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Creative Cosplayer Feature: Ryoko-Demon

Ryoko is joined by two other amazing cosplayers - Nastroenie as the Prince.

Now here's something neat. I've seen a lot of cosplay in my day, and I have to say, this artist, who goes by Ryoko-Demon on deviantART and facebook, is one of the best I've ever found. The hardest part of writing this article was picking images from her gallery - there are so many, and they're all wonderful! (Maybe a Part 2 will show up in the future!)

The one that first caught my eye was her Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet - I've never seen someone pull off this character so well. She somehow brought an animated feline alien to life, and made the makeup and costuming so accurate that I'm ready for a live-action movie right now. Seriously, taking an animated design and translating it into physical clothing and makeup is a skill I will never get tired of seeing demonstrated well.

Ryoko is joined by two other amazing cosplayers - Nastroenie as the Prince (who I only found mentioned by name in the photo description, no links that I could find) and Rei-Doll as Harley Quinn and Mystique (who is also amazing and deserves her own feature! Look out for that in the future!)

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Creative Cosplayer Feature: Ryoko-Demon
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