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'Game Of Thrones': Does This Tiny Detail In The Season 7, Episode 6, Teaser Hint At A Major Death?

Even though Gendry has finally returned, it seems as though there could be some bad news for the young bastard.

[Credit: HBO / Game of Thrones]

Season 7 of Game of Thrones finally brought back one of the most beloved characters, Gendry, who has been hiding under Cersei Lannister's nose for the last three seasons. In Episode 6, "Eastwatch," fans of the Baratheon bastard were ecstatic as he was revealed to have returned to Flea Bottom and begun working again as a blacksmith while plotting his revenge against the Lannisters for what they did to his father, Robert Baratheon. Yet, even though he's now finally returned, it seems as though there could be some bad news for the young bastard.

In the trailer for Episode 6, "Death Is the Enemy," of Game of Thrones, there's a particular scene that bodes ill for Gendry. The scene in question shows the Hound completely obliterate the skull of an enemy with a massive hammer. Now, that in and of itself may not seem like a strange scene, considering how many men/beasts/children the Hound has killed so far on Game of Thrones. But let's take another look at his weapon of choice: the hammer.

That should raise a question for any Gendry-lovers, because why in the world would the Hound be using a hammer that looks a hell of a lot like the prized possession of Gendry?

So, what's the deal with the hammer anyway?

[Credit: HBO / Game of Thrones]

When we see Gendry again at Flea Bottom, he speaks with Ser Davos about his purpose in returning to make the Lannisters pay for what they did to his father. He also explains that he chooses to wield a mighty war hammer, much like King Robert did. These observations from his return go to point out that Gendry has come to grips with the truth that he is the son of the late king and he still holds some loyalty to the Baratheon name.

While Gendry holds his hammer for a brief moment on screen, HBO has released a detailed glimpse of the his weapon of choice (see title image). On the hammer, Gendry has taken things to the next level by imprinting the Baratheon sigil of the stag horns wrapping around. Firstly, this shows that Gendry's smithing skills have gotten even better, and it should show how precious the war hammer is to him, leading anyone to question why the Hound would be wielding it.

Maybe while facing the wights and White Walkers, the Hound grabs the nearest weapon he can find amidst an ambush. Yet, it could also be that the Hound is wielding Gendry's weapon because Gendry is no longer around to use it. If they're all under attack by a horde of wights, the only reason he wouldn't need it is if he'd fallen in battle.

[Credit: HBO / Game of Thrones]

Something tells me that it would be a cold day in hell before everyone lives on Game of Thrones, but there's a chance. The hammer that the Hound carries may not even be Gendry's prized hammer, but it seems like an interesting choice of weapon for the Hound, considering that Gendry and his hammar just arrived back in Westeros, and the Hound is partial to the sword.

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'Game Of Thrones': Does This Tiny Detail In The Season 7, Episode 6, Teaser Hint At A Major Death?
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