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If Anime Took on the Marvel Universe

The Only War that Needs to Happen....

Marvel Vs. Anime 

With the recent success of Infinity War and the sequel title around a half ways away, along with that new Jump Force game due to be released some time these next few weeks... There has been an abundance of speculation, to say the least. Fans, on both sides of the fence, have been asking the question... Who would triumph in an all out war between the anime universe (which would include; Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia) and the Marvel comic book universe. As a long time fan of both, my entire life to be more specific, I personally believe I can add some valuable insight on this particular hypothetical conflict. Now to be clear! There would be no dominating victor in this contest. Both sides have a long list of contending characters along with their star characters and over all beast characters that are seemingly impossible to stop on their own. That being said there are a variety of different advantages that pertain to both sides of the conflict as well. 

The War Begins

So if such a legendary all out battle for champion between the two universes were to take place, the location would be a rather important factor. So for the sake of fair standing, we are going to stage the theoretical warfare on a neutral plane. This way things such as the Dragon Balls or the Infinity Stones are off limits. The war would probably ignite by a small feud between two main characters of opposite universes. Maybe Iron Man and Goku bump heads, a small battle between two that grows into an epic tale of warfare. Will the the Japanese native characters remain standing or will the American comic book universe hold their own? Either way this would be the most epic, most historic fight between universes to ever take place in the world of geek. 

The All Star Lineup for the Anime Universe

When it comes to pure raw power the anime universe has no shortage of contending OP champions. Goku with his new found Ultra Instinct, Luffy with his legendary Haki stare, Naruto and his nine tailed fox, Jared and his can do attitude—the list is rather extensive. Although there is more to the Anime world than One Punch Man and All Might. Dragon Ball alone has an impressive list of battle hardened veterans, either Beerus or Whis, Brolly, Vegeta, the children Saiyans, powerful characters recently discovered from other universes, defeated enemies of the z fighters such as Cell, Frieza and Kid Boo. Shenron, Golden Shenron, and Omega Shenron are all worthy additions to the list as well. It's safe to say that Zeno and his multiverse counter part are the two most powerful beings in that series (for now).

In the world of Naruto you have almost too many OP characters to even name, but for the sake of this discussion we will try. You have all of the Hokages, all of the Jynjurikie which include Naruto and Gara, along with the three legendary Sani and the Sharingan eyes of Sasuke, Kakashi, and Arochimaru. Mix that list of bad asses with all the minor characters that are still pretty powerful like Rock Lees Speed or Shikamarus strategy and you have quite the dominating force. 

You have Luffy, his band of pirates, and all the other devil fruit consumers. The staff and student body at My Hero Academia, which includes a woman who creates black holes and a man who cancels out your powers. Then you have One Punch Man who... wins every fight with just one punch... That happens to be a rather impressive army of united forces, if I do say so myself. Just reading all of those names with the perception of them joining forces is exciting. It is hard to see them losing a fight against any other universe but unfortunately, even with all of that power on their side, they would still fall short in an all out war with Marvel, and here is why...  

Marvel has too many gods.

Even with all of the anime world's powers combined, there are relatively few god like entities in their ranks. Sure you have the all powerful Saiyans, Shenrons, Gods of destruction, Angels, Khies, and even the Zeno duo... but other than that the list is not very long when it comes to characters with universal powers. Marvel on the other hand has no shortage whatsoever of celestial like entities in its respective universe. The Marvel universe is really huge, so we are going to start with the smaller sharks and then gradually work our way up to the great whites and Megladons. We have Thor who is in his own right a demi-god and one of the most powerful characters in today's MCU. Logan with his healing factor makes him rather hard to kill. Iron Man with his many different suits. Magneto and his metal manipulation abilities would probably kill most of the Naruto universe with a flick of the wrist by crushing their skulls with their head bands. Human Torch who can go super nova and Sentry who can create voids in time and space. Rogue who can drain the life out of people along with any powers they possess with her bare hands. The Hulk whose power amplifies alongside his anger. Storm and her ability to create natural calamities with the raise of her hands... sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange, king of Wakanda the Black Panther, the super soldier Captain America. It's hard to envision many characters in the world of anime standing a chance against Carnage or Toxin. And then there's Deadpool. Oh, how we can not forget Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth who can't die and at one point, single-handedly annihilated the entire Marvel universe... and that's just the ground team. 

Then if those names and abilities did not seem god-like enough for you, we have the real gods of the Marvel universe. Cosmic warriors like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock. Beings like Thanos and the rest of his people, the Eternals. The celestials such as Dormamu and Galactus along with several others that are all minor beings in comparison to the One Above All, the Marvel god of gods. This stellar roster of god like characters is not the only factor that place Marvel as the winner. Another thing to consider when contemplating the winner of this war is the fact that most Marvel heroes are not as much one individual as they are a mantle that is constantly taken up again. As in when one character who fills the shoes of a hero dies, then another character will step into his place, which is why there are like four different Spider Men and several different Ghost Riders and Punishers. Let's say the Anime universe did in some way manage to overcome every obstacle thus far. All we gotta do is swing open that door holding back those pesky Marvel Zombies and that's check mate. Anything left standing would be nothing but well exhausted food. 

When the Dust Settles

It would be an interesting spectacle to see the head honchos to both respective universes face off in battle. In a more organized form of battle, such as a tournament, maybe the world of Japanese anime would stand a better chance... But in a wide scale, all hands on the front line, war for it everything... I am sorry to say that the Marvel comic book universe simply has the upper hand. They have simply had a lot more time to concoct a universe so expansive it would take people years to read every single comic ever written. It would not take nearly the same amount of time to watch every episode of every anime. Yes Doctor Strange's time stone is the reason they win, "hahaha"  just kidding. In all seriousness though Goku and the rest of the gang are simply outnumbered in every way, although I can guarantee that they would not go down without eliminating a large portion of the Marvel universe in the process.

Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Thank you for taking the time to read my work, I appreciate every one of you.

Waiting for the next chapter to one of my projects reach out to me on Instagram @cj_bnb @wrp_author @ancient_astronaut117 

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If Anime Took on the Marvel Universe
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