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Kate O'Callaghan2 months ago
Why Bumbleby Is a Bad Idea
To put it simply, gay rep is damaging to the straight community.
Brian K. Henry7 months ago
The Clownmaid's Tale
Crustbuk the Clown slammed his tumbler of Scotch onto the table. “Bring me my rust wig,” he growled. Ofcrust the Clownmaid obediently started to search through the giant walk-in closet full of well-us...
Brian K. Henrya year ago
Table Read
The director sat at the head of the long table wearing a large smile and a dark green shirt that complemented his deep tan. “The casting job was amazing, Percy.” He spoke in a low tone to the screenwr...
Hareem Naeema year ago
'Happy Tree Friends,' Sounds Convincing Right? Think Again
Okay, so before I start, I have to ask you a question, what do you think of when you read "Happy Tree Friends?" I think of bright blue skies, flowers, butterflies, and cute little animals playing arou...
Eden Roquelairea year ago
'Octonauts': The Dark Secret They Don't Want You To Know
Octonauts is an adorable show, beloved by many children, and it's inspired by seminal sci-fi series, making it ideal for geek parents to put on for their children. It teaches kids about animals in a w...
Rhett Wilkinsona year ago
‘In Emma’s Footsteps’ Is Undoubtedly the Greatest Film Ever —Since ‘Meet the Mormons,’ of Course (Satire)
We’re lucky to be seeing anything in cinema that rivals Meet the Mormons, but now we have in In Emma’s Footsteps. Because Mormonism is supremely interesting to talk about over any other subject, it’s ...
Paul Zuniga2 years ago
8 Classic TWD Scenes Parodied In 'The Robot Chicken Walking Dead: Look Who's Walking Special'
In just a couple weeks, The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its eighth season, kicking off an explosive arc — All Out War — that fans are sure to enjoy. While we wait for Season 8 to begin, we can...
Paul Zuniga2 years ago
First Clip From Robot Chicken's Walking Dead Special Takes Carl's Relationship With Negan To A Whole New Level
As you may have heard, Adult Swim's Robot Chicken series will be airing a Walking Dead-themed special on October 8th. Said special will feature various scenes from the past seven seasons of The Walkin...
Madea Gets Political As The White House Communications Director On Fallon
Tyler Perry's Madea brought her hilarity to the stage in the 1999 play I Can Do Bad All By Myself. She followed that with a string of successful movies that came full circle when she took the podium a...
Paul Zuniga2 years ago
This Family Matters-Style Intro for Luke Cage Is Way Too Happy for Netflix
After this weekend's New York Comic-Con, there's so much news going on with Iron Fist and The Defenders that no one has really taken the time to poke lighthearted fun at the latest awesome Marvel Netf...
Paul Zuniga2 years ago
SNL Skit Features Adam Driver in Undercover Boss Spoof
Adam Driver, reprising his role as Kylo Ren from Star Wars Episode VII, but in a spoof of hit show, Undercover Boss.
RoAnna Sylver2 years ago
Who Should You Fight? Disney's "Gargoyles" Edition!
It's just human nature. We have the deeply ingrained desire to place ourselves next to our favorite characters in their stories, imagine the conversations we'd have, the adventures we'd go on... and s...
Jay Vergara2 years ago
'Pokémon' and Donald Trump Collide: "I Want to Make Kanto Great Again!"
With Pokemon Sun & Moon coming out, everyone's getting excited about the Alola region and everything it has to offer. It seems everyone has their eyes set on the new setting. However, Sneaky Zebra has...
Zane Sanders2 years ago
Superhero Memes: Age of Wacky
A few of these articles has seen their way through, but I thought I'd share some funny Superhero memes for your geeky enjoyment.
Lauren Harsh2 years ago
How To Build a Made-for-TV Christmas Love Movie
It's November. Time for people who are annoyingly into Christmas to never shut up about all things Christmas. If you, your aunt, or your grandma have a cable subscription this also means an onslaught ...
Jesse Guerrero2 years ago
Show Review: Rick & Morty
The theme of the show is sci-fi/comedy set in the 21st century. Rick, the guy who looks like drunk Einstein, is so smart he has passed modern technology leaving normal people behind but keeping Morty with him as his sidekick. This is shown in the first 30 seconds. It is common to say Rick & Morty is like Back To The Future although there are only a few major similarities. At the bottom right you will see the label; "[Adult Swim]". It runs the nighttime programming of Cartoon Network. It is impor...
Kelly Hawks2 years ago
Most Hilarious Anime Memes
Memes… When you stumble upon them, they can make you smile. They can make you laugh. Hell, they can make you laugh so hard, you cry. And, if they're really funny, they can make you laugh so hard, you ...
Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
Best Friends Shocking Wedding Tradition
John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are divorce mediators and best friends who are living and working in Washington, D.C. John and Jeremy have a ritual that they look forward to every spring - crashing wedd...