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The House Appreciation Series: Slytherin

The Second of a Four Part Series Featuring the Best of Each Hogwarts House

Slytherin is actually the only Hogwarts house that I have never been sorted into. Don't get me wrong —I love Slytherins! My personality is just the exact opposite of someone who is cunning or ambitious (we'll say this is a hint in case you haven't already guessed my house —to be revealed soon!). 

I'll be honest—I wish I was in Slytherin for one reason alone—the color green. I LOVE the color green. Not necessarily just as a color in general because my favorite color is actually purple, but I love wearing the color green. I own so many articles of green clothing that I could put together at least three or four different outfits that are just head to toe 100 percent green. While I am literally two percent Slytherin (based off of the house percentage quiz), I wear green all of the time which results in people thinking I am a Slytherin. #HousePride?

Slytherins are very unique people. I have always found them to be the easiest house to recognize—even if the person has not yet seen the Slytherin qualities in themselves. Their Slytherin qualities are typically much more noticeable and obvious than the other houses. Even if I don't immediately recognize someone as a Slytherin, finding out always feel like an "oh, I should have known" moment. 

Both my brother in law and one of my best friends from college are Slytherins. They are both unquestionably Slytherin and I love them for it. I think everyone needs a Slytherin in their life. 

The best parts of Slytherin house: Regulus Black, common room aesthetic, Scorpius Malfoy, and the color green. 

Fact: Human beings cannot be sorted into the following four categories: brave, cunning, clever, and kind. It just isn't possible. Which means there is much more to your everyday Slytherin than cunning.

What I would add to this list: Slytherins are leaders

What I love most about Slytherins is their ability to lead. While not all Slytherins possess this particular quality (Crabbe and Goyle), others stand out as some of the strongest leaders and go-getters in the series. Regulus Black, for example, went to great lengths to take down Voldemort after he had already become a Death Eater. He knew that attempting to destroy a Horcrux would end in his death but he pursued it anyway. 

Some Slytherins are the typical leaders: bold, proud, and confident. Yet, I felt that adding "leader" to the list of Slytherin qualities was reasonable because while some are not the typical leader stereotype, they lead in their own way. This may be in a smaller group of people or even in their own life, as in they don't let other people push them around. 

Leadership, like many of the other Slytherin qualities, is a good, positive quality - which is why it is so sad that Slytherins too often get classified as the bullies and death eaters. Voldemort set the standard for the casual Harry Potter fan's impression of a Slytherin and the fact is, Voldemort is the extreme. Most Slytherins will never come even close to pursuing the level of power that Voldemort was after. 

Seriously though—let's just look at Scorpius Malfoy. He is by far the standout character in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! He is witty, smart, friendly, loyal, and a Slytherin. Now can you possibly imagine that sweet kid trying to take over the wizarding world?

BONUS: Leta Lestrange is a Slytherin and throughout the course of her life she was seen as an outcast, befriended a Hufflepuff, and sacrificed her life for the people she loved. Does this remind you of any other self-sacrificing Slytherin we know? (HINT: Severus Snape!) 

If you are a Slytherin or love a Slytherin, give this article a tip and a share! Also, look out for the remaining two houses in my House Appreciation series coming out in the next few weeks.

Up next: Ravenclaw!

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The House Appreciation Series: Slytherin
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