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Live In The LA Area? Then You Have to Check Out The Perky Nerd

You know what's better than comic books, coffee, and tabletop gaming? Being able to have all those things at the same time.

You know what's better than comic books, coffee, and tabletop gaming? Being able to have all those things at the same time. That was the concept behind The Perky Nerd, a newly opened comic book store and coffee shop in Burbank, CA. It's only been open for about six weeks and it's already making its mark in the local area with great events like its Geek Pride Day trivia extravaganza held this weekend. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and I vaguely crushed it at nerd trivia. My team, which we named "Anakin and the Midi-cholrians," didn't win but that's only because the room was filled with trivia savvy nerds. Also, there were a lot of GoT questions and for some reason no one in my team watches that show.

Winning wasn't the point, though. Well, it was, but there was also making new connections and being able to nerd out with a lot of like minded people. That's what the owners had in mind when they set the place up. Aside from combining the three things they liked the most out of this world, they also wanted to make a place where people could congregate, connect, and make new friends. So far, it seems like they're doing a pretty solid job.

Today's event was hosted both by The Perky Nerd and the fine folks at Nerd Out, a new app that aggregates all the geeky events in your area in one app. Yeah, there's an app for that now and it's pretty awesome. Event coverage isn't quite nationwide yet, but they're working on it. For us Californians, though, coverage of events looks pretty extensive, but even if you're not in California, you should snag the app anyway. Events are user submitted so you can help get local coverage for your city and become a beacon of nerdy goodness for your fellow fans. 

What sets this place apart?

I had a chance to chat with the shop's owner, Tiffany, who talked me through how she came about the concept of The Perky Nerd. The basics of it all is the fact that she just wanted everything in one place. Before having the shop, she'd browse a comic book store and maybe pop over Starbucks to grab a coffee before heading home and reading or gaming with her friends. Eventually, she just thought "why not just have one place to do all of that?" and so The Perky Nerd was born.

They've done a lot with the space they have. It is absolutely packed with great comics, collectibles, and pretty much everything you need to sate your nerdy desires. Even I found stuff that I liked and I'm annoyingly picky. The cold brew coffee they serve was also pretty delicious. What impressed me most was the art they had on sale. Tiffany is on a quest to promote local artist so they have a lot awesome prints in stock. These artists are present at conventions, but not everyone can go to cons so The Perky Nerd brings the art to you.

They have a lot more events planned so if you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, this is definitely a place that you should check out. You can get more information from their social media accounts and main website. Links down below.

Location: 1606 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504

Hours: 11AM - 7PM Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday. Wednesday 11AM - 8PM, Sunday 12PM to 5PM. New comics arrive every Wednesday.

Contact: 818-823-7511

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Live In The LA Area? Then You Have to Check Out The Perky Nerd
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