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The Five Weirdest Things I've Watched on Netflix So Far

Between the 'Human Centipede' and a movie about a girl who has teeth in her vagina, I have to admit I'll keep watching.

So you've probably have been binge watching Netflix and I can't blame you; I'll watch almost anything suggested to me, but there are definitely some shows and movies that take the cake. One time I watched the entire Bee Movie with my friend and at first it was just a joke but for some reason I just can't stop watching it when it comes on. Other than my strange watch history, let me name the five strangest things I've seen so far. Trust me, they are worth the watch.

1) 'The Human Centipede'

I couldn't even find a decent photo for this movie, but who wouldn't want to watch all four of the Human Centipede movies at 2 AM? I think my favorite would have to be the second one, but trust me when I say that you'll probably want to steer clear of watching this if you have a weak stomach for bugs. Just kidding, but seriously, watch at your own risk. This movie is about a evil scientist that made a very strange experiment deciding to sew people's mouths to the others' assholes, and you can really imagine the rest. Did I hear movie marathon? There are four Human Centipede movies and the movie is even banned in some countries but don't worry, if you live the United States we don't care what your children watch. 

2) 'Zombeavers'

OK, come on, just read the title; if you ever wanted to watch a movie about zombie beavers, you're in luck. This has to be one of my favorite zombie movies—right after Zombieland, of course. I didn't even think this was a real movie till I watched it, and trust me you'll be dammed! Tell me you wouldn't watch this. I don't really have to explain this one, but girls' sex ruined by zombie beavers is a good start. I wish I was kidding.

3) 'Teeth'

Ever wonder, what if my vagina had teeth? Yeah, me neither, but this movie shows what would happen. Am I the only one imagining the sex scene? I mean, that's twice the dentist bills I'd pass. The first time you're about to do it and you find out your vagina has teeth? Seems realistic, but definitely "horror." Honestly I can barely remember to brush my normal teeth once a day. This is a movie about a girl who is a victim of rape, but luckily her vagina bites off the guy's dick, leaving him in horror and a whole bunch of other random stuff happens it a movie that never stops surprising me.

4) 'World's Greatest Dad'

So after his son's accidental suicide, his father writes a suicide note for him. But wait, that note becomes his greatest work, so he decides to make a whole diary and say it was his son's. Guess I'll be buying my dad a "2nd Greatest Dad" mug this year. Oof. Yes, I did say accidental suicide—you have to watch it to understand. I absolutely love and miss Robin Williams and this is one of his strangest roles I've seen so far. 

5) 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'

Now, this isn't the strangest thing I've watched on Netflix, but it's up there. I don't even know where to begin, really. His wife leaves him after the end of the world is announced; an asteroid is headed toward Earth and he sets out to find a new lover so that he won't die alone. Honestly, I love Keira Knightley so I loved this movie, but it definitely take a certain audience to watch it. So the world ends soon, do I have any takers? No? 

So what is the strangest thing you've watched on Netflix? And don't say the Bee Movie. Who would you Netflix and chill with? Hopefully me; we could watch all five of these movies in one night. Sounds fun right? Where are you going? Come back...

Honorable Mentions — 'World of Tomorrow'

This movie is very hard to explain because of all the twists. The easiest way I can put it is that this young girl, Emily, goes on a trip to the future. That's the simplest explanation, but there's a lot more. I was going to add it to this list but I just couldn't find the right words, but it's definitely worth watching. 

Honorable Mentions — 'The Cobbler'

Anything with Adam Sandler in it is worth the watch. A shoemaker finds a magical sewing machine that allows him to see the world in a new way by stepping into the lives of his customer. The entire plot to this movie is just strange really but I definitely want that magic sewing machine. 

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The Five Weirdest Things I've Watched on Netflix So Far
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