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Funkos: Are They Worth It?

Where do you stand on this Funko craze?

Picture from TripAdvisor

Dear Vocal Readers,

Oh, Funkos, what crazy collectibles these little things have become. Now, you may dabble in the Funko arts and have a few, or you may be a Funko Junkie who has a serious hoarding collection going on. Or, you could be a Funko hater and think these are just some ridiculous little figures. Where do I land on this scale? Well, I'm bordering on Funko Junkie. With a total of 16 Funkos currently, I am just a wee bit obsessed with these little guys. 

If you were not already aware, Funkos come in many different shapes and sizes and represent hundreds of different fandoms. There are Dorbz, Pops, pens, key chains, mystery boxes, and many more different types. You can get a cute little figure from anyone like Tony Stark to the Teletubbie Tinky Winky. The brand's most popular and well known objects would have to be their Pops, which have become a must for collectors. While these guys tend to be around $10 when originally sold, their prices are known to skyrocket as time goes on. 

As an example of this price increase, I'll share with you the story of one of my favorite Funko Pops. I bought the Tenya Iida Funko Pop from My Hero Academia online at Hot Topic last year. I believe I purchased it for around $10-$20. Since then, I have looked up the selling price and was astounded to see today that it is being sold at some places for $100. These little things are not only adorable and pleasing to the eye, but could end up making you a whole lot of cash. 

If you are planning on eventually selling these figures, there are steps that need to be taken. First off, do not take the Funko outside of its box. Keeping it inside the box ensures its safety and makes sure it is free from any harm that could happen to it. In my case, I simply like collecting so I take them all out of their boxes. However, it is quite upsetting that some of them have acquired some dents, scrapes, and paint stains through the years. So, if you do not wish to damage them at all, keep them in their original packaging. Some people even go a step further and buy protectors for the boxes. The boxes have to do with their overall value, so you want to make sure the boxes do not have any damage either. 

Now, are Funkos worth it? In my opinion, I believe they are completely worth it. I am a geek by definition and these Funkos provide me with a way to get merchandise for some of my favorite shows, movies, and anime. They have even started selling product icons like the Pillsbury Doughboy. So, if you want to show everyone (and admire them for yourself) some of your favorite characters, I would definitely recommend buying a Funko or two. I will give you a fair warning, however, they become extremely addicting. I often find myself wanting numerous Funkos that I don't even know, but just think they look awesome. If you only want one or two, there is nothing wrong with that, but you may end up becoming a bit obsessed like I have.

I know that Funkos are not for everyone, and that some dislike their lack of detail. However, they have been becoming more and more detailed over the years. Compared to certain figures, they can also be much cheaper, as long as you don't wait years to buy it when it could be worth thousands of dollars. And if you are worried about the upkeep, don't be. You could follow in my footsteps and simply have them for pleasure, or you could take the measures to protect the figures. There are many Funko Junkies out there, so I am sure you could find tutorials on how to keep them in mint condition. 

So, are you going to go out and buy yourself some Funkos? I know I am! Just be careful with your bank account, 'cause those really cool and rare ones you want may end up being way more than you expected. But it's okay, you can always just sell it years from now at an even higher price! Happy shopping!

Sincerely from my Funko loving mind,


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Funkos: Are They Worth It?
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