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The 'Gone' Podcast

Just because it is missing doesn't mean it can't be found.

An Aztec Temple

The Gone Podcast is a weekly podcast produced by Parcast Network which is a part of Cutler Media.  The podcast is uploaded to the feed every Monday with hosts Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rossner.  Each show is about 50 minutes in length and is a single topic show.  The subject matter for each podcast ranges from ancient civilizations, individuals who vanished without a trace and missing priceless artifacts.  

Introduction to the Podcast:

This is a brief introduction by the podcast hosts about the series.  The first full-length episode came out on April 18, 2018.

An Artist Conception of D.B. Cooper

The First Episode of the Series:

In the first podcast, the hosts take a look at the mystery that surrounds how hijacker D.B. Cooper may have escaped and where he is today.  Did Copper know how to escape from the aircraft and how did he manage to eject himself from it?  Did he survive or perish?  If so, is Cooper living incognito in society or did he die in the wilderness?  The hosts examine in great detail the case file of D.B. Cooper.  

The First Episode I Listened To:

This was the first show I listened to and I got hooked from the start.  I had never heard of the Amber Room untilled I listened to this podcast.  The Amber Room was a series of wall panels that were movable and decorated with gold encrusted jewels.  The room was housed in Russia and during WW2, German forces confiscated the panels then hid walls away,  its whereabouts are still unknown today.  Did it get returned to Russia and is secretly stored in a government warehouse?  Did the panels sink to the bottom of the sea?  What can an amateur German treasure hunter tell us about its location?  Are the panels still intact?  These are the questions the hosts try to answer in the third show of the series. 

A Newspaper Clipping of Tesla's Death Ray 

A Favorite Episode of Mine:

This is one of my favorite episodes so far.  The host talks about one of the most intriguing mysteries surrounding Nikola Tesla, his so-called "Death Ray." Was there such a device?  Did Tesla actually complete one?  Why did the FBI seize his papers after his death?  Where are his papers now?  Could his designs still be studied by the U.S. Government or in the hands of a foreign power?  

JFK's Funeral

A Very Interesting Episode of the Series:

This episode of the series is a very interesting one.  The host examines the disappearance of JFK's brain from the National Archives.  The hosts point out that JFK's autopsy was not conducted under the best of circumstances and why it was important to remove his brain.  What was the chain of custody of his brain?  Did foreign agents steal it or was the Kennedy family involved?  

An Artist Depiction of the Library of Alexandra 

An Archeological Episode of the Series:

This episode of the series is an archeological mystery about one of the ancient worlds greatest libraries.  The Library of Alexandria was located in ancient Egypt and was active for centuries.  However, the library was destroyed over time and many of its priceless scrolls were lost. What caused its destruction, was it fire, invading armies, a mob led by a zealot, or it just eroded over time due to lack of money and care?  

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Why I Enjoy This Podcast:

This is a great podcast to listen to if you love a good mystery or even a conspiracy theory.  The hosts do present a very well researched and detailed presentation of the topic.  They even express their own conclusions as to what really happened to the subject.  I also appreciate the show is contained in one episode and not in multiple parts.  This way I can enjoy exploring the topic in one sitting. 

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

Where to Find 'Gone:'

On social media this is their Facebook page, Twitter @ParcastNetwork and Instagram.

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