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Jesse Guerrero3 months ago
Show Review: Rick & Morty
The theme of the show is sci-fi/comedy set in the 21st century. Rick, the guy who looks like drunk Einstein, is so smart he has passed modern technology leaving normal people behind but keeping Morty with him as his sidekick. This is shown in the first 30 seconds. It is common to say Rick & Morty is like Back To The Future although there are only a few major similarities. At the bottom right you will see the label; "[Adult Swim]". It runs the nighttime programming of Cartoon Network. It is impor...
Kelly Hawks3 months ago
Most Hilarious Anime Memes
Memes… When you stumble upon them, they can make you smile. They can make you laugh. Hell, they can make you laugh so hard, you cry. And, if they're really funny, they can make you laugh so hard, you ...
Patricia Sarkar4 months ago
Best Friends Shocking Wedding Tradition
John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are divorce mediators and best friends who are living and working in Washington, D.C. John and Jeremy have a ritual that they look forward to every spring - crashing wedd...
Billy Marsden4 months ago
WTF Comic Books
A lowly South Yorkshire town such as the one I live in doesn't have much access to comic book conglomerates like "Forbidden Planet" and so I get my reading material from a very nice gentleman on the m...
Darby Burl4 months ago
Darby Burl's No Bullshit Reviews: Wonder Woman
Let's look past the fact that battle armor that don't cover your keister is as ‘bout as useful as tits on a bull. And the fact that a black-haired Amazonian on an island of warrior women ain't got no ...
Nick Lotz4 months ago
Fancy Big City Type Pokey-mons
You can get on out, yah hear? What with your fancy big city ways and big city views. Sorry, so sorry us small town folks don’t ascribe to that kind of behavior and thinking. We keep it simple around h...
Nick Lotz4 months ago
The Worst Television Show Pitch EVER
Bourbon Issues will be a semi-daily, 30-minute studio production featuring guests comparing notable French royalty, Louis de Bourbon (1530-1569 and Louis de Bourbon (1668-1710). The proposed host for ...
Brian K. Henry4 months ago
My New Reality Show
My new reality show, American Sex Laundry, premieres on the Detergent Channel next month and pre-fans checking out the trailer on social media are already asking, "How the hell did you get your own re...
Derek Heid5 months ago
We Need A Haiku To Save Us: Captain America
Hello and welcome to part 3 of "We Need A Haiku To Save Us" in which we use the underrated art of haiku to examine our favorite spandex wearing face punchers. This installment we look at one of the mo...
Riley Reese5 months ago
Worst Cartoons That Ever Aired
Some cartoons are basically like childhood friends - you treasure them, you remember all the funny moments they brought to your life, and you know them inside and out. They are pop icons that somehow ...
Tai Freligh8 months ago
15 Twitter Parody Accounts to Keep You Sane in 2017
With all the craziness going on in our lives, sometimes we just need to take a break and lose ourselves in laughter. Thankfully there are plenty of comedians out there on Twitter, parodying everybody ...
Timothy Trimble8 months ago
Squirrels With Guns
I threw this together during my lunch break one day. A short read with a little light humor, but could turn into a major disaster. Enjoy. The man reached into the trunk of his car, grabbing the last b...
Roy Huff8 months ago
24 Reasons Time Travel is the Ultimate Superpower
It took confronting a rabid pit bull in middle school to understand the awesomeness of superpowers and how not having them sucks when you’re in a bind. Imagine staring down a beast foaming at the mout...
Scott Snowden8 months ago
Batman v Superman, Hillary's America Top 2017 Razzie Awards
The documentary Hillary's America tied with blockbuster superhero sequel Batman v Superman for this year's worst achievements in film, earning four Razzies each. The Razzie awards, which serve as a we...
Derek Heid9 months ago
We Need A Haiku To Save Us: Spider-Man
Haiku's are sparingly used, and if they are it's usually some form of satire. The elegant simplicity of a haiku lends itself to mockery and bawdiness, which leaches the sincerity out of an ancient res...
Geeks Staff9 months ago
Lorne Michaels' Original 'Saturday Night Live'
In late 1975 Rush Magazine, sent a reporter into Rockefeller Plaza to report on the then nascent sketch comedy show that would become the voice of counterculture for generations to come. 1975: Looking...
5 Films You Can See if You Wish to Live For a Very Long Time
This is the third article in an ongoing series about films you should watch if you are interested in immortality.
Matt Cates10 months ago
What to Buy to Actually Become a Superhero
Greetings, cadets! Hyperliterate-Man here! Sooo, you're thinking of being a superhero, but don't know what to buy to get started, eh? Hehe. Well, don't let it get you down. You're not the first one wi...