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How I've Matured in the Furry Fandom

An autistic furry's story about her early days in the furry fandom.

I've always enjoyed mascots ever since I was a little kid. They always made me smile. When I was 12, I wanted a mascot. I looked around the internet, and stumbled across fur suits. I thought they were the coolest thing and I wanted one so bad! From there, I found a site called FurAffinity. It's a website that's similar to DeviantART, but for furries. There was a lot of art work, as well as pictures of fur suits. I made an account and started drawing to try and fit in. My art wasn't that great at the time. 

My earliest character I made was this red canine character that I had as my profile pic for a bit and I included her in a couple early drawings. I decided to create a new character because I thought the red canine fox thing looked too similar to another furry I looked up to at the time. The new character was this lime green fox with blue tipped ears and a black lightning bolt marking. I later named this character Sasuke. One day, I noticed that my account got suspended because I was too young. I made a new account, and I built my very first fur suit, which I named Tycon. He looked terrible. The second account got banned, so I waited until I turned 13. When I did, I created another account and a new character. She is the character I use now. That account of course got banned because my suspension on the first account wasn't over yet. I kept creating many accounts because I really wanted to be part of the furry community and I felt that having an account was necessary to be a furry. I even recolored someone's art, not realizing it was wrong at the time. I was rightfully told off because looking back, I was really stupid and didn't know what I was doing. 

I then moved on to DeviantART where I posted a bunch of crap that I made in MS Paint. Fast forward a few years later, I still wanted a fur suit. Sadly, they were (and still are) very expensive and I didn't have the money. I decided to just buy a base off Etsy and turned it into my grey wolf character, Taylor the Wolf. I wore it publicly once at a Trick or Trunk event at my school. The kids loved it, and that made me happy! I've gotten a lot better at drawing and fur suit making! I've even gotten a few art commissions and people are interested in commissioning me for a fur suit! I feel accepted in the furry community now because I've matured and realized that if you want something, you have to work for it. I've recently created a new Taylor The Wolf suit (pictured above) and have gotten much approval for it! And spoiler alert, I'm rightfully allowed on FA now because I've matured and I'm of age. The people who have previously told me off now welcome me. I will be attending my first furry convention very soon! I'll probably write a story about that too. Sorry about the pacing of this story. I'm not a very good writer.

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How I've Matured in the Furry Fandom
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