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'Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest' Continues

Short Summary of Chapters 4 to 7

'Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest' Manga cover from chapter 4, Amazing Elmina

Hey, guys is Anime Geek here reporting for chapters 4 through 7 reviews. Before you continue to read this, I will recommend reading the link below to catch up on some of the topics that will be discussed in this article. If you have read up to these chapters then go ahead and continue reading. 

Review on Chapters 1–3

Here we go guys, let's take a closer look at what happened within these chapters and at the end, I will announce upcoming manga release date changes and commentary on the artist work. 

So, we know our heroes make it to Elmina where they are bound to get some information on the water god dragon they are after. The whole gang goes into an inn where the front desk staff is a FISH. Comedy break of the attendant turning back into a human and claiming Natsu and the gang must drink the potion in their rooms so they are able to survive the night. This, of course, makes everyone uneasy but they end up drinking the potion. Good thing they do because in the middle of the night, the entire city is underwater and thanks to the handy-dandy potion humans are able to breathe underwater. Pretty nifty right? Everything seems fine and dandy with the Fairy members as we can see them swimming around with other sea creatures. But the friendliness is quickly dissipated as soon as Gray asks about the water god dragon, and begin to attack the gang! This is where suspicion starts to rise as to why the sea creatures are so bound to protect the water god. 

Meanwhile back at the guild, Juvia, and Gajeel are still not on friendly terms with Touka. They are startled by the sudden tail sprouting out of Touka! That concluded chapter 4 and begins with chapter 5, "The Holy Pentadrakes," focusing on the mystery that surrounds Touka. Jellal has paid Sorano a visit (she is now a member of the Sabertooth guild along with her precious little sister, Yukino). He does inform the Sabertooth members that Touka is a dangerous villain that they must "not interact with her." So the mystery behind this girl continues... meanwhile...

Chapter 5 "The Holy Pentadrakes"

Natsu, Happy and Erza have turned into fish 

The Natsu and the others have safely escaped from the angry fish mob and are able to disguise themselves as fish to investigate further. So while Gray gathers information once again, Natsu follows his dragonslayer nose that leads him to a "human." Happy, Lucy and Natsu find a woman being held a prisoner in a cell and being offered to the water god dragon. 

This brings us up to chapter 6, "Slaying Blade," beginning with the mysterious woman fighting her way out of the cell. She easily slays the water dragon that has come to take her in as an offering, and she not only slays him but also starts to eat him. And surprise, surprise she is also a dragonslayer! Only she is a fifth-generation dragonslayer, that must consume the dragon itself. She reveals her name to Kyria, The Blade Dragon from a guild composed of only dragon eaters known as the mage guild Diabolos

Kyria, Lucy, and Natsu

Kyria ready to face off Lucy and Natsu 

Chapter 7, "Dragon's Sea," is the showdown between Lucy and Natsu versus Kyria, the dragon eater. Unfortunately for Natsu, his fire magic does not work underwater and Lucy takes it upon herself to fight. We do get a comedy break, and Lucy's star dress is destroyed by Kyria bringing the audience some fanserving. Before the deadly dragon eater can make a move towards Lucy, she is frozen ice-solid by Gray. However, that is short-lived because she was able to break his ice, and is quickly attacked by Erza. Kyria is quickly saved from Erza's blow by another dragon eater, by the name of Madmole the Armor Dragon. The quick introduction is interrupted by the water god dragon himself. The chapter ends with the water god dragon making an appearance. 

Chapter 7 "Dragon's Sea"

The water god dragon

That concludes the quick review of chapters 4 to 7, but feel free to go on ahead and read the manga if you have not done so. I will give a heads up to the readers that the manga will no longer be published weekly. The manga will go into a bi-weekly release, this is probably due to Mashima-sensei working on two projects at a time. Also, the release of the last Fairy 
arc will be coming out next month, so the guy is pretty busy at the moment. More likely, that may the reason behind a bi-weekly release rather than weekly. The good news is that it can you, the reader, can have more time to read in between breaks to catch up. So keep an eye out for the next chapters!

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'Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest' Continues
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