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Emotional DC Comics Moments

Brace yourself for some heartache in the form of the most emotional DC Comics moments.

The comic book world is filled with emotional DC Comics moments. While Marvel has had its fair share of stellar scenes, one cannot deny the heaviness of DC Comics at times. After all, the comic book publisher is home to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, among an expansive list of other well-known superheroes. Regardless of their prowess as distinct individuals, it is their emotional DC Comics moments that have captured the attention of many loyal fans.

Arthur Curry Jr.’s Passing

There are a lot of scenes that can be noted as incredibly dramatic, but there aren’t many of them that can match the intensity of the death of Arthur Curry Jr. You have to understand that this was a very old comic book, issued way back in 1977. With the release of Adventure Comics #452, fans basically came to understood that DC Comics was ready to change the geek landscape. The killing of any individual in the medium was an uncommon sight at the time, so the death of Aquaman’s child was a huge deal. Arthur Curry Jr. got kidnapped by Black Manta, and Aquaman and Aqualad become forced to compete against each other to save him. In the end, they couldn’t do anything to save the innocent child. What’s worse is that this inevitably led to the separation of Aquaman and Mera.

Death of Jason Todd

Jason Todd wasn’t exactly a popular figure to represent the new Robin, but he surely did offer one of the most emotional DC Comics moments. If you ever got the comic book in your own hands, you must have been gripped with how visually intense the scenes were. Joker was ruthless when he faced Jason Todd, and Robin was left to die in an explosion. Interestingly, fans were given the opportunity to vote for Robin’s fate. Unexpectedly, the majority voted for the death of Jason Todd. Of course, this led to so much controversy, with fans, authors, and even the media paying attention. It took a long time before fans got to see Jason Todd alive again. However, the ‘resurrected’ Robin was quite an emotionally unstable character intent on taking on crime through violent measures.

Blackest Night

Fans were arguably shocked at how much of an instant classic Blackest Night turned out to be. Geoff Johns had an interesting take on the DC universe, and people were surely shocked at how brutal his vision was. While he was responsible for the growth in interest in the Green Lantern Corps and the life of The Flash, Geoff Johns also created Blackest Night. Somehow, a mysterious being known as Nekron has the ability to bring back the dead to life. Seeing human zombies is already terrifying, but the author took it up a notch and decided to have undead superheroes fighting against each other due to Nekron’s power. Imagine seeing Superman, Wonder Woman, and Bart Allen struggling to resist the grip of Nekron. Truly, Blackest Night turned out to be one of the grimmest moments ever in comic book history.

Superman Saving a Woman from Committing Suicide

If you were someone who could lift rockets and take flight whenever you wanted, stopping a woman from killing herself shouldn’t be too difficult. However, this scene with Superman proved to be one of those emotional DC Comics moments that were truly heartwarming. In Superman #701, the renowned superhero witnessed a jumper. This woman wanted to leave the world and die, and it seemed as if it was too late. Thankfully, Superman approached her. However, what made this moment intriguing is the fact that he didn’t simply take her in his arms and lead her to safety. Instead, Superman decided to have a genuine conversation with this jumper. Through this issue, readers were given a chance to understand what goes through the mind of someone with suicidal thoughts. Superman could have taken the easy route, but doing it this way was definitely the best way to go.

Death of The Flash

Back in the 1980s, DC Comics had a lot of problems when it came to unresolved plot holes that made it difficult to push through with some of its most important characters. It was a great thing that Marv Wolfman and George Perez entered the scene with the phenomenal Crisis on Infinite Earths series in 1985. Sadly, this grand attempt needed sacrifices. Specifically, Barry Allen was one of the casualties in this colossal shift. The Antimonitor was preparing to desolate several realities and wreak havoc to the whole multiverse. Millions of people could have perished if nothing was done. Thanks to the speedy ability of The Flash, he was able to save the universe. Of course, his selfless sacrifice became one of the most emotional DC Comics moments ever.

The Probable Rape of Barbara Gordon

The Killing Joke is one of the most critically acclaimed stories out there, but it also has one of the most sinister scenes ever. Watchmen creator Alan Moore worked together with Brian Bolland to forge a story that focused on the Joker and his demented ways of playing with Commissioner Gordon. Barbara Gordon is the beloved daughter of the commissioner, and the Joker had set his eyes on her. Through Moore and Bolland’s creative yet creepy vision, they effectively illustrate how evil can arise with just one demented act. While Barbara Gordon was paralyzed and hurt, it seemed as if she was raped. If you were to look closely at the photographs taken by the Joker, you could get a feeling that Gordon’s daughter was definitely raped.

Death of Supergirl

Just like Barry Allen, Supergirl suffered because of the Antimonitor during Crisis on Infinite Earths. While the DC universe became unified, these two heroes had to perish. While Barry Allen was responsible for generating the speed vortex and taking in the immense energy inside his body, one could definitely argue that Supergirl’s death was just more depressing. After all, she was the one who tagged along with Doctor Light to face the Antimonitor in the Antimatter Universe. When Supergirl realizes that Superman had suffered enough at the hands of the Antimonitor, she decides to handle the situation on her on. As Doctor Light and Superman escape, Supergirl suffers from a deadly blast. While her death turned out to be one of the most emotional DC Comics moments, this wasn’t wasted as she was able to protect her cousin from the blast.

Death of Superman

What else could top this list other than the iconic death of Superman? During a time when everyone was seemingly bored of Superman being a powerful being that couldn’t possibly die in his stories, things needed to change to generate interest. Thus, The Death of Superman came into being in 1992. Understandably, this became one of the greatest-selling comics of all-time. Once Superman died, it was as if the world stopped. In the comics, Lex Luthor arrived to take care of the expenses while Bill and Hillary Clinton were around for the service. Of course, death wasn’t permanent for Superman as he was revived in less than a year. While the shortened duration of his death left slightly sour aftertaste, one cannot deny that Superman’s death is truly one of the greatest and most emotional DC Comics moments ever.

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