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The 10 Biggest Moments From 'LOST' That Left You Feeling Lost!

If you still need a map to navigate yourself around the show, here are ten of the biggest moments that made LOST, LOST!

It may have been six years since we waved goodbye to the cast of Oceanic 815, but our thoughts are still with ABC's island epic, LOST. Week after week we tuned in, open mouthed, to see who would get mauled by a polar bear, or time travel to warn their future self to never fly economy again. Even now you would struggle to find someone who doesn't remember one of the show's many WTF twits! If you still need a map to navigate yourself around the show, here are ten of the biggest moments that made LOST, LOST!

A Wheely Big Reveal - "The Man From Tallahassee" S3E13

The fourth episode of Season 1 gave us a pretty shocking reveal that huntsman John Locke had actually been wheelchair-bound prior to the plane crash. From here on out, we knew that the island had mysterious properties, like the ability to cure Rose of her cancer. We were still left in the dark on how John, the bald box salesman, ended up crippled, but Season 3 delved deeper into the saddening tale of John and his con-artist father. As well as being responsible for the history of Sawyer, John's father (the real Tom Sawyer/Anthony Cooper) tackles his son out of a eight storey window when he threatens to blow the whistle on his schemes. If being paralysed seems like a bit of a bum deal, that proved to be the least of John's worries!

Daddy Issues - "White Rabbit" S1E5

Continuing the theme of fathers, we move onto Christian Shephard. Matthew Fox's Jack Shephard was arguably the central character of the show and it was the death of his surgeon father which took him on Oceanic 815. Despite their less than civil parting, Jack was escorting his father's coffin back to L.A. before the plane crashed. On island we first see a mysterious suited man in episode four, in the next episode, "White Rabbit", we find 'Mr. Suit' is in fact Christian - Jack chases the apparent figure of his father through the jungle and to the caves. Jack takes a tumble over the cliff, only to be rescued by...John Locke. The theme of John and Jack being polar opposites/partners in crime was a theme during the entirety of the show's run. Despite his death, ghost Christian remains a constant of the series - he convinced Claire to abandon her baby in the forest and made John Locke move the island. Sadly, we eventually find out that the suited man isn't Jack's father at all, it is the Man in Black/Smoke Monster using our island 'candidates' in a giant game of chess.

Jin and Tonic - "Ji Yeon" S4E7

Jin died twice (technically), but his exploding freighter trick meant that he wasn't one of the lucky Oceanic Six to get off our doomed island. During Season 4's flashes off-island, a heavily pregnant Sun is rushed to hospital. Jin, with panda in hand, dashes to the birth of his baby, but with a knife-to-the-gut twist, we see that we are actually witnessing two flashes - a past Jin and a future Sun. Jin (fake) died on the freighter and it is Hurley who visits Sun in hospital. The two visit Jin's grave and for a little while we actually thought Jin was dead. With the announcement of the Oceanic Six, it certainly shook up the casting lineup. We had all assumed that Jin and Sun would have made it off-island together. Instead baby Aaron was swapped in and Kate pretended he was hers! LOST didn't keep Jin and Sun apart for long though, they were soon reunited, only to be drowned together in a submarine. Not to say their sub-demise in Season 6 wasn't shocking, it just wasn't as good as this shocker.

The Book Club - "A Tale of Two Cities" S3E1

It nearly became the norm for each season of the show to start with some head-scratching, mind f**k, scene. Season 3 was no exception to the rule, as a group happily sit around to discuss Stephen King's Carrie. We then realise that this is no ordinary book club, and is in fact our first glimpse into the lives of the infamous 'Others.' As we witness the break-up of a midair Oceanic 815, the Others scramble to intercept Jack's group. It explains long-running storylines such as Benjamin Linus's motives, and how the sinister Ethan infiltrated the survivor camp. We hark back to the pilot and eye scene as we introduce Elizabeth Mitchell's Dr. Juliet Burke, a woman who means big things for the island...but more on her later.

Out with a Bang - "Two for the Road" S2E20

Michelle Rodriguez's Ana Lucia was a fan-favourite as the spunky ex-cop who was always going to mean trouble. After accidentally shooting dead Shannon, it looked like Ana Lucia wanted to make amends and off the evil Benjamin Linus. In a wicked twist of fate, it was Harold Perrineau's Michael who offered to do the dirty. Under the promise that Linus would return his kidnapped son, Michael then turned the gun and shoots Ana Lucia instead. To make the episode even more shocking, Hurley's love interest, Libby (Cynthia Watros), witnesses the crime and is also gunned down by Michael. It was decided that after Rodriguez and Watros both violated traffic laws, their characters would be axed from the show. What turned out to be a dark time for the actresses, actually turned out to be one of the show's most poignant moments!

Hatching a Plan - "Man of Science, Man of Faith" S2E1

Mama Cass's “Make Your Own Kind of Music” and the introduction of Desmond means that the opening of LOST Season 2 is pretty hard to beat. When at first you think S2 will take you on a different tangent, you eventually realise we are right where we left off - Jack, Kate and Locke staring down the hatch into a whole world of trouble. The many hatches of LOST and Desmond paved the way for the mythos of the Dharma Initiative and a shift in the dynamic away from just our plane crash survivors. Henry Ian Cusick's role as the surly Scotsman became more prominent towards the show's end, with the actor going on to enjoy one of the more promising careers of the cast.

Back to Jack - "Through the Looking Glass Pt.2"S3E23

The first, but not the last appearance of the Season 3 finale on this list! By the time LOST's third season came around, it was throwing some pretty big curveballs at us, most noticeably the idea of a flashforward. The show's unique narrative gave us glimpses of the character history, meaning that these were people we actually invested in. As we thought we were reliving the past for our Losties, some saw the idea of the flashforward as a middle finger...personally I think it sums up the show with the open mouthed emoji! We knew that Jack had a tumultuous relationship with both his father and drugs, so when we saw a weirdy-beardy Jack dealing with both, we had assumed it was a flashback. The last episode of the season revealed that (somehow) at least some of our cast had made it off-island. Our world was tipped on its head as Jack shouted to Kate:

We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!

For the foreseeable future, LOST fans played the waiting game to see how they got off the island and who else would be joining them. Whilst the Oceanic Six was a relatively short-lived storyline, it certainly gave us something to talk about around the water cooler.

Locked Box - "The Incident Pt. 2" S5E17

Ironic that the man who sold boxes, would spend the majority of LOST's final two seasons in one. John Locke's story is probably the most tragic of all the characters, and one that still hurts us now. After being brutally murdered by Benjamin Linus, it was revealed that Season 4's body in the funeral parlour was John Locke himself - several alternative endings were filmed, including Sawyer and Desmond in the box, but ultimately it was always going to be John. When it was announced that Terry O'Quinn would be back for Season 5, we all dreamed that there was a chance that Locke would live again. We spent a whole 17 episodes watching a newly empowered Locke lead the survivors of Ajira 316 on a one man mission to take down the island's mysterious Jacob. The finale of the fifth season saw the corpse of John Locke rolled from inside a cargo box, meaning that the man we had championed all season was in fact an imposter. The reveal that Locke had died for real opened up the whole story that the Man in Black could impersonate any deceased characters, meaning that not only was he Christian Shephard, but also the island's smoke monster.

Bomb Voyage - "L.A.X." S6E1

The last of our season openers to make the list manages to set up of probably LOST's biggest WTF ever...the entire sixth season! In the aftermath of Season 5's "The Incident" we see a doomed Juliet Burke trapped down the soon-to-be-built hatch. Above ground an enraged Sawyer finally lets his love go, whilst way (way) down, she tries to detonate the Juggernaut bomb:

"Come on you son of a bitch."

Apparently detonating a nuclear device takes a lot more than just a bash with a rock, but in her dying moments Juliet succeeds (does she?!?). We see a flash and everything goes a bit LOST. Jack wakes up on a pre-crash Oceanic 815 and we even get a glimpse of flight attendant Cindy. Wow, so it really worked then....well, not quite. In the season finale we find out that the 'flash sideways', sunken island and the flight safely landing in L.A. are in fact a pre-death/purgatory. For a little bit we really thought that our '70s Losties had changed the future! Silly rabbits, did Daniel Faraday teach you nothing in "Whatever Happened, Happened"? Bomb detonation aside, the best moment of the Season 6 opening is seeing a sunken island bobbing below the ocean's surface - complete with the four toe statue.

Spare a Penny? - "Through the Looking Glass Pt. 2" S3E23

The No.1 moment that comes from LOST has to be the heart-wrenching loss of Charlie Pace. We had seen the Driveshaft drummer go from heroin addict to role model father. If you can find a better two hours of television than "The Looking Glass" then please, send it my way. It is an episode where you have and offshore rescue boat, the showdown at the the Looking Glass station and Locke's knife throwing skills (Naomi). The tensions ramps up in the the second half, as Charlie and Desmond turn off the island's signal jammers- here the tears (and the water) start to flow. As Charlie speaks to Desmond's constant, Penny, he realises that their chance rescue by Naomi's boat is actually a lie and is lead by the devious Charles Widmore. Mikhail/Patchy, the un-killable man, detonates a grenade outside the hatch and floods it. Speaking to Penny, and to save Desmond, Charlie sacrifices himself, but not before he scrawls 'Not Penny's Boat' on his hand.

The classical LOST music plays and Charlie slips away as we all weep into our handkerchiefs. Back on the island, baby Aaron starts crying and Naomi tells Claire that her boyfriend, Charlie:

"Just got us rescued."

Something we will still never get over!

BONUS! Move over George Lucas! "Some Like It Hoth" S5E13

On their holiday to the 1970s, jolly Hurley couldn't help but have a fiddle with the future. One man who makes Marty McFly look harmless! 1997 was the year that The Empire Strikes Back was released, and coincidently the year that our crew found themselves living amongst the Dharma Initiative. A bored Hurley decides to make some improvements to the script and apparently sent it to George Lucas, because:

Ewoks suck, dude.

Does this mean Jorge Garcia gets royalties from Star Wars?

Obviously desert lurking polar bears, frozen donkey wheels and time travel nosebleeds mean the list of LOST moments could go on for as long as the show did. We could sit here all day and discuss the musings of Jacob, but for now, it is time to catch a flight off-island. R.I.P. LOST, we hardly knew ye.

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The 10 Biggest Moments From 'LOST' That Left You Feeling Lost!
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