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Marvel vs DC: Superhero Showdown

It’s time to try out something new: Superhero Showdown!

In comic books, heroes and villains clash all the time, and there is a constant struggle between good and evil. From Batman vs Joker, to Captain America vs. Red Skull, both Marvel and DC have penned some amazing rivalries that have spanned decades. On some occasions we also see some hero vs. hero action, such as in the upcoming Captain America 3: Civil War. However that is Marvel vs Marvel, but what if we saw a Marvel hero, and a DC hero come to blows.

There have actually been several instances of this in comic books, however there is rarely ever a winner in those comic books as both companies don’t like their properties to lose, but we don’t really care what Marvel or DC think, so that will change. Here, there can only be one definitive winner, so we will look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes in question.

First up in this series, an obvious one really: Batman vs. Iron man

The human being who literally fights alongside Gods, while wearing a Bat costume, the world’s greatest detective: Batman


Batman is arguably the most iconic hero that DC has to offer (possibly just behind Superman), and is over 75 years old, which, as you can imagine, has given DC a lot of time to polish one of their most prized heroes. Many credit Batman with simply being a human as a weakness, when it is really one of his greatest strengths. On countless occasions his opponents have underestimated the caped crusader, and have paid dearly for it. Take Bane, for example, after breaking Batman’s back it was by far the biggest trial Batman had encountered at that time, and Bane assumed Batman’s time fighting crime was over, but when the Dark Knight made a startling return, Bane was no match.

You then have to acknowledge the fact that Bruce Wayne is pretty much as intelligent as it gets, and with a billionaire bank account at his disposal he is able to splash out on all those great gadgets that make Batman famous, and let’s not forget his insane fighting skills. Hand to hand, Batman is considered one of, if not the most, dangerous Humans on the planet. Unfortunately for Batman, he doesn’t come without his weaknesses.


Batman’s inability to kill someone actually causes a lot of problems with his villains, as they know that Batman will not cross a line. Some have called him “predictable” more often than the “world’s greatest detective” would like to hear, and as mentioned before with his encounter with Bane, he can be broken. Literally. In some carnations Batman is even killed by his more super counterparts.

His suit. While his suit is of course mostly a light, but very strong armour that allows him to maneuver, but also take some hits, he relies more on out-smarting his enemies, and using stealth, but if he is surprised or unprepared then his suit really does have very little protection. However I have to point out that the general rule with Batman in combat situations is that if he has enough time to prepare he can beat anyone. But will he beat this guy?

Marvel's most lovable asshole. Smart, cunning, and a tendency for dramatics, this legendary character is also a mortal kicking ass in a universe dominated by immortals: Iron Man


His greatest strength of course would have to be his suit. No, not his tuxedo, but of course his Iron Man suit. From the ability to fly, to shooting laser beams, his suit has it all. It even has the ability to fly to him, and conveniently attach to Stark quickly, like whilst he’s mid-way through falling off a building. It is thanks to this suit that Tony Stark can contribute his most famous victories, because let’s face it, if Captain America and Tony Stark fought without the suit it would be quicker than a Ronda Rousey fight. Like Batman, Tony Stark has genius-level intellect, which he can use to create strategies to defeat opponents much tougher than himself.


The thing about Tony Stark is that underneath that suit, he is simply just a man, he has a reasonable level of fitness, and sure he can probably hold his own against some street thugs, but when it comes to A-level opponents he doesn’t fare too well. Another huge flaw, perhaps Tony Stark's biggest weakness, is that everyone knows who he is. I can’t stress enough at how much this is a bad thing. Think about how much media attention people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates get, now apply that to a Superhero that has beef with countless villains. Kind of makes him easy prey to a sneak attack, doesn’t it? Stark also loves a good gloat, no matter how many other heroes, most notably Captain America, have said that his cockiness will one day lead to his death. We won’t go into Tony Stark's personal issues, while they may be weaknesses for the sake of the fight we assume both men are mentally normal… regular… as least messed up as possible?

Iron Man has defeated his fair share of unstoppable opponents, but could he beat Batman?

The Decision

Before I state who my winner is, this is purely subjective, and if your opinion differs, let me know in the comments down below, but as for now my pick simply has to be: Batman.

While I have absolutely no doubt Iron man would put up a tremendous fight, I just can’t see Batman losing this one. We are assuming of course that both men have an ample amount of prep time, and both fight fairly, like Iron Man doesn’t just drone strike Wayne Manor when he knows Bruce is asleep (cause you all know Tony would so do that). Batman simply has too many advantages, if you take away his suit, he is still Batman. If you take away Iron Man’s suit, he is not still Iron Man. While Tony Stark has defeated his fair share of incredibly powerful enemies, Batman could take down the entire Justice League, and has.

So those are my thoughts on the outcome of Batman vs Iron, but what are yours? Do you agree with me, or would you see the fight going the other way? Let me know in the comments down below.

So there you have it our first Superhero Showdown! Sorry if it was a bit wordy, we’re working on the format. Remember to like, and share this and all our content via Facebook and Twitter, but until next time thanks for reading!

Author—Johnnie McArdle is a writer at app reviews service, and a coffee enthusiast.

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