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'The 100' Review

Tv Review. Spoilers

Season 1-4 Warning: Spoilers

I fell in love with this show on the very first episode. The idea of this story was interesting. And still loved it even after season two ended horribly with Commander Lexa betraying them. And Clarke having to pull the plug on all the Mount Weather's people even the innocent ones who tried to help the sky people. Well with me spoiling the show in the first few sentences. I am going to spoil it even further.

This show is a post nuclear Armageddon, wiping Earth out, with only 12 international spaceships in orbit. There stations formed in to The Art as one space station. 97 years spent away from Earth, they decide to send down there one hundred juvenile prisoners to the ground to see if it's survivable. If you are 18 years or older and you break the law; you are floated. Because they are desperately trying to buy more time. They are running out of oxygen.    

The council of The Art aren't totally convinced the 100 are going to survive on the ground, however they do and shit gets real. The ground is survivable, but they aren't alone. The grounders are there and they are starting a war against them.

I loved this, but then season three happened and ruined EVERYTHING. It just got worse and worse. When you thought something good was going to happened, but something more awful would happened. The whole time you were happened, but never did and was constantly left disappointed.

Season three. Clarke had left after she killed everyone at Mount Weathers and could deal with seeing her people's faces for making hard choices. Clarke was named Wanheda; Commander of Death. Her leaving made things back Arcadia horrible. and Bellamy was led astray. Without Clarke's guidance and with the crazy decision of pulling the switched to kill everyone messing with his head. He didn't know what was right and what was wrong.

Ugh this series pissed me off so much I feel like they stretched out two seasons when it could have just been one season. And it just seems like they are milking the whole; everyone has to have a sad and depressing life.

Starting with Jasper. Jasper was this cute little goofy guy was the comic relief with his best friend Monty. Yes, this boy has been through a lot even from the beginning. He was the first to be attacked and speared by the grounders. But he survived that with the help of Lincoln and Clarke's little bit of knowledge of medical from her mother. He was still his goofy self. Jasper was one of my favorite characters and it hurt my heart with where his character ended up. And then after losing Maya, who he didn't know very well, but fell in love with her and she also helped to free them. He was angry at Clarke who pulled the kill switch and Bellamy who pulled the switch with her. And was angry with Monty who helped pull it off. I get it, he was tired of all the fighting and pain he's endured. And when the AI (Alie) gave the opportunity to never feel pain anymore, he was quick to want to take the chip. And I began to think he's mopey, drinking, and doing drugs and his douchy goatee was going to go away when he realized that it would take the memory of Maya away from him. But then when they went to find Luna and he started to talk Shay and started to feel safe again; that in that instant he wasn't thinking about what happened to Maya. And then Shay is murdered by chipped mindless people. And that's when he shattered completely. He then took the chip when they were forcing him and Luna to take it. After they defeated Alie, Jasper was devastated because Clarke took after the happy fake world he was living in. When he found that the world was ending in six months; it put him in this weird woo yay happy we are all going to die mood. It kind of got me in this I don't even care if he dies at this point and it made me really upset. Also having him end with a suicide pact, I mean I guess it makes sense that this kind of thing would happened.

I know I probably should have started with Clarke, especially since she's been through the most, but I had plenty I wanted to say about Jasper first. Clarke lost Finn in season after he lost his mind over Clarke being abducted by Mount Weathers when he thought it was the Grounders. Clarke had to make the horrible choice of radiated Mount Weathers to save her people. Every time Clarke seems to be on top, she gets pushed down. Ana could have brought peace since Clarke helped her escape Mount Weathers, but then her people shot her down when they reached the gates of Arcadia. Commander Lexa is finally on their side and she is killed by The Flamekeeper because he was trying to kill Clarke; thinking she was going to be the one to get Lexa killed. This scene made be scream at the scream. I cried, of course; Lexa was one of my favorite favorite character. She was trying to bring peace between Skaikru and the 12 clans and was really wanting to change their ways for the better.

Bellamy and Octavia. First Bellamy lost his damn mind and got behind the angry man named Pike. UGH. Sorry, it just makes me so angry. With not having Clarke and Bellamy having a hard time figuring out what is the best for their people. He stands behind the new Chancellor; who is Pike and he's thirsty for blood. Them and along with eight other guards; slaughtered 300 grounder warriors, while they slept. Warriors that Commander Lexa had them protecting Skaikru. THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE! He ended up helping arrest all the grounders that they were giving medical treatment to; including Lincoln. Also arresting Marcus Kane; who was trying to do the right thing by he's people, but it was treason.     

A perfect time for a segue to Octavia's tragedy and the death that pissed me off the most. I said if this would happen I was no longer going to watch. Lincoln. My heart hurts for Octavia. I don't know why I thought Lincoln was safe. It's Game of Thrones all over again. When it happened I stood up so fast and walked out yelling, "I'm done, I'm done. Nope." Knocking over my camera in the process that was near by. And they milked that for too much throughout the rest of series.

Also mad about Luna. Like what? Really, she was peacekeeper. The had to ruin her world completely. The AI(Alie) killed almost all her people, including her love. And the rest of her people were killed by radiation. And the Skaikru people were treating her like garbage just like the Mount Weathers all because she had nightblood. Nightblood was what saved her from dying from radiation. And in the end Luna wanted to kill everyone because she felt like no one deserved to live.

Clarke's personality changed too much. One minute she was level headed and then she was do crazy things like take over the bunker, which will leave some of her people and all the grounders to die. That's super out of character for her. She's always about saving everyone. And she was a part of treating Luna like garbage. But she came back sometimes and did the right thing.

I'm not happy at all with the way season 4 ended. It ends with knowing Clarke is alive with a child that looks about ten years old, a child we know nothing about. And a prisoner ship is landing. It's six years later and you don't know if Octavia and the 1,200 people in the bunker are alive. Or Bellamy and the six other people who went to space to live for five years to one day to come back home.

Clarke hasn't heard anything from any of them. This show angered me so much. The whole time I was hoping it would get better. I obviously want to know what happens; hence why I keep watching it. But I have stopped other show because the show was too miserable. I am hoping Season five will be more enlightening or I will scream.