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The Official Trailer for Nicolas Cage's New Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Humanity Bureau' Is Finally Released

The futuristic fictional dystopian film stars Nicolas Cage as agent Noah Kross.

Nicolas Cage (Seen here with Hugh Dillon) stars as a special government agent Noah Kross in 'The Humanity Bureau.' -QME/Minds Eye Entertainment-

Be prepared for 'The Humanity Bureau' and 'The Humanity Bureau VRevolution.'

Nicolas Cage loves to experiment with his acting abilities. His new film, The Humanity Bureau and its component, The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, is like nothing you've ever seen before. For all those techies out there, the virtual reality version is specifically designed to transport participants into a whole new dimension—that is if you can afford the VR helmet to view it which cost approximately $200! 

The trailer is now available for free for your viewing pleasure on Oculus. According to the description on the Oculus store website, on Earth Day 2018, they will feature the full feature-length movie in Standard 2D and the unique Barco Escape (3-screen) format version designed to revolutionize and enhance the cinematic experience. The original standard full version will be available on April 6 on VOD and in theaters.

You can view the official trailer here. Yes, there are many trailers already out there on YouTube promoting the film but you can't beat the original and the best brought to you directly by the producers of the movie. Sounds like a fun, suspenseful and interesting motion picture, right?

Nicolas Cage in a Scene from 'The Humanity Bureau'

Nicolas Cage (as Noah Kross) in Minds Eye Entertainment's upcoming "THE HUMANITY BUREAU" Photos courtesy Craig Pulsifer.

Nicolas Cage and Sarah Lind in a Scene from 'The Humanity Bureau'

Nicolas Cage (as Noah Kross) and Sarah Lind (as Rachel Weller) in Minds Eye Entertainment's upcoming film "THE HUMANITY BUREAU" Photos courtesy of Craig Pulsifer.

'The Humanity Bureau' Story: Let the revolution begin!

The independent adventurous film, set in apocalyptic America; follows the ambitious and impartial special government agent, Noah Kross on a mission to uncover the mysterious secrets of the evil agency, The Humanity Bureau and his rightful duty to protect a single mother and her 11-year-old son, Lucas while investigating a case appealed by his mother Rachel Weller. 

The agency's agenda is to transport all 'unproductive' citizens to a safe haven called, "New Eden." Kross ensures the safety and survival of the boy and his mother; knowing the unjust fate of the innocent boy against the wishes of his superior Adam Westinghouse (Hugh Dillon)—he sets off to expose the secrets of 'The Humanity Bureau' once and for all

The film takes place in the year 2030. The plot is about finding the truth and paying the price for freedom. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind, Hugh Dillon, and Jakob Davies as Lucas. The movie has violent scenes but nothing anyone can't handle.

It was shot in British Columbia, Canada using various formats including 360-degree cameras, Virtual Reality, Barco Escape and standard format. The film is directed by Rob King and produced by Kevin Dewalt who is the owner of the Canadian production company, Minds Eye Entertainment.

The Humanity Bureau VRevolution Premiered at Cinequest 2018

"The Humanity Bureau" official movie poster-Courtesy of The ShineHouse Group.

The Humanity Bureau VRevolution first premiered at The 2018 Cinequest Film Festival on February 28 at The California Theater in San Jose, CA. Nicolas Cage was the lucky recipient of the prestigious Maverick Spirit Award. He participated in a moderated Q&A session and afterward, signed autographs for his loyal fans. He's always been appreciative of his fan base.

Nicolas Cage is still hot no matter what film he's in.

Nicolas can still act and is still a very hot, handsome and sexy movie star no matter if the film he's starring in is successful or not.  He certainly looks amazing in The Humanity Bureau trailer! I have to give him credit that he's the hardest working man in show business and aims to please his fans. He has several projects in production— two are already released including Mom and Dad and Looking Glass. 

Nic has stated in interviews, that he prefers exploring his creative side with indie low-budget films compared to box office blockbusters because they are easier to work with and he considers himself a student of acting. 

It doesn't look promising that we'll see him back in the big-budget film A-list category again unless there's a National Treasure 3? That Disney sequel to the other two films in the franchise is obviously taking forever!

Suzanne Rothberg
Suzanne Rothberg

Suzanne Rothberg is an entertainment writer and video producer. She has interviewed many celebrities and musicians—including Justin Hayward and John Lodge of The Moody Blues, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Tommy Shaw of Styx and many others.

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The Official Trailer for Nicolas Cage's New Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Humanity Bureau' Is Finally Released
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