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Power Rangers Reboot: More Elizabeth Banks and a Sixth Power Ranger Added

Here are some of the set photos of Elizabeth Banks on the set of Power Rangers.

The newest information released on the upcoming reboot of Power Rangers (2017) comes in the form of set photos. Photos released, only seem to showcase Elizabeth Banks as the titular villain, Rita Repulsa. In the original "Power Rangers" television series, Rita Repulsa was an alien-witch who came to Earth to conquer. There was a photo released recently, displaying a new incarnation of the character by actress, Elizabeth Banks. But now with a whole slew of set photos, there's a better look at Elizabeth Banks playing 'Rita Repulsa'. As well as another character whom can't be seen with the naked eye. Here are the set photos of Elizabeth Banks on the set of "Power Rangers".

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Elizabeth Banks in character, or not.

Rita's staff looks amazing, and her butt's not bad

Fully immersed in the role.

"Well hello?"


Those are all the photos of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, on set. However, there was one more photo added to the collection of shots featuring Elizabeth Banks. In this shot, a crew member is holding something, that looks to be an extension of an object or a character that will be included through a CGI- representation.

Physical Extension to CGI- created character.

Goldar will be a CGI generated character. But who will play him?

The image isn't very much to go off, but the object that the crew member is holding is the placeholder, for where a CGI-character will be included in the film. And the object is that of a claw or hand of another well-known villain in the "Power Rangers" universe. That of "Goldar".

Goldar was a henchmen to 'Rita Repulsa' in the original "Power Rangers" television series. Along with Goldar, he was accompanied by his companion, Scorpina. But it doesn't seem like she'll be included in the reboot. However, the new image of a crew member holding, what appears to be an arm and claw presents the possibility of Goldar receiving the reboot treatment as well in "Power Rangers (2017)". The idea would coincide with the more gritty approach being taken with the new reboot. That is if Goldar is being introduced in the film. A "Power Rangers" reboot featuring 'Rita Repulsa' as the main antagonist wouldn't be a loyal adaptation if her primary henchmen, Goldar isn't alongside of her. But back to how Goldar plays into the film. Instead of having an actor in a suit to portray 'Goldar' as like in the original "Power Rangers" television series; a different approach is being taken in the reboot by having a digital representation of the character, whom can be manipulated through digital editing to showcase more alien abilities rather doing the same, but having to rely on an actor in a costume to be able to coordinate with effects that haven't been added to the film yet. Along with the tremendous cost it would be on production to put together a live action Goldar, that would also have to interact with the digitally added effects in the film, there would be too much of a cost to produce 'Goldar' on-screen. But with a completely CGI rendition of 'Goldar', only attached physically by body parts interacting with physical objects in the film could definitely be a fitting replacement. Apart from the CGI theory, we'd still need an actor to do the motion capture work for Goldar, so which actor could be in that spot?

New Photo leaked from set of Power Rangers (2017) reveals another Power Ranger to the cast.

6 Power Ranger weapons, not 5?

From the image, we get a glimpse of some of the weaponry used by the Power Rangers in the new reboot film. Each weapon corresponds to a Power Ranger, according to their specified color. We have Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black; as we're set to have 5 Power Rangers on the main team. But between the Pink and Yellow weapons, we see an extra weapon with the color of Silver or White. Does that mean another Power Ranger will be joining the original casting of five Power Rangers? With the new reboot reviving a lot of the elements faithful to the original Power Rangers' television program, it's possible that a White or Silver, Power Ranger will be introduced sometime during the film. In the original Power Rangers television program, the premiere season highlighted the addition of an extra Ranger to the cast in the form of a Green-Power Ranger, whom was then later re-branded into the White Ranger. With the reveal that a sixth Power Ranger weapon has been spotted on the set of Power Rangers (2017), we're likely to see another Power Ranger suit up alongside the new cast. Possibly a new White Ranger or Silver Ranger. Within the Power Rangers universe, the Silver Ranger, character didn't get a role until the season of 'Power Rangers in Space', wherein a Power Ranger from distant space was known to have been fighting other alien entities, intent on galactic domination. There's room for the new reboot of "Power Rangers" to delve into the full mythos of the universe, to where the Power Rangers' origins are fully conceptualized, as well as leaving room for sequels to happen, featuring Power Rangers from space. Along with the reveal of the Power Rangers' weaponry, the image gives credit to the theory of the reboot closely resembling the campy, cinematic attempt that brought the Power Rangers to life on the big-screen in the 90's.

But back to who the Sixth Power Ranger could be in the film. David Denman has been cast as Sam Scott in the film, though in an undetermined role. Is it possible that David Denman's character of Sam Scott will be playing a veteran Power Ranger, in charge of teaching the newly-founded team of Power Rangers how to be such? In the role of a White or Silver Ranger, Denman's more mature look would be a fitting cast for a veteran Power Ranger. Or could David Denman's casting of Sam Scott be a mislead, wherein he could be doing the voice and motion capture work for the suspected character of 'Goldar'? There's also room for Rita Repulsa to take a civilian like Denman's character of Sam Scott and transform him into her henchmen, Goldar; that's all speculative for the moment.

Unauthorized "Power Rangers" Short-Film. Rejected pitch for Reboot. Embed below.

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Power Rangers Reboot: More Elizabeth Banks and a Sixth Power Ranger Added
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