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Sonic: Fighting for Freedom (Part 3)


Art by: Azoo

Sonic storms into his house, Tails the fox close behind him. Sonic is almost red with anger. He just discovered that his parents were robotized in some war and now that man has taken over the whole world. How could Chuck have not told him? How could they not, as a community, rise up and do something? The only mobians fighting against this "Robotnik" are the Freedom Fighters (who revealed all of this information to him when asking him to join the team). Sonic demands answers, and he demands them now.

"How could you not tell me this, Chuck? These aren't some townspeople's lives we're talking about here, they're my parents! Your brother and sister in-law! Why aren't we doing something to help?!" Sonic bursts out. He just wants answers. For years and years he's not known a thing about where his parents were, or who they are. Now, apparently they're robots working for a madman.

Tails wonders too. Could his parents be in the same situation as Sonic's? But he's not old enough for his parents not to make it out of this so called war that caused so many mobians to be robotized.

"Where'd you hear all of this from? How do you know they're not lying to you?" Chuck tries to evade the subject, he hesitates to reveal the truth. He wants to protect his boy from the hurt of the past. But his hurt has already boiled up into all of this anger, and Chuck understands. He needs to make things right.

"I just want the truth, Chuck. I want to know if my parents are working as some robot slaves for this Robotnik guy. I want to know why we haven't fought back," Sonic says as he begins to simmer down.

"Alright, no more lies. Listen, son. Just after you were born, a war erupted between us mobians and the humans by the hands of Robotnik. Your father, Jules, and I fought and were captured. Jules saved me as I was mid-way through my robotization." Chuck spits out, lifting weights off his shoulders. Memories begin to flood through his head as he continues, "Your father gave his life... to save my own. He told me to take care of you and your mother, but when I returned to the house, your mother was gone. I only found you in your cradle crying. So I took you and everyone else I could in the neighborhood and brought you all here. Someplace uninhabited by humans for years. Somewhere we could live in peace."

Sonic wipes a small tear from his eye as the truth floods through his mind. He doesn't know what to think but has more questions, "Why don't we fight? Robotnik has taken over the entire world. Let's take it back! We're stronger now! We can do it."

Chuck shakes his head, "We couldn't win the fight with thousands of mobian soldiers the first time, how could we win now? We have limited numbers and resources."

"We take the fight to Robotnik through the shadows. Start taking down little things like, weapons depots, intelligence bases, the works! Fight our way up to the big man himself! Leave it to me and the Freedom Fighters!" Sonic speaks with a ray of confidence.

"Kid, you'll stay away from any kind of resistance to Robotnik if you know what's good for you. I don't want to see you around those Freedom Fighters, and if I do, you will not leave this house," Chuck threatens to Sonic.

All Sonic can do is sigh and shake his head. "If it means fighting so that no one has to go through what we went through—" Sonic begins to head for the door and looks back at Chuck, "—I'll take that grounding... once I stop RoBUTTnik once and for all!" Sonic dashes out the door with Tails close behind. Chuck contemplates going after him or calling for him, but realizes there's no use to it. Sonic is too headstrong for his own good. He just needs to stay here and pray that the boy doesn't get himself killed in the process.

Sonic and Tails meet up with the rest of the Freedom Fighters back at the treehouse. "Sorry we're late, had to go take care of some stuff before coming here. What's the plan? How're we gonna go after Robotnik first?" Sonic says, plopping into a chair at the table in the treehouse.

"Nothing yet. Not until Robotnik gives us a reason to act," Sally says, looking around at everyone. Sonic is appalled by this.

"You're kidding right? You want to wait around for more people to get hurt before acting?" Sonic blurts out, standing up from his chair.

Sally explains that they can't risk any Freedom Fighter lives unless it comes down to being completely necessary. They're Knothole's only line of defense and if they're not there, anyone could come into Knothole and wreck the place.

Sonic completely disagrees, "We can't just sit around and wait for Robuttnik to come to us. If we're going to make any dent into his defenses we need to get out there and do it!"

"Sonic, I know you haven't been out there yet and haven't seen the world that he's created, so let me try and explain this to you. The world out there is dangerous and if you're not strong enough, you will get yourself killed!" Sally gets up into Sonic's face. She's not happy with this newcomer trying to take a leader's position. He's not a leader.

Sonic looks away to break eye contact and chuckles, "Give me four days." Sally is confused and asks what he means. "Four days to show you that I'm right. That we can make a difference by going on the offensive."

"Alright, blue blur, you've got four days. But if you die... it's not on us," Sally tells Sonic. Sonic nods in understanding and looks to Tails.

"You should stay back with the others and Chuck, buddy," as Sonic kneels down to his height.

Tails shakes his head and gives him a thumbs up, "You can bet I'll be coming with you, bro!" Sonic smirks and returns with his own thumbs up.

"Well alright then... let's do it to it."

Freedom Writer
Freedom Writer

I love writing fan stories. I love creating AU's (alternate universes) where I can take the characters wherever I want while staying true to their nature. Enjoy my stories :), if you don't no hate please, constructive criticism is allowed.

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