Hilarious Seinfeld Moments

Laugh along with the most hilarious Seinfeld moments in the show's history.

Seinfeld is one of the few shows out there that seems to be able to nail what life really is like. It's a show about nothing and everything at the same time, and it really does reflect all the strange, awkward moments in everyday life, specifically in the New York City

If you ask everyone, they'll tell you they all have at least two or three favorite hilarious Seinfeld moments that make them laugh. Here are some of our favorites over the course of the show's running. 

Season 7, Episode 6 - The Soup Nazi

"The Soup Nazi" episode is one that is literally packed with notorious Seinfeld moments that were remembered and discussed long after its airdate — and it's easy to see why this episode got so much notoriety. 

The Soup Nazi character is a chef who is insanely particular about his customer's ordering procedures, to the point that he won't serve customers if they don't order exactly the way he wants them to order the soup. But, the soup he serves is so good that everyone in New York City wants a taste. 

The reason why it's so hilarious is that everyone knows someone who's like the Soup Nazi. We all know someone who has that obsessive side to them that makes everyone walk on eggshells, and well, Jerry Seinfeld nailed what it's like to deal with them. 

Is the Soup Nazi a nice guy? Not really, but as Kramer eventually shows, it's possible to befriend crazy people and get a good tie to them. 

Season 4, Episode 20 - The Junior Mint

While most hilarious Seinfeld moments are overtly relatable to a point, "The Junior Mint" episode definitely wasn't. (How many people end up causing a Junior Mint to fall into an open body, anyway?)

But, even if you aren't a New York City comedian with a bunch of insane friends, you've probably still had moments where you may have thought you totally messed something up. 

How they handle it is hilarious and sheds light on the way that we all tend to get a little weird when we think we may have screwed things up for someone else. 

Season 6, Episode 11 - The Switch

Every single person who has ever dated someone only to wonder if they should dump them for another person can relate to this episode. The entire show talks about people making the switch from one girl to another — a staple move in the New York City dating scene. 

George really does act like a typical bro guy friend upon hearing Jerry's situation with the girlfriend. He even comes up with a hilarious plan on how to make that switch. Do we condone it? No, but let's just be real — it's one of the most realistic comedy scenes to have aired on television. 

Season 8, Episode 19 - The Yada Yada

George's girlfriend starts using the phrase "yada, yada" in order to finish off just about every story — and for some reason, it really irks George. Aside from giving us a phrase that has become synonymous with NYC slang, this episode also gave us a good chuckle at how weird our language can really be. 

For people who get weirded out by the ways that people gloss over topics, nothing quite beats this Seinfeld moment. Of course, there are plenty of other hilarious Seinfeld moments that involved "yada, yada" later, but it's the original episode that really seems to make it pop. 

Season 5, Episode 14 - The Marine Biologist

Few Seinfeld moments nail what it's like to have a friend who lies about you to "talk you up" to a girl you like the way that this episode did. In this epic moment, Jerry Seinfeld tells a woman by the name of Diane that George is a marine biologist. 

She gets interested in him, but there's one problem — he's not a marine biologist. Everything falls apart spectacularly as they're walking on the beach...and it becomes way too hard not to feel the cringe for poor George. 

Season 8, Episode 3 - The Bizarro Jerry

"The Bizarro Jerry" is an episode packed with hilarious Seinfeld moments that you might only be able to relate to if you've had a friend befriend someone who was your polar opposite. 

When Elaine's new friend ends up being the "bizarro" version of Jerry, chaos ensues in the way only Seinfeld could truly capture. If you've ever been there, you totally will appreciate it. 

But, that's not the only reason why this episode is so famous. It also has the famous clip of Jerry Seinfeld complaining that his new date had "man hands." 

Both moments are hilarious and have solidified in pop culture as major aspects of NYC culture. 

Season 2, Episode 11 - The Chinese Restaurant

Did you ever have people who excluded you no matter what you did, but did it so subtly that you actually can't really prove it? That's what "The Chinese Restaurant" is all about. Watching the Chinese restaurant owners regularly refuse to serve the four, and seeing them get obsessed with eating their food is way too relatable. 

For many of us, it's one of the most relatable Seinfeld moments to ever air. 

In this episode, the digs at the four of them are all based on where they live in New York City. It makes the entire ordeal ridiculous — and that's what makes us laugh about a situation that too many of us have experienced.

Season 8, Episode 22 - The Summer of George

Seinfeld moments often capture the fun and excitement that comes with life in the 90s, but "The Summer of George" was an episode that resonates as much with Millennials in 2017 as it did with people in the 1990s. 

Basically, George has decided to have a fun, wild summer since he is now unemployed. The only problem? Everything that George Costanza tries to do seems to fail. 

If you're anything like most vacationers, this is exactly what life is like when you're trying to get Instagram-worthy shots.

Season 3, Episode 6 - The Parking Garage

One of the things that Jerry Seinfeld really got right was the art of making regular day-to-day life struggles exaggerated to the point of hilarity. Such was the case with the episode, "The Parking Garage," which was one of the few Seinfeld moments that lasted the entire duration of the episode. 

Basically, the four forgot where they parked. We've all been there. Most of us, though, haven't been in a situation that gets us stuck in a parking garage for four straight hours and have an existential crisis. Hilarious? Yes, especially with the dialogue involved. 

Season 5, Episode 2 - The Puffy Shirt

In this classic episode, Jerry Seinfeld is a fashion victim — and he spawns a series of hilarious Seinfeld moments that are forever cataloged into pop culture's memory. 

If you've ever experienced the fallout from wearing something utterly ridiculous, you'll understand why this episode is so funny. If you've never seen what happens when people can't stop talking about the outfit you're wearing, then this episode will show you the full spiel. 

Many Halloween stores still sell puffy shirts thanks to this episode. You'll understand why when you watch it. 

Season 4, Episode 11 - The Contest

The cringe factor is strong with this Seinfeld episode. For anyone suffering through a dry spell, "The Contest" is one of those episodes filled with very relatable Seinfeld moments.

The four of them end up agreeing to a contest on who can go the longest without sexual activity, after George gets caught in an awkward situation. 

However, as Seinfeld would have it, it soon becomes clear that a lack of sex tends to have strange effects on them. One by one, Kramer, Elaine, Jerry, and George all end up failing to keep up their end of the bargain. Overall, it's cringe-y, but funny at the same time. 

Season 3, Episode 3 - The Pen

Ever notice how the craziest arguments can happen over the most idiotic things? That's what "The Pen" is all about, and it's filled with Seinfeld moments that involve Jerry arguing with people over an astronaut pen. 

Does it matter to people that they aren't astronauts, or that they're land-locked in the middle of New York City? Does it matter that it's just a stupid pen? No, but it's the principle of the thing — and that's hilarious. 

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