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GLOW Review

Here's the thing that caught me. It shows a respect and earnest opinion of professional wrestling, the difficulty of it and the art in it.

Title: GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)

Network: Netflix

Starring: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron

Seasons: 1 (10 episodes)

What It Is

Based on the 1980's professional wrestling show that featured an all-female roster, GLOW or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, shows us a fictionalized portrayal of it all set in 1985 Los Angeles. In this show struggling actress Ruth Wilder (Brie) is desperately looking for work when she shows up to an audition for a mystery project directed by schlock horror king Sam Sylvia (Maron). It turns out to be a wrestling show, starring ladies. Most (or all) of whom have little to no wrestling experience. Can they make this happen or will the whole thing fall apart? 

What We Think

This is literally one of my favorite shows Netflix has put out. It's ridiculously good. Here's the thing that caught me. It shows a respect and earnest opinion of professional wrestling, the difficulty of it and the art in it. In addition, there's some awesome cameos by real pro wrestlers as well as little easter eggs along the way. Alison Brie's character Ruth goes through an interesting arc. She's probably the best character but far from my favorite. That goes to Jackie Tohn's Melanie Rosen aka Melrose. Marc Maron absolutely kills it here! He's so good I better see an Emmy nomination for the guy! I was really REALLY impressed by former wrestler now actress Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong, Kharma) with her role as Tamme aka Welfare Queen. Singer/songwriter Kate Nash is also really good in her first acting gig as Rhonda aka Britannica. 

Our Grade: A+

This is the easiest A I've ever given a TV show. Not only was it fun and all the jokes hit right where they should but the drama was there. I felt the intrigue going on in and out of the ring. Each character felt real and developed as the series went on. I cannot wait to see if they decide to renew this one! Netflix has been cancelling a bunch of their shows, some that I felt didn't live up to expectation (The Get Down) and some that were just brilliant (Bloodline) we'll see where this lies but for me, it's an easy pickup for season two. Check this one out and make the decision for Netflix. Also, Knives Chau is a grown woman and she's really good as Jenny aka Fortune Cookie. Also, I'd recommend you check out the excellent documentary on GLOW, also on Netflix. Before you watch the show!