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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 8 and the Finale

Whose anticipations were empirical in the face of this season's "Mirrorball Miracle?"

Close-up of the "Dancing with the Stars" Mirrorball Trophy; Image Courtesy of Google 

Move over, Miracle on 34th Street; the twenty-seventh season of Dancing with the Stars just witnessed a “mirrorball miracle” ending! Be a Scrooge or be Buddy the Elf about it, but odds were seriously defied in this season’s win. Finishing big like the show always does, the studio crowds filled the shopping center next door to the ballroom where the intro sequence was performed and a handful of live performances were given throughout the night. Meanwhile, the finalists gave two performances for competition: one was a revisit of a memorable dance to improve original scores, and of course the other was the freestyle routine. Here is more about how Dancing wrapped up:

First Round: Memorable Dances- Routines, Scores, and Standings

This list is organized by “new scores."

  • First Place: Evanna and Keo—tango first score: 29/30 New score: 30/30
  • Second Place: Milo and Whitney—charleston first score: 26/30 New score: 30/30
  • Third Place: Alexis and Alan—tango first score: 25/30 New score: 27/30

Bobby and Sharna—cha-cha first score: 20/30 New score: 24/30

Second Round: Freestyles—Scores, Standings, and Performance Highlights

All couples earned perfect scores, which were combined with first round scores for this list:

  • First Place: Evanna and Keo—60/60

Evanna’s and Keo’s freestyle was a colorful homage to her journey on the show. Her performance started out with her seeming closed, confined, and awkward amid “proper dancers,” and ended with her being an outgoing leading lady on the floor. Harry Potter leading lady and co-star, Emma Watson, even sent her well wishes for Lynch over a recording shown after their performance.

  • First Place: Milo and Whitney—60/60

(Perhaps not without surprise) Carrie Ann’s jaw dropped after Milo’s surprisingly masculine, swaggered intro to his freestyle. Wonder if Val or Gleb gave him some pointers? 

  • Second Place: Alexis and Alan—57/60

Alexis and Alan performed to Avril Lavine’s powerful single, Head Above Water, which she performed live with their routine. In following the ocean-like theme of the song, giant rock-like set pieces were situated on stage, with the couple opening their dance on top of one. Though the judges were concerned about the song overpowering the dance, they felt it was actually well-matched, and the couple even officially announced their dating relationship. (Aww.) 

  • Third Place: Bobby and Sharna—54/60

Bobby and Sharna freestyled to the Panic! At the Disco cover of The Greatest Show, as Sharna complimented Bobby as “the greatest showman” in their preceding package. His routine highlighted both his free spirit and the time of the life he had in a larger-than-life style, and even a surprise group flossing number at the end.

Winner: Bobby and Sharna

Geeking Out

I don’t think a season’s underdog has ever been crowned the show’s champion before! For being the last celebrity anyone imagined in the finals, Bobby Bones’ jubilance made him stand out to me from week one, and even then, he was one point shy of third place. I talked in week one about him either setting or breaking the bar in attacking performances. I think I could say now a mold was broken and bets were off with his win with his consistent work ethic and individuality making him the popular underdog of the season.

To imagine just last week that even Bobby himself must have thought he should’ve been eliminated in opposed to Juan Pablo and Cheryl. This week, he was crowned as “the people’s champion” of the ballroom, as Len Goodman and others have called him! Fortune favored the bold this season, and Bobby Bones was certainly nothing less than that in the ballroom. Additionally, this is Sharna’s first win in her ten seasons of participating!

Geeking Out

I’m seeing the live show on tour next month! DWTS will return to television in the spring. Until then, check out my profile to catch up on all my commentary from this season, and see what other things I geek out about. The Writer’s Block Facebook page is the first place I share anything new or interesting. Thanks for geeking out with me!

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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 8 and the Finale
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