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How a Single X-Man Could Have Saved Everyone In 'IW'

A Shitpost

One name.


For those who don't know who she is, Anna Marie, otherwise known as Rogue, is a fucking badass.

In the comics, Rogue has the ability or curse that whenever she touches a person with her bare skin, she steals their life and whatever gifts they may have for a short time, alongside memories, abilities, and physical characteristics. So, in the case of superbeings, if she touches their skin, she has their gifts.

Imagine how useful that would have been in Avengers: Infinity War.

Of course, we all know this didn't happen, but it could in, let's say, Avengers 4 if they (finally) introduce the X-Men. Especially if the most popular theme in the most current theories, time travel, does, in fact, happen in Avengers 4. If Rogue is introduced and they do travel back in time, they wouldn't have to go that far.

If Avengers 4 does take place five years after Infinity War (I think this is still speculation but I could be wrong), they would need to go back five years to where everything went wrong.

If they went back to the battle in Wakanda right when Thanos appears and before Wanda, Scarlet Witch, kills Vision, Rogue could come in.

As Wanda is keeping Thanos at bay by pushing against the Infinity Gauntlet, Rogue could touch Thanos' arm, weakening him as she absorbs his gifts, including the ability to wield the gauntlet. From there, she could take the gauntlet and use the time stone, go back and reverse the damage Thanos had done.

Then just because it's a good idea, have Wanda destroy the stones.

Will this happen? Never in a million fucking years.

(Want to read what I actually think could happen in Avengers 4? Click this link: Are They Really Dead?)

However, there is a very high possibility that the X - Men will be appearing the MCU sooner than later. FOX, which currently holds the rights to X-Men, have already stated that after the upcoming Dark Phoenix film, they are done. And of course, Disney purchased FOX and now holds those rights (we aren't talking about the Comcast thing right now).

What makes this more exciting is the fact that everyone is being hush-hush about what is going on with Phase 4. Recently, it was announced that the sequence of the films for Phase 4 will not be announced at any of this year's Cons but rather after Avengers 4 is released next year.

So, there is a possibility they are going to start introducing the X-Men into the franchise (still not going to talk about Comcast).

Just image the happy possibilities. General Okoye meeting Ororo Munroe (Storm) on the big screen? Ororo meeting T'Challa? Their entire storyline from the comics being on the big screen? Yes. Yes, please.

Stever Grant Rodgers meeting Wade Wilson? (We are also ignoring the fact Steve will most likely die tragically in Avengers 4)

But that is only the beginnings of the possibilities that can happen if the X-Men get involved with the MCU as it stands. Not only are there countless comic book storylines that can be followed but there is the entire mutant world which has one huge downside. It will complicate everything, from how certain characters got their powers to the current relations to other characters.

The biggest case is the Maximoff twins but that is a huge can of worms that go to the point that the films have their own canonically timeline compared to the comics which should be saved for a different time.

In the end, I think what this article means is that Disney should hire me as a new writer for MCU. I got a few ideas.

Just kidding. But not really. 

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How a Single X-Man Could Have Saved Everyone In 'IW'
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