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In Defense Of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Silencing The Haters In True Morphin Fashion

I can still hear the theme song in my head by looking at this. 

It's Morphin Time! Those three awesome words never get old for Power Rangers fans everywhere. This year is the 25th anniversary of the premiere of arguably one of my favorite shows of the 90s: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I remembered being that five-year-old who would watch it every day after school. Every episode that I watch, I always pretended that I was a Power Ranger. I had some action figures, including a White Ranger watch. So you can tell that I was a die-hard fan and still am to this day. Even as an adult, I collected even more action figures and had lots of Power Rangers comic books. I've noticed that people are hating on this 90s television series and calling it, "lame," and, "cheesy." Luckily, this Power Rangers fan is coming to their defense by clapping back at the naysayers. 

The Mighty Armored Blue Ranger

Me As Billy, The Armored Blue Ranger. Photo: CW Arkansas

I've been a cosplayer for about four years and didn't fully suit up as the mighty Blue Ranger until the beginning of last year. I also went as different versions of an umorphed Billy since late 2016. Growing up, my favorite characters were Tommy and Jason. However, the character that I related to the most was Billy, the Blue Ranger. There are two things he and I had in common: we're both intelligent and friendly. In the movie Power Rangers that was released in theaters last March, actor RJ Cyler played Billy, who was on the spectrum, just like I am. I was severely bullied because of my disability and was in special education classes until my junior year of high school. I was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, so watching that movie and RJ's character was someone that I related to. I'll continue to cosplay as the Blue Ranger, whether it's the Zeo Blue Ranger or Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. In fact, the Blue Zeo Ranger is my next cosplay that I'm going to do soon. 

It's Morphin Time!

Halloween 2016.

On Halloween night in 2016, I first went as Billy Cranston with my Power Moprher in hand. I wore a blue shirt and overalls. This was a character that I wanted to go as for years. I was in my late 20s in the picture above and now that I'm in my 30s, Billy is a character that defines me and comfortable with. 

Blue Ninja Power!

Blue Ninjetti Ranger. Photo: Black Widow Photography 

The Blue Ninjetti Ranger was the second cosplay I've done in 2017. In Power Rangers: The Movie, Dulcea takes the Rangers to the Ninjetti Temple, where they are given the power of the Ninjetti---the spirit of the animal all humans have within them. Each Ranger has a spirit animal and they are as follows:

  • Falcon: Tommy
  • Ape: Rocky
  • Frog: Adam
  • Wolf: Billy
  • Bear: Aisha
  • Crane: Kimberly

So my spirit animal is the Blue Wolf, because it's powerful. The first time that I have taken part in a cosplay photoshoot was April of last year. One of my cosplay friends was the White Ninjetti Ranger and the White Falcon was his spirit animal. We had such a great time and the pictures turned out great. Then last October, I went as the character again, but this time, it was just me. I had some great poses and again, the photoshoot was a success. It makes me want to watch the movie again and again. 

MMPR Is Still the Greatest 25 Years Later!

Squad goals. 

In closing, I like to address a few things to the haters of this spectacular franchise. First of all, did you know that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had huge ratings than other 90s shows at the time? 25 years, over 800 episodes, and three Power Rangers movies later, it's still going strong and is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. The die-hard fans and their support is why this franchise exists today. Many people would say that it's corny, lame, boring, grown people are too old for Power Rangers, collect action figures, or too old to cosplay as their favorite characters. I'm 30-years-old and I'll always be a Power Rangers fan until the day I die. I'll always support and be passionate about my fandom. The egotists are just mad, salty, and jealous because they either never had a childhood or can't accept the fact that all ages love the Power Rangers. With that said, may the power protect you. Together, we are more. 

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In Defense Of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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