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'Game of Thrones' S8E5


This episode was so disappointing. Let's first start with the death of Varys. Yes, his death was expected, but I wanted his death to be in episode six, not five. Jon made me mad—like how can you stand there and tell people, "I don't want the throne... Dany is my queen," but you see Dany doing all this crazy shit. The scene with the Golden Company was trash. How can you build up something since season seven (I think), and give us a scene when the Golden Company marches outside looking so cool, expecting a big battle, to have all of them die in only two seconds by dragon fire.

Euron versus Jamie: That fight was so useless; they both like the same woman; why are you guys fighting? I was so disappointed, I wanted Yara to fight/kill Euron so bad, but having Jamie kill him was trash. And speaking of Jamie, for him to get stabbed twice and still have enough strength to make it to Cersei was crazy. He should have died, but thanks to plot armor he managed to survive (LOL). And Cersei, the most evil person in the show, died from bricks. All those innocent people were being burned alive and Cersei got the best way to die—basically a mercy killing. And also, all the things you did to people, now you don't want to die (fuck that, SMH).

Now Clegane Bowl: I always knew the Mountain would be even harder to kill after the Oberyn fight, but I had no idea he was this tough. I always knew the Hound wouldn't be able to beat the Mountain and survive, that the only way he could defeat the Mountain would be by taking each other out.

Anyways, I could understand Dany killing soldiers, but innocent people was taking it too far. When she was burning King's Landing, it reminded me a lot of what Olenna said "The Lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No, you're a dragon, be a dragon." Thanks for the advice (LOL).

My predictions for episode six are: Tyrion is starting to realize he was wrong and Varys was right, and hopefully, Jon realizes the same thing; like Dany went too far and needs to die. But, of course, if you kill Dany then you need to kill Grey Worm, and Arya might kill Dany because of that "green eyes" thing, but I really want Jon to do it. Either way, Jon or Arya kills Dany, I'll be satisfied. But for sure, Dany needs to die, Grey Worm needs to die, and maybe Jon/Tyrion—who knows? I guess I'll find out on Sunday (obviously, LOL).

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'Game of Thrones' S8E5
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