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Marvel In Her Glory: Revealed Concept Art Of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Will Please Fans

We got a first look at concept art of Brie Larson slipping into her outfit as Carol Danvers.

[Credit: Marvel]

You have to hand it to #Marvel, they are sure making the most of their #MCU. With films coming out left, right, and center, it seems that there is no stopping the #superhero hype machine. As journalists attended the revamped Marvel HQ at Disney, a lucky few also glimpsed footage from Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Away from what we will see within the next year, it looked like Marvel was also playing the long game and teased those in attendance with something much bigger!

A surprise addition to proceedings were some pretty big details about 2019's ,#CaptainMarvel, and in particular what will be hanging in #BrieLarson's wardrobe when she takes on the title role. In addition to Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed letting slip that Captain Marvel had found a director, we also got a first look at concept art of Larson slipping into her outfit as Carol Danvers.

It sounds Brie-ly good.

[Credit: Marvel]

While in the offices of Marvel Studios visual development supervisor/concept artist Andy Park, images of Larson's upcoming costume were conveniently discovered. According to Vanity Fair, there were three images: one of a close-up of her head and shoulders, one described as a "less-revealing" version of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on a rocky outcrop, and one of the Cap in full battle while punching the mechanized fist of a robotic enemy. For those wondering what iteration of the character's costume Larson will be wearing, it is good news for fans of her modern interpretation:

"Carol is wearing the same red-and-blue suit, which bears a striking resemblance to the Jamie McKelvie character redesign from 2012—including a high collar and zipper. The red in the new art is darker than what we usually see Carol wear in the comics."
"It looks like the palette may have been deepened to match the cinematic Captain America’s. And though the material read as shiny, it resembled Cap’s hardier cinematic fabric more than the clingy spandex we see on the page."

We have already seen the popularity of Chris Evans as Captain America, so it makes sense that Captain Marvel's suit would stick to the same basic idea. Also, by moving away from the stereotypical lycra of boobs and lady parts, it means that Larson can work on the character's other assets without being ogled like a piece of meat.

A Bad Hair Day

'Free Fire' [Credit: StudioCanal UK]

It was also reported that Marvel's bright yellow emblazoned star is replaced with more of a white version (again similar to Captain America) and that her hair was also undergoing a revamp. Now we get to the clincher!

Described as the most "controversial" element of the design, Carol's crop is rumored to be a little above shoulder length and shorter on one side — similar to Larson's most recent role in Free Fire (above). Strangely, it is Captain Marvel's hair that is the biggest cause for debate in her comic book titles and something that will clearly divide fans during the film too. Luckily, Andy Park joked that none of the designs were final and that hair is the one part of a hero he is asked to change most often.

During interviews for Kong: Skull Island, Larson herself even mentioned the great hair debate and its strange power over people:

“I feel like this is a big conversation. Every day I have people yelling at me on Twitter like, ‘You better have long hair’ or ‘You better have a mohawk’ or ‘You better wear the helmet’ or ‘You better not wear the helmet.’ Someone’s going to be mad.”

[Credit: Marvel]

Speaking of which, another positive of the concept art is that Marvel's controversial headgear won't be making an appearance. Popular Captain Marvel author Kelly Sue DeConnick went on record to say that she hoped that the character's helmet would make an appearance, but there is no sign of it in any artwork — sorry, Kelly.

All of this chatter about what shade her boots should be or how windswept her hair needs to look is still slightly trivial anyway. With still no (official) director and a cast that only consists of Larson and Stan Lee, we are a long way off of flying Carol Danvers into cinemas — roll on 2019, I say!

(Source: Vanity Fair, IGN)

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Marvel In Her Glory: Revealed Concept Art Of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Will Please Fans
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