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Epic and Unrealized

Today the most popular comic companies are DC and Marvel, but Indie comics such as Dark Horse, also bring us dark, enticing, and powerful heroes that are underappreciated. FX attempted to shed some light on an indie hero and for the most part, it was successful. The Hellboy films captured Earth's supernatural evils instead of the normal hero formula which is invaders of the earth. Anung Un Rama is the Supernatural name for the red demon known as Hellboy and he is hated throughout his entire comic career. He is an Epic and dark character that deserves more attention than he has received.

In the past year, Hellboy was given the opportunity to be a part of the new Injustice 2 game and his moves are as incredible on a gaming console as they are on the page or movie screen. This is his third opportunity on the gaming screen and it looks like there will be an upgrade in 2019 for Injustice 2 franchise that will also include the Red Demon. His abilities in the game are enhanced, with super healing, super strength, and necromancy. History has shown us that dealing with magic and holy relics is frightening, however, it has also shown that our heroes come from the most unlikely places. 

Most people consider Hellboy to be a demon "bad guy" who occasionally "helps" humans and it always ends badly. In the comics, he is a rogue hero who works for the U.S.Government in the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. The monsters and variety of magic he encounters save the world ten times over. In the event of his birth, the world was saved from total domination of evil demonic creatures. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm rescued and adopted the young demon and raised him as his own. Hellboy was raised Catholic; believing in God was part of the teachings Professor Bruttenholm gave him along with the supernatural knowledge and stories young Hellboy grew up listening to. 

The stereotype that surrounds this demon is in his physical appearance and of course the demon part. Red horns and huge a stone for a right hand known as the "Right hand of Doom," most people are put off or startled by the appearance and given the centuries of hatred bred into humanity for demonic figures, no one believes any different. So for a guy raised by a human in the Catholic church to do right and rid evil, not unlike Vanhelsing, another indie comic, humans still hate and despise him. In the films and comics, Hellboy craves recognition and acceptance for the work he does.

Gratitude and respect for another life should be the norm in 2018, the year of understanding and acceptance. Yet humans are as intolerant of the unusual and uncommon now as ever before.  Marvels Mutant "Beast" the appearance on the outside, unfortunately, defines who you are, even if it is inaccurate. Whether humans are aware of the sacrifices made or not the result is the same. These magnificent heroes allow us to sleep peaceful and oblivious to the real world around us. 

Hellboy is epic, not because of the size monster or last-second miracle that happens. It is the willingness to be hated and scorned in order to protect a world of uneducated and ungrateful people. Comics are a world to escape to; that is their purpose. However, there could be lessons for people to learn from, such as tolerance, compassion, understanding, respect, and courage.