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The 10 Most Unique Gifts for Marvel Fans

Tired of giving your friends action figures and Funko goodies? These gifts for Marvel fans are stylish, geeky, and cool.

Being a comic book geek is an expensive hobby. It's one that is filled with the dire, pressing urge to buy comic book series in large quantities, play video games involving your favorite characters, watch all the movies, and also buy up limited edition action figures. 

Marvel Comics fans are probably some of the most enthusiastic as far as fandoms go. I ought to know; I am one. Finding gifts for Marvel fans is easy, but not when it comes to gifts that will really wow them.

Sure,  you could go for Funko Pop figurines and the like, but why choose something so common? These unique picks will make any Marvel comics aficionado drool—and also keep them stylish.

Avengers Limited Edition Notebook by Moleskine

A Moleskine notebook was the notebook of choice for many great thinkers, including Ernest Hemingway. These days, Moleskine is the brand that people trust to give them quality writing space that won't be wrecked by rain. 

These days, it's a little more of a fashion statement. Marvel and Moleskine recently teamed up together for a limited edition Marvel Avengers notebook line. I don't think I need to explain why this is one of the be   .vbvbcvst gifts for Marvel fans who love to write, right? It's got Captain America AKA everyone's favorite "capsicle."

Amazing Spider-Man iPad Air 2 Skin by Skinit

Tech needs protection. It's just the way it goes! No protection means your tech will likely get damaged pretty badly. Skinit recently worked with Marvel to create a series of new iPad Air 2 skins for fans that love the comic book series. 

This cool iPad skin gives a nice aesthetic nod to the days when Stan Lee would draw out Spider-Man in comic book pages. It's stylish, great for your gear, and also shows your inner geek. What more could you want? 

The Marvel Encyclopedia by DK and Stan Lee

Currently, the Marvel Encyclopedia is one of the hottest new releases of its kind—not to mention one of the most complete reference books about Marvel comics in general.

This book gives you all the trivia you want to read about legendary heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, or the Incredible Hulk. The newest edition will give you all the details your friend needs to remember about the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the next flick comes out.

Thor Ragnarok Wallet by Superhero Stuff

A lot of comic book fans do not want to be branded as "geeks" in their day to day lives and actually resent the kitschy style that many gifts for Marvel fans tend to embody. If you have a friend who wants class but still enjoys geekery, this bi-fold wallet is a good option. 

Superhero Stuff's Thor wallet gives you a nice place to put your cash, still shows a little bit of love for your favorite Avenger, and yet, doesn't scream "geek." It's a good wallet for people who have a more adult flair to them.

Old Skool Marvel Backpack by VANS

Some fashion houses just know their demographic, and VANS just seems to be one of those houses. Geeks love VANS, and VANS loves geeks. It's not uncommon to hear about Marvel doing something with VANS every time a new movie comes out. 

This Old Skool Backpack comes from one of their more recent collaborations with Marvel. The subtle design blends geek and chic thanks to the Spider-Man details on it.

Squirrel Girl by Dorbz Vinyl

Everyone knows about Funko Pop figurines. They are a collectible that has just about every Marvel hero from Black Panther to Rogue from X-Men. Unfortunately, they're really not that cute, you know?

Dorbz is a vinyl figure series trying to change that, and if you look at their Squirrel Girl figurine, you'll see they've done a good job of "cute-ing" things up. Who'd have thought that the strongest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be so cute?

Deadpool vs. The World by USAopoly

Gaming and comic book geekery go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why it's kind of shocking that so few notable gifts for Marvel fans have a gaming element to them. 

If you want to take a break from video games, the tabletop games featuring Marvel heroes, check out Deadpool vs. The World. This game is meant for parties that want to bring a little bit of hilarity while acting like the Merc with a Mouth. Welcome your guests with pineapples and a good party game; it's one of those things only Marvel fans will understand.

Chimichangas not included.

Infinity Gauntlet Keychain by Marvel

Avengers: Infinity War was one of the most popular movies to hit theaters, and it even spawned a meme involving Thanos. Though we're all waiting for the new Captain Marvel film coming to theaters, let's face it, Infinity War gear still remains awesome. 

This Infinity Gauntlet keyring will be a great (yet affordable) gift for the comic book fan who loved the movie. This is a very well-made keyring, and it comes complete with the Infinity Gems. Thanos is pretty powerful with the complete Infinity Gauntlet, but there are actually ten characters who have defeated Thanos in various nooks and crannies of Marvel's many comic book series.

Black Widow Ladies Satchel by Marvel

Being a female geek has its own slew of problems, including the ever-changing struggle of trying to balance geekdom with personal style. This Black Widow purse is a great way to show a little bit of geekiness without sacrificing style. 

Admit it, it's sleek. Natasha Romanov would be proud. If you or your friends appreciate the underrated women of Marvel, showing off some Black Widow swag is an excellent way to show it. Maybe with some luck, we'll start seeing just as many female-led Marvel movies as there are male-led ones.

The Marvel Trivia Box Card Game by Cardinal

Some of the best gifts for Marvel fans are the ones that let them test their fandom mettle against others. That's why getting the Marvel Trivia Box Card Game is such a good idea. You'll have to have seen more than just Avengers: Infinity War to keep up with this game though, so you might want to rewatch some of those golden oldies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

This Marvel-licensed game pits players against one another to determine who is the biggest superfan of them all. Each box has hundreds of questions, 20 collectible cards, and the potential for hours of fun.

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Buddy Brown
Buddy Brown

Detroit-born Buddy Brown is a 80s hair metal fan who loves cars, games, and sports. When he’s not drinking PBR while listening to Downtown Brown, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto or working on his El Camino.

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