid gamer. I'm also a proud parent of a demon toddler (kidding!), a practiced martial artist of almost 20 years, and a die hard wrestling fan! Oh, and I guess I should also say I'm a happily devoted husband.

How many years have you been doing cosplay and how did it change your life? 

Well, I've always loved dressing up as my favorite heroes or characters since I was a kid, but I didn't start calling myself a cosplayer until shortly before leaving high school. I didn't attend my first convention till the first ACA in Little Rock and I've been hooked on conventions ever since. As for how it changed my life, well it's given me a real feeling of confidence and camaraderie with my fellow cosplayers. I've found a family as weird as me. And also, it's allowed me to help give some joy to others. Associations that use cosplayers to help others and spread love and joy are amazing things. Big shout out to Brandy Bullock and Heroes and Angels for doing just that.

What made you become interested in cosplay? 

Like I said, I've always been into wearing costumes as a kid. Mostly Power Rangers, Batman, X-Men, etc. But I got real big into anime in high school and a few of my friends would dress up as characters and I was like, "Yeah! I can dress up again!" Not the best story. I know.

What is your fandom?

Let me answer your question with another question: what isn't my fandom? I mean, I'm into a lot. Everything from Sci-fi to fantasy, books, comics, video games, pro wrestling, anime. Honestly, I don't think you and I could type this out in a day. I will admit right now: I'm madly into My Hero Academia.

What's the best cosplay you have done so far and which ones would you like to do in the future? 

I think my most popular is my Joker. That cosplay seems to always bring out a certain manic charm and energy I usually don't have on the daily. And as for future goals, well, I have too many, but the one I really want to do is the Green Ranger. And I mean a good one with the deluxe helmet, shield and Sword of Darkness and the whole 9 yards.

Which conventions would you like to attend someday?

San Diego Comic Con. I also want to go to A-Con, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and Brony Con.

It's important to support all cosplayers, regardless of the number of followers or likes that person has. I see potential in everyone, because we're all unique and have the ability of doing wonderful things for others, especially outside of cosplay. I currently have about 1,400 likes on my Facebook page and closing in towards 2,000 followers on my Instagram page. Whenever I feature a cosplayer by reposting their picture or I post a photo of my own, it brings people to both of my pages. I believe in representation, diversity, and including others. Leaving people out is not who I am, because I don't believe in leaving them out. Everyone should feel respected, acknowledged, and included. At the end of the day, we're all great and shouldn't be in competition with one another. Thanks to Nathan for taking the time to be interviewed by me. Be sure to follow his cosplay page on Facebook: Mokage Cosplay. 

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Cosplayer Spotlight: Nathan Mobley
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