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The Top 5 Fire Emblem Characters

The best and favorite Fire Emblem characters (Opinionated)

For those of you who do not know what it is, Fire Emblem is a turn by turn strategy game series, released on various Nintendo platforms over the last couple decades. Originally only in Japan, Fire Emblem made its way here in 2003 on the Gameboy Advance. It did not get really popular however until recently, when some of its characters were featured on the 2 most recent Super Smash Brothers games. Characters like Marth, Ike became fan favorites, which led to Nintendo sending its two newest Fire Emblem Games (Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Fates) to the USA. On February 2nd, Fire Emblem Heroes will be released for mobile phones everywhere. To celebrate it, I decided to figure out who the best and my favorite Fire Emblem characters are.

*Note, these are in my opinion the best characters and other people might have others on this list.

5th Place: Tied between Guy, Joshua and Owain

Guy (Original Fire Emblem), Joshua (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones), Owain (Fire Emblem Awakening)

The Myrmidon is my favorite class in all Fire Emblem games. Their final class is a swordmaster, and they are just badass. I couldn’t choose between my favorite 3 myrmidons, so I put them in a 3 way tie. Guy is from the original Fire Emblem game (first one released in the USA) and is a myrmidon with the dream of being the best swordsman in the land. He is strapped for money, so he joins up with whoever will pay him. When he runs into the man who once saved his life, he immediately switches sides and fights for your team. Joshua is from The Sacred Stones, and he is a heavy gambler with an eye for a pretty female. It is the latter that convinces him to join your team, as opposed to being an enemy with the goal of paying off a gambling debt. Owain is the character we all want to be. He is a child from the future, who is obsessed with coming up with cool names for the various techniques and moves that he does and he loves to be dramatic about everything.

4th Place: Pent

Pent, Mage General of Etruria (Fire Emblem)

You first see Pent on the board as a NPC, away from your team and surrounded by enemies. That doesn’t faze him in the slightest, and he goes on to demolish everyone around him, rarely taking a hit. He is the mage general of the area of Etruria, but is mostly absent from his position because he is too busy immersed in his studies under a legendary archsage. He is a pre-promoted sage, and he was my main and only sage when I finally got him on my team. He has great stats when you get him, and a bonus perk is that he has an A weapon level with staves (healing staffs). A total badass, and my favorite Fire Emblem character list wouldn’t be complete without him.

3rd Place: Jaffar

Jaffar (Fire Emblem)

When Jaffar is first seen in Fire Emblem, he is an enemy character with the nickname “The Angel of Death”. After seeing him in a few cutscenes, I was hoping that either I would NEVER have to face him, or that he would eventually become a playable character. Thankfully, both of those happen. While you get Jaffar later in the game, he is no less deadly. He is an assassin with blazing speed and skill, meaning he will be very tough for the enemy to hit. Everyone loves getting critical hits, and with Jaffar they come by the dozen. You will get him before you are able to upgrade any of your thiefs to an assassin, and he is on such a high level with great stats you will not upgrade your thiefs anyways. He is also the coolest looking character in my opinion in any Fire Emblem game.

2nd Place: Donnel

Donnel (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Donnel is a very underrated character. He is a little farmer from a no name village, who knows nothing about fighting. You get him as a villager, which could be considered as a pre-class (below the first level classes of mercenary, myrmidon etc.) Because of that he can be tough to train, but also has a high potential because if you put in the effort, you have extra levels to work with until he gets to the first level classes. In my games, he is my undisputed strongest, fastest and best overall character. His luck is high enough that thanks to the Armsthrift skill, he never runs out of uses on his weapons. He is my tank and always the first one I send out to battle to draw attention and bring the enemies close because I know he can take it and probably won’t get hit at all.

1st Place: Ike

Ike (Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)

Most people know Ike from the Super Smash Bros games, but he was originally from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and its sequel Radiant Dawn. Ike is everything you want in a hero. Humble beginnings, family secret that he learns after a family death, that secret not effecting his characteristics, and friendly to all. Ike is the son of Greil, the leader of Greil’s Mercenaries. After his father is murdered, he learns that he is descended from royalty, and his parents ran away from it with him and his sister when they were babies. This revelation does not change Ike at all, and eyes getting justice for his father, and saving the continent of Tellius from tearing itself apart from war with the laguz (beings who can shift to animal form). While most people have a baseless hatred towards the laguz, Ike treats them as any other person and does not hold their laguz status against them. With the legendary blade Ragnell (a two handed blade that he can wield with one hand) Ike travels (land) gaining human and laguz allies alike. He also appears in Radiant Dawn which takes place a few years later and shows an older, more hardened version of the character. While his appearance has changed, his morals and beliefs remain strong.

Honorable Mention: Marth

Marth was never my favorite character, but he isn’t a bad character either. As the first main character in the original Fire Emblem game, he definitely deserves an honorable mention. He is known as the Hero King, and is referenced many times in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Fire Emblem Heroes comes out on mobile platforms on February 2nd. I will definitely be getting it then, will you?

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