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Professor FX: Will 'Legion' Season 2 Introduce Us To Charles Xavier?

The first season of FX's Legion was perhaps the most unusual superhero show that's ever been made.

Could one version of Xavier turn up? 'X-Men: Apocalypse' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The first season of FX's Legion was perhaps the most unusual superhero show that's ever been made. It was a mind-bending trip through the apparent psychosis of Dan Stevens's David Haller, a character lifted straight from the X-Men comics and plunged into battle with the awesome evil of the Shadow King.

In the comics, David Haller is actually the son of Charles Xavier himself. Legion Season 1 dropped enough hints that everybody's favorite bald-headed telepath was part of the story — so is it possible that Xavier himself will turn up in next year's Season 2?

It's A Maybe

No surprise, the question came up at the Legion panel at #SDCC2017. Showrunner Noah Hawley had a simple response:

"We're working on it."

The first season established a rich history for the show, telling a tale in which David Haller's psychic father encountered another powerful telepath, Amahl Farouk. Xavier emerged triumphant, but — just as in the comics — Farouk survived, becoming a disembodied entity that lived on the Astral Plane. Xavier became aware that Farouk had survived, and realized that the so-called Shadow King was seeking out his son, David. What Xavier didn't realize, though, was that the Shadow King had already secreted himself inside David's mind.

The first season came to an end with the Shadow King free once again. As Hawley explained:

"You know, my goal is always that the first season would be about fighting the enemy within and, you know, learning about this entity that was inside of David and about getting it out of David, and Season 2 will be about then the enemy without and this entity now we know is a person."

The Shadow King is the World Coalition's greatest fear, a wrathful mutant who has realized that he is a god. But can there be any doubt that the liberated Shadow King will seek out Charles Xavier for revenge?

Which Xavier Would It Be?

Fans were a little disappointed not to catch a glimpse of Charles Xavier in Season 1, not least because of rumors that Patrick Stewart was willing to make an appearance. Now, as we're faced with the tantalizing possibility that Xavier may appear in the second season, fans are sure to wonder: which Xavier will we see?

As Deadpool put it when dragged off to meet the Professor, "McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing." Legion exists in a timeline all of its own, separated from the rest of the #XMen cinematic universe, and as such we could get either version of Charles Xavier.

With this being a whole new reality, though, there's no reason we couldn't even get another Xavier altogether. The first season dropped a humorous hint that this reality's Xavier is British — when David thought of his father, he couldn't help drifting into an English accent. But aside from being British, and most likely being bald, we know nothing yet about this reality's Charles Xavier.

So, will Legion Season 2 introduce us to Charles Xavier? Noah Hawley is playing the long game, and it seems most likely that Melanie Bird's mutant revolution is somehow linked to Professor Xavier himself. He's sure to turn up in some form sooner or later. Now the Shadow King is free, it would certainly be a great time for David Haller to meet his father...

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Professor FX: Will 'Legion' Season 2 Introduce Us To Charles Xavier?
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