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MCU Fantastic Four Fancast!

Who should play Marvel's first family?

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 swiftly coming to an end, phase 4 would be the perfect time to introduce some new characters to the vast universe. With the recent news of Disney buying all of 21st century's film rights a lot of the Marvel fan base would like the X-Men to come into the Universe, however, I think, along with many other fans that The Fantastic Four should be introduced first.

The Fantastic Four have certainly struggled on the silver screen in the past two decades. The first two movies being Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). Both were not best received with the both receiving a modest 5/10 on most ratings. The franchise underwent a reboot with Fantastic Four (2015), this movie was not received well at all by reviewers with IMDB giving a score of 4/10 and Rotten Tomatoes giving a score of 3.5/10 to name a couple! 

Since the films have done so poorly I think it is time that the people behind the MCU had their chance to produce a Fantastic Four film and give Marvel's first family the justice that they deserve. There are many actors that could convincingly play these roles if Marvel does decide to introduce a Fantastic Four film into their universe. This list is going to be who I think should play the Fantastic Four when they finally hit the big screen again. So here is my fan cast for The Fantastic Four if they were implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Remember this is only my opinion!)

Ben Grimm (Thing) - Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel would be one of the best choices for Thing in a reboot of the fantastic four, I think he has the perfect physique and voice to play a character as bulky as Thing and his work with CGI on both Guardians of the Galaxy films playing Groot makes him very experienced and the perfect candidate, also with Groot having a minimal amount of lines in every film and Vin Diesel not showing his face yet there would be no problem with him playing two roles in the MCU.

Vin Diesel is best known for his role in the Fast and Furious film franchise, this role gaining him many individual awards such as People’s Choice Award, MTV Movie and TV award and Teen Choice Award. This makes him a very high-profile casting opportunity to help marvel introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU.

Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) - Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt could be the perfect candidate to tackle the character of the Invisible Woman. Firstly, she is one of the most promising female actors on the planet right now after her performance in 2017s A Quiet Place , she has won awards such as a BAFTA for British artist of the year in 2009, then being nominated in 2017 for her part in the fantastic The Girl on the Train, only just losing out to Emma Stone thanks to her performance in the spectacular musical La La Land.

All of that alone could land her the role of Susan Storm, however focusing on her in the role she certainly more than fits the part having the exact same build and hair colour as the character. She could also add a fun motherly vibe to the role as she has young children herself, we certainly see Susan Storm mothering her brother Johnny Storm and friend Ben Grimm in the comics and movies on a regular basis. Seeing her stepping in to finish arguments between the two could help show the childish side of Johnny and Ben while simultaneously showing the maturity of Susan.

Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) – John Krasinski

John Krasinski has been flirting with a role in the MCU now for years with him almost getting cast as Captain America it seems very fitting that he be cast as the leader of Marvel’s first family. He would be the perfect person to play the husband of an Emily Blunt Susan Storm, with him being Emily Blunt’s real-life husband. Also, he has the same build as Reed Richards with him being very lanky with long arms and legs.

Krasinski would also fit very well into the role of Mister Fantastic as he has the quirky silliness that you need to be a part of the Fantastic Four as shown by his run in the hit TV show The Office. He also has the serious side of him shown in his recent movie A Quiet Place. Overall his build, personality and on-screen chemistry with Emily Blunt could spell for the best rendition of Reed Richards that will ever be shown on the Silver Screen.

Johnny Storm (Human Torch) - Bill Skarsgård

In the last two years, Bill Skarsgård has gone from being best known for his role in Hemlock Grove as Roman Godfrey to bursting into mainstream media after his chilling performance as Pennywise in the smash hit movie IT. He has since gone to appear in another well-received film, Deadpool 2. However, he had a much smaller role in this film which would make it acceptable for him to be cast as the funny, smart-ass of the family Johnny Storm.

Skarsgård would fit in well as the Human Torch having roughly the same build as him in the comics. I think he could bounce well off a Vin Diesel version of Ben Grimm with those two arguing like children so many times in the comics. Thanks to him showing his role diversity with Pennywise and then his role in Deadpool I have no doubt that he would be able to ace a role in the MCU. Even though this casting would be somewhat unorthodox and out of the blue compared to the last two castings of the character, I would still love to see him in this role as he is one of the best up and coming actors at this time.

Dr. Victor Von Doom (Doctor Doom) - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is extremely intimidating and quite frankly scary, he makes me feel uneasy whenever I watch him. This makes me very excited at the possibility of him playing Doctor Doom in an MCU reboot. He certainly has his past performances pushing him in the right direction. Most notably his role in The Walking Dead as Negan which he could take some inspiration from to add to his portrayal of Doctor Doom.

Not to mention he has already peeked into the world of comic book movies with his role as Comedian in Watchmen and his role as Thomas Wayne in the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. He also clearly has the towering build of the manic Victor Von Doom which would help him convincingly portray the Fantastic Four’s most known villain. He could be the perfect man to bring him to life on the silver screen and hopefully do a much better job than the last two versions.

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