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Superman Returns. Sort of...

Star of 'Smallville', Tom Welling, will be returning to TV on 'Section 13' which airs on CBS.

Before superhero television was all the rage, Tom Welling spent 10 years as a young Clark Kent, who we all know would become the Man of Steel on the CW show Smallville. In 2011, when the show finally ended Welling slowed down and took a break from television, popping up in a few movies including Parkland and more recently Draft Day. Well, Welling has officially set the wheels in motion for his return to the small screen as he joins a CBS drama as both producer and star of Section 13.

Section 13 is still in the early developmental stages of production, but the premise revolves around a CIA black ops oficer who turns to the private sector after a personal tragedy. Welling, who will portray the main character joins a privately funded organization devoted to carrying out the most high-stakes and difficult assignments.

Section 13 is being written by Carla Kettner. Kettner rose through the production ranks to executive producer on Bones and she also co-executive produced the summer hit Zoo. She has also written several episodes for each series along with a half dozen other shows - so the storyline is sure to be solid. Kettner will join Welling as executive producer on Section 13.

With the success of covert ops cinema and television, hopefully we will see Section 13 get picked up for a full season and beyond in the near future.