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My Top 5 UNHhhh Episodes

Excluding the Trixie and Katya Show

We all love Drag, and if you know anything about Drag, you know about UNHhhh. The show where they talk about whatever they want, because it is their show, and not yours. Trixie and Katya are one of the funniest drag queens in the business if you ask me, especially in their show UNHhhh. Here is my list of my top 5 UNHhhh episodes because I feel like they deserve their on Top 5 Listicle. I'm leaving out the Trixie and Katya show because while it was funny, it wasn't UNHhhh, and I think we can all agree on that.

1. "Traveling"

One of their first few episodes, this one truly is a classic. They talk about some serious topics such as catching STDs while on the road and pooping yourself while on a plane. Mr. Delta himself would be laughing his head off at this episode. They're so hilarious in this one and the random zoom-ins on their faces make the video. They look stunning and talk about the fabulous traveling as a Drag Queen. Just don't watch this one around children or anyone who would get offended by vulgar language. But honestly? That applies to all of the episodes I'm about to show you.

2. "Apologies"

This one is very relevant and easily therapeutic if you're upset with someone. They're actually insightful, but still incredibly hilarious. They give you such good advice as well, on both how to apologize and what good apologies are like. As usual, they look stunning and it's great to hear them talk about apologies. Personally, I feel like this one speaks to me because of how I feel about apologies too. This one is definitely worth a watch.

3. "Music"

Trixie and Katya open up about music and how it can change your life. If the thumbnail of this video says anything, you can tell just how serious they take this topic, all the insightful things they have to say about music, and its affect on society. Trixie serenades us with a recorder and a pair of maracas, while Katya gives us great lyrics. They are so talented. They also talk about the music industry and all the work that goes into performing, which is always fun to hear about.

4. "Kids and Parenthood"

Ever wonder how two gay men who dress up as women think about having children? Well here you go. They open about their parents, what good parenting is like, and what bad parenting is like. They talk about perhaps having children one day as gay men as well. They'd be the worst at raising kids and that's what makes the episode so hilarious, because it is so over the top.

5. "SPACE"

The vast, final frontier: Space. This is one of my favorite episodes of all time because of the amazing and hilarious jokes they make. This one always has me giggling and it will do the same to you. They talk about the important things like how to use the bathroom in space the right way. It is very scientifically accurate and you will learn so much from them about space. This informative episodes is truly worth the watch. Make sure to take notes!

Of course, every episode is great and you should watch every single one, but if you are only going to watch five, watch these five. You'll enjoy them, and end up watching all the episodes anyway. Enjoy!

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My Top 5 UNHhhh Episodes
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