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'Julie & Julia' - A Movie Review

'Julie & Julia' is the right motivational film to walk away feeling like a new person.

What’s for dinner? Get the oven ready, we’re going to be busy cooking in the kitchen.

In Nora Ephron’s final directed film, Julie & Julia split the lives of two well-known women who adored cooking. Julie Powell is a fan of Julia Child’s famous cooking recipes. Vowing to cook every day for a year, both women are given new meaning.

I am shocked that I never saw this movie when it was released 10 years ago! Julie & Julia is the right motivational film to walk away feeling like a new person. Following your dream is the ultimate motivation to keep you going in life and get through the bad.

Writing and drawing is my hobby. Since last year, I have drawn and written almost every day. I have never felt more proud of myself.

This movie is very well-acted! It’s one of my new favorite Meryl Streep performances. Streep gave a delightful and genuine performance as Julia Child. Unlike her roles today, Streep paid more attention to her character than adding in her own personal touches. It was fun watching her recreate Child’s famous cooking scenes.

Streep even had to grow eight inches for the part! No, not really. To to make it look as if the 5'6" Streep was 6'2" like Julia Child, filmmakers created camera tricks for the woman to appear as tall as a bed.

I love Amy Adams! She is such an energetic ball of energy in any movie she is in. Adams gave the story the needed energy and someone who audiences can immediately relate to. My most favorite scene is her reaction when she runs screaming from the kitchen trying to cook a live lobster—priceless!

Our main characters never meet. Instead, they’re living in separate time periods, but dealing with a similar situation. Both women want to seek new opportunities to make their lives more exciting. And they turn to cook.

I wish there was a scene, like at the end, where the women did meet. That would have been an interesting scene I would have liked to see.

An assortment of supporting actors help bring Julie & Julia to life. Chris Messina performs as Julie’s incredibly supportive husband, Eric Powell, and Stanley Tucci portrays Julia Child’s doting husband, Paul Child. These are the kind of men you need in your life.

Other than the montages of tasty food, this movie does a great job portraying love. No marriage is perfect. And yet, at the end of the day, couples makeup and move on. It was clear that filmmakers paid close attention to this detail, portraying accurate, supportive, and loving marriages.

There is also a brief appearance by Jane Lynch playing Dorothy McWilliams, Julia Child’s sister. I love seeing Lynch in films. She added a comedic spark in her scenes with Streep.

One character who never appeared onscreen, but made a memorable appearance only on the phone is Julie’s mother. Right from the start, she is not understanding or supportive of Julie’s hobby or blog, but she is there for her daughter at the right moment. It just goes to show that your mother will always be there for you in the worst of times.

Movies about writing are powerful films. It doesn’t matter who you are writing to on a blog. Aside from writing movie reviews for readers, I write movie reviews because it’s a passion. It’s a way to release my thoughts onto a blank page. Our passions help us find who we are to escape the craziness of life.

Julie & Julia is a powerful motivational film. It is sure to make you salivate. We will live through the worst of life. Don’t let others or your failures hold you back. Take a risk and finish what you start.

Bon appetit!

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'Julie & Julia' - A Movie Review
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