Healthy Binge Watching

Never Feel Guilty Again

Your Guide to A Healthy Binge Watch

Binge watching is America's new favorite pastime. You can binge watch on your phone, your tablet, laptop and TV.  You get to gorge on your favorite snacks and watch hours and hours of television via On Demand, DVR, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Crackle, CBS All Access. The list can go on and on. Many channels have their own app now.  So much readily available content, it is hard not to binge watch. 

You do not have to feel guilty about binge watching. Yes, you could be a productive member of society, but what can you do to change the world in 42 minutes? 

Stop the guilt and practice a healthy way to binge watch television. Here is your guide to healthy binge watching. 

Eat healthy snacks.

Eat a bowlful of nuts or berries instead of popcorn and candy. Nuts and berries are valuable additions to any diet.

Next, take a productive break.

You may not be able to save the world during a commercial break, but you can fold your laundry. If you lucky to watch commercial free, take 15 minute breaks in between episodes. Watching the next episode during a binge watch can be treated as a reward for doing something productive.

Or get some sun.

All of your breaks do not have to be productive. Use one of the breaks to go outside. Depressive symptoms are a negative side effect of binge watching. Sun exposure can prevent depressive symptoms from forming. 

Don't settle for boring shows.

Most people are overwhelmed and binge watch the first thing that sparks their interest.  Don't feel the need to finish a binge watch. If the show is boring, move on. You are wasting your time and are more likely to eat more.

Exercise while watching TV.

Many of the negative side effects from binge watching can be reduced if you exercise while watching TV. Exercising while watching TV makes exercising easier and causes people to look forward to exercising. You can walk on a treadmill instead of being on the couch. You can walk in place, use an exercising bike, etc.

Don't watch TV in the dark.

Keep a light on when you binge watch before bed. Television creates sleep disorders, because it promotes high levels of alertness. You may find it harder to sleep after you binge watch a show.

Binge watching rocks. I'm not telling you to stop binge watching, but you have to mindful of the negative side effects such as depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders and overeating. Follow this guide and those side effects will be reduced.