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'Infinity War': Who Will Die!!

'Death follows him like a shadow.'

INFINITY WAR!!!! This movie will be released in my local cinema on the 26th of April this year, and you can be assured I will be going to see it. The end of an era that has been building and building from the original Iron Man film that aired in 2008. I, with many other marvel fans have been waiting ten years to see the climax of the marvel cinematic universe phase three. The time has come for the big purple dude to come in to the universe as more than a side villain and wreak havoc on the world. Our beloved avengers must team up with Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy to save the world. But the Mad Titan will not be defeated easily, he will take some of our heroes with him (if he is even defeated that is!).

Marvel have confirmed that all the deaths that will appear in Infinity War will be the characters final destiny. These deaths will lead the MCU into the fourth phase, this will include the second Spiderman film, Ant-Man and the Wasp etc. I have a feeling I know the characters that will meet there final demise in this film. So here are my predictions:


This first prediction is pretty obvious in my opinion for a few reasons. First is that Vision isn’t one of the most famous characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Spiderman, this would make him a little easier to kill off as I don’t think many people would mind too much. Another reason is that one of the Infinity Stones, you know the whole reason Thanos is on earth, is lodged into his skull and is his source of power!

If Thanos wants to complete the infinity gauntlet then Vision will need to take a hit. I think this death could make up a very impressive fight scene as Vision with his mind stone is extremely powerful and he has shown his strength before, being worthy of picking up Thor’s hammer. On the other hand, Thanos is the Mad Titan and one of the most powerful people in the entire MCU.

Vision's death could serve as a turning point in the movie as Thanos defeating Vision would be a way of him showing the Avengers of Thanos’ sheer power, by showing him defeating arguably one of the most powerful Avengers. I think this death would make the team come together and think more tactically to try and defeat him.


Where do I start with Hawkeye? He has never really been a popular character in the marvel franchise and I think that killing him off would actually be amazing for the overall film. I feel that this will be Jeremy Renner’s penultimate or final film in the franchise which would mean Hawkeye would definitely be killed off.

In the movie Age of Ultron Marvel revealed to the audience and to the other Avengers that Hawkeye had a family. This could play into the story as Hawkeye dying could bring the team together to fight for him, his honour and for his family. It could also bring some raw emotion into the final act of the film with some of the other Avengers going to Hawkeyes home and having to tell his wife of what happened.

The lack of Hawkeye in the trailer has fans wondering where he is and this could mean a disastrous fate for him. Even though Jeremy Renner might be in Avengers 4, I think that could mean some misuse of Infinity Stones in Infinity War, such as the time stone. No matter how Hawkeye exits the MCU I think his days are numbered in the franchise.


Nebula has not and never will be a main character in the MCU, I think this would be a great reason to end her journey in this film. The daughter of Thanos along with Gamora, she hates her father because he spent years modifying her and turning her into a cybernetic assassin. She spent her entire life trying to prove her worth to her father, constantly being bested by her sister whom she also hates.

A Nebula death would be easy to construct, she has already been seen as extremely angry and very reckless with her anger. In Guardians of the Galaxy V2 she tries to crash a space ship into Gamora to kill her, not even thinking that she could die as well. This could play into Infinity War as she most likely will be very reckless and Thanos could take advantage of that and kill her, this would show the Avengers how powerful and ruthless Thanos is as he kills his own daughter.

This death might not annoy as many fans as some of the main characters but would also play very well into the overall film. Her obsession with trying to kill everyone she doesn’t like alone with no back up or help could prove to be her eventual downfall. 

Captain America

Finally, the last person I think will perish in Infinity War. I think our beloved Captain America will die in this film. It really pains me to say this, I love Captain America, I love Chris Evans and I love the Cap's films. In my opinion this death has to happen…

The death of Captain America would be an amazing stepping stone from the original actors to new actors. Chris Evans contract must be running out soon and I think this is the main reason that Cap will be finished in this film.

The main reason I want Cap to be killed in this film is because I really want the mantle of Captain America to be passed down to Bucky Barnes just like in the comics. This could be an amazing move by Marvel because Bucky would look like a total badass with a Cap style arm and the shield. The death of Cap would also bring the team together, Cap has fought his entire life for his people and for anyone in need of help. Him dying could be the shock and punchy element of the film that the MCU has been begging for since the start.

Whichever of our heroes or villains that die in this film it will be a sore one to take but as we all know we need heroes to die in this film for Thanos to be a badass maniac. This film will no doubt be the most controversial in the MCU but I think that it could be not only the best MCU film but the best superhero film to ever hit the box office. 

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'Infinity War': Who Will Die!!
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